Dog Alerts Family To House Fire

BRACKENRIDGE (KDKA) – A family’s home in Brackenridge was destroyed by fire Tuesday morning, but they all escaped injury because of their dog.

According to officials, the fire started around 3 a.m. in the 900-block of Roup Avenue.

The family woke up to the dog barking and discovered the fire spreading throughout the house.

“She started barking at me and she never barks. She always sleeps throughout the night with us. I went around the corner and the whole wall of the kitchen was on fire,” Wendy Rankin said.

Firefighters arrived quickly, but the fire had already spread to a neighbor’s house.

The Rankin’s house was destroyed, but the family escaped injury.

Their dog had been hit by a car in recent months and suffered a badly broken leg and other injuries. They were given the option to put her down, but they declined.

“She’s our hero and if we wouldn’t have saved her with her leg, she wouldn’t have saved us today,” Rankin said. “I’m getting her the biggest steak that she can eat and want.”

The dog’s name, of course, is Hero.

The extent of the damage to the neighboring house is unknown at this time. Firefighters believe the cause of the fire is electrical.

  • Cesar M

    Hope it was a Pitbull. They never do articles about the good things they do for our community.

    • Tom Harmon

      Pit bulls do good – they are the modern form of survival of the fittest – they cull the weak and helpless from our population ! I survived an attack by 2 pit bulls thanks to 4 young men who drove them off me .Don’t compare a “HERO” like this to those killers Tom

      • Karen

        Tom, all dogs are pack animals by nature and cull the weak. Don’t make such and uneducated comment about the entire breed and you may have a little more credibility. You can judge the whole by the actions of a few

      • Dan

        According to your theory, if not for 4 other men… would have been cut from the herd. You were rescued !!!

      • Char

        I am sorry you where hurt by a pit. yes it does happen, but it can be traced back to the person who taught them. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad/mean dog, until they meet the human factor.

    • Debbie

      I heard on radio news that dog was a rescue from an animal shelter that was ready to put him down. It was fortunate for this family that they decided to adopt him and he, in turn rescued them!

  • kristy

    shelter dogs and cats rule! don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die!

    • MsCynic

      UGH – seriously?? Good breeders aren’t the cause for dogs in the shelter and many of them pull dogs out of shelters that aren’t theirs and rehab them. I HAVE rescues and HAVE rescued for 25 years (wouldn’t trade them for the world), but I WANTED a specific breed, so did YEARS of research, found a responsible breeder and got a puppy. My breeder has pulled MANY dogs out of shelters, trained them for military and police work and placed them for no FEE!! She’s an amazing woman and NOT part of the problem at all.

    • karen

      I agree whole heartedly. There are way too many rescue groups that deal with pure breds. You should never have to go to a breeder. Resuce animals are the best!

    • Dan

      Don’t blame pure bred breeders on shelter dogs. Breeders also rescue !!!

      • MsCynic

        Exactly – the good ones do all the time, but they don’t get the credit!

      • Karen

        Breeders are also out for a buck and one of the main reasons the dogs end up in shelters… Too many puppy mills!

  • Bea

    No one loves or takes care of you like your dog (or cat). Treat them well, and they will always return the favor.

  • Cassie Beattie

    Who cares about the breed of the dog. This family lost everything. This is a great family. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them throughour daughters girl scout ventures. The focus should be how to get them back on their feet. Growing up my family has had to deal with two house fires. If it weren’t for the kind hearts of strangers, family n friends it would have been a real struggle. We need to help the Rankin family.

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  • hpavc

    I hear you on the hero, but how did the dog get hit by a car? No leash?

  • RJ

    Glad everyone is allright! The dig deserves a treat !

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