Harrison: We Played Sub-Par Ball

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is having a hard time after losing Super Bowl XLV.

“We have to put the finishing touch on it, and we didn’t tonight… bottom line we played sub-par ball,” Harrison said.

Harrison is holding in a lot of frustration and anger, but he can only hope that there will be football next season so this loss doesn’t linger any longer.

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One Comment


    Where were you tough guy???

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m a big Steelers fan. Like other Stelelers fan I was disappointed. The Stellers need to shore up there secondary.They haven’t had a all-pro corner since woodson.You can’t keep relying on troy he’s just one man.This off season they need to evaluate they secondary.Because the one way to beat the Steelers is to pass on them. Signed a very disappointed Steeler fan.

    1. Bentz says:

      You said it, Kevin. I’ve said it all year: there are 3 WAYS TO BEAT THE STEELERS… 1) Pass, 2) Pass, and 3) Pass. The secondary has been sub-par for a few years now and it finally caught up with the Steelers on the biggest stage of them all. McFadden and Gay have played ok at times but were ripe for the picking at any given moment. That moment came last night. If the Steelers plan on getting back to the Super Bowl they better draft or pick up somebody to improve their secondary SOON!

      And, the stupid personal foul penalties have got to stop. That shows lack of dicipline and that is unacceptable. A nice return wiped out, and Fox’s idiotic penalty cost the Steelers 15 on the last drive and that cannot be tolerated. I’m not saying they would have scored if he hadn’t, but it sure as hell made it a much harder task (if the task wasn’t hard enough to begin with!). I would bet that Mr. Fox will not be wearing black and gold when the 2011 season starts.

      Give the Packers their due… they played well enough to win. The Steelers did not.

  3. Honeylmalik says:

    There is no reason for bthe steelers to beat themselves up over this ,but just go to the gym & work out all y-all ‘s anger & the loss. And hope & pray there is football next year ! I love y-all win or lose ! God Bless America!

  4. Jim says:

    Sup par is right James, I don’t understand the Steelers only playing sup par in a championship game? They played sup par in Superbowl 40 as well and were lucky to win it. Why were they not at the top of their game? I think, again they played their opponents down. Just thinking the Super Bowl is a mere formality is ridiculous!! To think that whatever NFC team gets in there the AFC will beat them. The Steelers cannot keep thinking the Superbowl was played in the AFC Championship game and that the best teams in the NFL are AFC teams, NE, Indy, Pittsburgh, NY and Baltimore…. Look at the past few SBs folks it seems the NFC with the Packers, Saints and Giants topped the best AFC teams. I think the team that should have been picking 32nd in the draft but now has to pick 31st better trade up and go after some corner backs and safeties. Through the air just like Brady did. Teams have been passing up and down the field for years on the Steelers defense and somthing better be done to stop it.

  5. I Agree says:

    Right On Jim I Agree With You 100%

  6. carrieanne says:

    I for one am sick to death of the fair weather steelers out there. I think that they tried and were bested by a betterr playing team. it was not their year. The team can say they are angry and that it sucks, but there is always next year. it is pointless to keep beating a dead horse! They lost and will have to deal.
    I still love the steelers and will continue to love them. I just hope that this does not give them a defeatist attitude.
    Ben took credit for losing the game, but what about those who missed the catches? The offense who let him get get knocked down? They had something to do with it, too.
    Ben was just getting his head on straight and now he’s taking all of the blame. They may recognize that they could of played betterf. they are right they could have but its too late so lets all let it go.

    What I am more sick of is Aaron Rodgers telling everyone that he is a championship quarterback and deserves to win…..this before the game was played. Not “with the help of my team” just HE is a championship quarterback.
    No humility there

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