NFL Has Image Problem In Wake Of Super Bowl Ticket Fiasco

By Jon Delano, KDKA Money Editor

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s not just the displaced fans of the Dallas Super Bowl fiasco who are angry, local public relations experts say.

There is great sympathy for the victims and worry that what happened to some could happen to others in future Super Bowls.

And the failure of the National Football League to get on top of the situation quickly instead issuing piecemeal solutions is exacerbating the problem.

As football fans across America get angrier about one of the biggest botched Super Bowls in 45 years, the NFL has an image problem.

“Football is now America’s past-time and to have a black eye on its biggest day on its biggest stage I think presents a real problem for the NFL,” public relations expert Bob Oltmanns told KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano.

Oltmanns has provided PR advice to major companies in Pittsburgh, and he says the NFL looks miserly as each day it adds to what it will do for affected fans.

“In trying to scramble to make some sort of amends with the displaced fans at the Super Bowl, they are being penny wise and pound foolish,” he said.

Steve Tanzilli directs Point Park University’s sports art entertainment program and has his own sports marketing company.

His advice to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: “I think they need to come out with a formal apology. I think they need to fully explain to the public (a) first of all what happened, (b) ensure the public it will never happen again.”

Tanzilli says fans need to know they can trust that buying a ticket to future Super Bowls really gets the seats promised.

“It’s a very disconcerting problem and I think the NFL needs to clearly state to the public that this is never going to happen again and then make right to those they wronged in Dallas.”

Oltmanns says the best way to do that is to give those displaced fans something that would make every football fan say “wow.”

“Take these people who were displaced at the Super Bowl and blow them away with something so extraordinary that only the NFL can provide that it makes the rest of us think, ‘Boy, I wish I had been the one screwed out of a Super Bowl ticket.’”

Oltmanns has two ideas for that “wow” solution.

First, season tickets for a year for the NFL team of your choice paid fully by the NFL.

Or, a full week all expenses paid trip to a Super Bowl of your choice with VIP treatment and behind-the-scenes access to the teams on Roger Goodell’s gold card.



One Comment

  1. Joseph Puskar says:

    they did the second one idiot

    1. Jqfoos says:

      No they did not even say if it was one night or how many nights. What type of hotel, etc.

  2. Joseph Puskar says:

    next up airline tickets for vacations…..u guys have to think tere is more to life that material things….very disurbing reporting..add to the fire!

  3. G2 says:

    What the hell why not a new car!!!!!!!! LMAO

  4. Up the Ante says:

    This is dispicable treatment. Just awful and terrible. These poor, poor, poor people. I’ve never seen anyone treated so poorly making them miss a game like this. MAKE THEM SUFFER LIKE YOU SUFFERED! Hold out until the NFL offers choice of brea$t augmentation or Peni$ enlargement surgery

  5. Rip Van Rip Off says:

    This Bob Oltmanns runs some kind of racket. He gets paid to think up over-the-top compensation packages to mistreated consumers. Hey, whatever you’re paying him, it’s too much.

  6. rich get rich says:

    Why is it ok for a multi billion dollar NFL owner to try and get greedy by offering more seats than the stadium could hold???? Why is it wrong if people want compensated for their losses??? Tickets, flight, meals, lodging and missing work to watch their favorite team., which might not make it ever again.(doubtful but possible) You people better think before you start talking about people wanting more….What about Jerry??? Nobody is scolding him for selling thousands of bogus seats and reaping the benefits. Who is greedy now?

    1. G2 says:

      Your right and a new car for Jerry too. He wrecked his Mercedes in the snow last week.

  7. RD says:

    GREED! It is all about greed!!

  8. Mike says:

    That’s why it is usually more fun watching the big game at home….it’s been a really long time since the Fire Marshall deemed my La-Z-Boy unsafe and a fire hazard…

  9. Marty says:

    One thing that no one seems to talk about is how the regular seats were move closer to get more seats in the row, you could not sit shoulder to shoulder. The NFL should have over seen what was going on with the seating, and total operation because no one seem to be in charge, There was no crowd control, fans had to throw their camera cases away, were not allow to bring them in!! Parking sucked, ground transportation sucked. Why was it more important to beat the attendance record then taking care of the FANS that support the teams? Better treatment was given to those who paid big bucks for a ticket instead of those who support the teams year after year buying season tickets and NFL gear. It’s really sad you being a fan who spend so much of your hard earned money supporting the Steelers, find out you are less importance to the NFL than the all might dollar! I would hope the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Rooney family would investigate the treatment fans got it Dallas.

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