Lawrence Co. Man Allegedly Attacked Wife With Machete

EDINBURG (KDKA) — An ordained minister from Lawrence County is facing charges after he allegedly attacked his wife with a machete.

Just before 6 a.m. Saturday, State police in Edinburg arrested 26-year-old Charles Michael Cook for criminal attempted homicide.

Neighbors say they heard Cook yelling at his wife, 47-year-old Virginia Cook, and heard him making strange sounds that morning.

Cook is accused of attacking his wife with a knife, machete and a hammer.

According to the criminal complaint, Cook allegedly admitted to causing his wife’s injuries and claimed that he had been possessed by Satan at the time.

Before police arrived, Cook called his mother, Sandy Cook.

“He thinks in his mind – he thinks it was a demon that did it,” she told KDKA-TV.

Cook is ordained in the Universal Life Church, according to a website.

His mother told KDKA-TV that Cook is bipolar and often doesn’t remember what he does.

She says he doesn’t remember the attack on his wife. She also said her son is mentally ill and they tried to get him committed to a facility last month, but were unsuccessful.

Virginia Cook suffered several stab wounds and a collapsed lung. She has been released from a Pittsburgh hospital.

Her husband will be arraigned when he leaves a New Castle hospital.


One Comment

  1. castnbash says:

    typo or sick puppies ? 26-47

    1. tipS says:

      26-47 ?? is that the Super Bowl score prediction ?

  2. Ellen says:

    How can something this sad and dishearteningly disgusting turn into a freaking super bowl discussion. Good Luck and God bless Ms. Cook

  3. Ellwood City girl says:

    Wow I used to date Mike…he was super nice to me and bought me stuff all the time. I know recently he had messaged me about his anger issues but I can’t believe this

    1. johnny69 says:

      you pushed him into doing this cause now he compares his wife to you

      1. Ellwood city girl says:

        haha yea ok…and how do u figure?

    2. johnny69 says:

      obviously he compared her to you and why couldn’t she be like you?

  4. gotta know... says:

    Since you used to date Mike…is he really 26 & Mrs.Cook 47…or was this a typo???

  5. 87penschick says:

    since when does bipolar disorder = amnesia???

  6. noway7986 says:

    Its not a typo… that’s really the ages. And your all pathetic

    1. angelluv says:

      Listen noway u need to mind ur business…

      1. noway7986 says:

        What is a scrod? U mean scrotum or squad? Learn how to spell spareribs and noway maybe he was a minister trying to do an exorcism use ur head…

  7. spareribs666 says:

    We have way to many crazy ppl in this freaking town. Put this psycho in front of a firing scrod and be done with it. So tired of ppl pleading insanity and saying a demon entered their body and made them do it. Give me a break

    1. angelluv says:

      Praise jesus angelluv!

  8. noway7986 says:

    Secondly an ordained minister? I don’t see that being possible maybe a devil worshiper.?

  9. noway7986 says:

    Not sure why I put my own name in there… oh wait I must be insane. ppl need to think before they do things, no if ans buts about it.

  10. angelluv says:

    I think u people need to go to church and save ur selves and quit talking bout people…

    1. johnny69 says:

      Church? All that makes people do is attack bad women with a machete! No way, no church for me, girl…

    2. johnny69 says:

      All church does is subliminally tell you to attack your wife with a machete

  11. noway7986 says:

    Johnny go to church, are u saying Virginia is a bad women..that’s not very nice, god teaches us to love everyone. Ha

    1. angelluv says:

      Noway I totally agree…u should join our church group. We meet every wed night

  12. noway7986 says:

    Omg I would so love to, what times church meetings. I need more god in my life… this world well new castle is going to hell

    1. spareribs666 says:

      Everybody needs a little god in their life.

  13. alanpoobear says:

    I used to date mike to… I never seen this coming. He was such a nice man except that time he got mad at me for no reason and made me walk home from the mall but besides that he was a good person until I heard this and I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    1. angelluv says:

      Alan? Is that a man? I am now wondering?

  14. alanpoobear says:

    No that’s my boyfriends name.

  15. angelluv says:


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