Former Steelers Kicker Jeff Reed Talks About Super Bowl XLV

Jeff Reed joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to talk about the Steelers’ season and what he has been up to since finishing the year kicking for the San Francisco 49er’s.

Jeff said it was tough watching the Super Bowl on Sunday since he spent half the season working for the team to get there, but was happy for his former teammates.

Jeff also addressed Shaun Suisham’s missed 52-yard field goal attempt in the Super Bowl saying you never root for somebody to miss and that kickers in the NFL are like a fraternity, so he wasn’t rooting against Suisham at all in that situation.

With his 49er’s contract expiring, Jeff said he has been training for the last three weeks getting ready for his next opportunity, being a free agent and what it’s like having to wait to see what happens with the CBA before things begin playing out for him.

If the Steelers called, Jeff said he would come back even though the way things went down here in his eyes was a little unfair.  When Jeff got the call from Coach Mike Tomlin that he was being released, he said it brought tears to his eyes and that it was one of the hardest thing he ever had to deal with.

Finally, when it came to his head coach in San Francisco Mike Singeltary, Jeff said it only took him two weeks to realize the man wasn’t cut out to be a head coach.

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One Comment

  1. Ryan says:

    Jeff is always welcome back. Steelers were cheap with him last year and I could never figure out why. Best Steelers kicker since Gary Anderson. I think he would come back strong next year.

  2. Nick Manning says:

    Resign him, maybe he learned it sucks playing for losing team and will behave like a good boy

    1. Susie Q says:

      Totally agree, GET REED BACK!!! (I like Suishman) but loved Jeff.
      The Steeler’s are total hypocrites. Getting rid of Reed (who was a heck of a kicker, friends with his teammates, and LOVED this city probably more than any other Pittsburgh athlete) for making a comment about the field and attacking a towel dispenser.
      YET they KEEP Roethlisberger (who sucks as QB, ignorant to his teammates & fans, and just arrogant) who criticized his teammate (WARD, who’s basically his only reason for making any positive plays) and is accused not once, but twice of rape.
      Talk about injustice. Trade Ben to a losing team (cause the Steeler’s would’ve been just fine if not better with Batch) and maybe HE will behave like a good boy

      1. Ryan says:

        Ben does not suck as a QB, you are an idiot.
        We would have not made the playoffs with Batch. Nice guy, had a good game against Tampa Bay, but he is not starting QB caliber anymore.

        There are women who understand sports, but Susie Q is NOT one of them.

  3. Bob Swanson says:

    Sign Woodley. . . period. . . . tag Ike and then later work something out with him too. . . . .

  4. Nunya Bizzo says:

    Manning, your name sounds like a loser.

  5. Hank Devigne says:

    Jeffy proved to be a liability, look at what the media did to Ben.

  6. Robert Loblaw says:

    Haha, Susie Q is delusional if she thinks Pittsburgh makes the Superbowl without Roethlisberger, who had his best year yet. Reed was released because he wasn’t performing his job up to standard.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see them spend a late pick on a kicker.

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