Police Investigating Shots Fired In Bellevue

BELLEVUE (KDKA) – Police are looking for a gunman after shots were fired in Bellevue.

Lincoln Avenue reopened between South Bryant and Grant Street as police finished that part of the investigation.

Police first got a call about an accident, but later discovered that shots were fired near the intersection of Lincoln and Grant.

Police say a black male driving a late model white Dodge Durango fired five to 10 rounds at two teenagers driving an older gray Oldsmobile on Grant Street.

When both vehicles reached the intersection of Grant and Lincoln, the gray car hit a red pickup truck and crashed into a yard.

“It doesn’t appear that anybody’s injured at this point – no blood discovered,” a police officer said.

The Durango took off on Lincoln Avenue driving towards the city. Police say the two teenagers jumped out of the Oldsmobile and ran towards the Bellevue business district.

Bellevue police ask anyone with information to give them a call.

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One Comment

  1. john says:

    Black history month was to celebrate the struggles toward freedom. Instead we are still reading of black on black violence. How can we expect to receive freedom when we respect each other less than our masters did Reverend King must be rolling in his grave at the losses we are placing on ourselves.

  2. PENN Hills has a SALUTION says:

    Most blacks are on section 8 and are moving into the suburbs and crime is rising.Penn hills is ready to implement a special real estate tax for more security in that municipality.Each landlord that rents out apartment units via section 8 or any other free bee group will pay 100 dollar tax, every quarter to go to police department in penn hills.I think that will work evreywhere and i also think it will make landlords who buy houses for 10,000 and rent them out to drug dealers think a little more about what they have done.

  3. You Can't Spell "Solution" says:

    Amazing !!!- when whites act out like this they don’t get nearly this much attention ( if any at all). It’s also amazing that you silly rednecks are STEELER FANS !!!! Isn’t the majority of that team BLACK ??

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