Isaac Redman On NFL Lockout: ‘It’s 100 Percent Definite’

Steelers running back Isaac Redman joined Seibel and Starkey with former Steeler Josh Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to talk about the Super Bowl experience and what it was like for him.

Isaac joined us fresh off the season-ending wrap-up and tells us what went on today throughout those meetings.  Isaac told us the team met as a whole, was addressed by Mike Tomlin, then met with Charlie Batch for an update on the labor negotiations and then met with his positions coach.

When it comes to the Super Bowl loss, Isaac said that despite the distractions and everything else that got in the team’s way, losing a Super Bowl is always disappointing, but he is still proud of what the team was able to accomplish this year.

When it came to discussing the lockout, Isaac said it is “100 percent definite” that it is going to happen and the lockout will begin on March 3rd.  That isn’t to say though that the lockout will continue into the season.

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One Comment

  1. JP says:


  2. SteelCityMafia says:

    Like to see Steelers alternate more between Mendenhall & Redman next season. It’s obvious every time he has the football the Steelers are moving down the field. Will Tomlin please give this kid more play time, maybe that will be the case when Arians is fired. Return to the Steelers of 70’s when had Franco & Rocky in backfield not knowing who might get the ball. Steelers made it way to easy tell when it was going to be a pass or run play, mix it up & get creative!

    1. Bettis Grille Fish Tank says:

      i HATE you people that whine for more playing time for Redman. Redman is a nice backup. He is not better than Mendenhall or even close. Shut Up!

      BTW: Rocky Bleier has to be the least deserving Hall of Famer of all time. He got in because he is a war hero and that Robert Urich movie about it. Bleier has less than 4000 career yards and 25 TD’s. But he went to Notre Dame so I guess he was wicked awesome

  3. Tom hal says:

    Fire them. Overpaid. They don’t have real jobs and only work 16 games

  4. Eric says:

    I agree, they all get paid way to much to play and for what, I am a union worker, I have a college degree and have to work 60 hrs a week just so my kids and my wife can survive to pay the bills365 days a year and maybe I can afford a jersey or hat or shirt to support all of this but struggle to find a way to just go to a game for less than $500.00 for my family of 5 to see a game we all love. Not to mention a coke and hotdog. Well….. it will never change.

  5. Trish says:

    Rocky Bleier has 4 super bowl rings. He deserves the HOF.

  6. Mike says:

    i could game plan to go against bruce arians in about 5 mins, hes the same old news everytime. there will be a wide reciever screen about once every series,, dont even worry about running back screens or hell dont even worry about the running backs period , he dont use them enough. i will play pass all game and worry about them running the ball a few times… ill take my chances…. he makes every team look like they have a great defence! only reason we win is our defence and our talent on offense is good enough you can call bad games and get away with it. Not to take anything away from greenbay they played great and deserved the win! This Bruce arians thing has been driving us all nuts for the last 4 years!~ for some reason Tomlin thinks we are crazy and ignores us…..My brother in law came back from Iraq, first thing he says to me is “How is BA still our O.C??????”

  7. Mike says:

    We proved in the first 4 games of the year we could pound the ball……after that we went away from it, it showed up again in the first half of the jets game… second half he quit for some reason still have no idea why? The Jets were right up with us at stopping the run and we were pounding them, they would have been so damn tired if we would have kept doing that in the 2nd half!! ok now greenbay…. everyone knows they are ALOT better vs the pass than the run… Why didnt we line up and try pounding it on them? everytime we did run in that game we did great!!! thats what kills me more than anything!..that would have kept the INT’s lower,, rested our D, tired out thier D and MOST IMPORTANTLY kept Rogers off the field!! that is the difference in the game right there, you can blame Ben yeah they were bad throws but terrible play calling as usual.! I cant take another year of him.. i have been a fan sence birth and i have NEVER been critical of one of our coaches like this. ever…Again Mad respect for Greenbay they deserved it they played a great game

  8. eazytime says:

    Strong rumors Arians is gone. I hope so, he was terrible in Cleveland and still has no clue on what to do with what could be an outstanding offense. Please fire him.

  9. Toby says:

    Ben loves Arians. I think Arians stays.

  10. mike says:

    Ive tried to give arians the benifit for the last 4 years, in the end i cant do it! his way is too reckless, Ben would be so much better you dont even know.

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