NFL Offering 2 Options To Displaced Fans

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – The NFL is dealing with a public relations nightmare after 1,250 fans were either displaced or forced to give up their tickets to Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

Of the 1,250 fans affected, 400 had to watch the game on monitors or use standing room platforms. The problem arose because some temporary seating sections were not completed in time.

The league initially said Sunday it would give $2,400, three times the face value of the ticket, to the 400 fans.

On Monday, those fans were offered free tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, in addition to the cash.

On Tuesday, the NFL upped the ante again with a second option.

The other option for fans is to get tickets to any future Super Bowl, round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations to the game. Fans who choose this option will not get the $2,400.

The NFL is also allowing them to wait until after the conference championship games to see if their favorite team advances to the Super Bowl.

These options are only available to the 400 people who were not given a seat at Sunday’s game. It does not apply to the other 850 people who were moved into other seats.

If fans choose to receive the tickets to next year’s Super Bowl and the $2,400, the tickets are transferable.

However, if they choose the second option, the ticket will not be transferable.


One Comment

  1. hc says:

    Sounds like Dallas. A bunch of glitter and no substance. I would expect nothing less from the showboat types down there.

  2. C T says:

    I am to the point to say to never allow Jerry Jones and Dallas to never host another Super Bowl….NEVER……………it was just another money making scheme for the Jones and the owners of the Cowboys to reap more money and then it did not work out with the temporary seating….they knew that it would not pass the fire regulations in the first place , it was just another way of reaping money and trying to get more publicitiy for the stadium and the Dallas Cowboys….they absolutely should never even be considered for another Super Bowl hosting city…what a joke!!!

  3. Fenix1186 says:

    That’s like a triple negative up there! ^^ Not to pull from the comments, but jeez.

  4. susie says:

    stay at home, watch the games on the tube…spend your money in pittsburgh.

  5. ray says:

    i say they should repay them all the expences that they encurred and give them a seat at a future superbowl game as well

  6. Nick Manning says:

    It a joke anymore in how much it cots to watch a football game, or a playoff game in any sport for that matter.

  7. Jim C. says:

    Give me a break. This wasnt Jerry Jones or the Dallas Cowboys fault. Goodall already said it was his fault and not the teams fault. Typical Squeeler fans always whining about something. Thank god the Evil Empire is finally crumbling again. Hopefully it will be just as bad as the 80’s were for them

    1. mf says:

      Wasn’t just Steeler fans. Greenbay fans were involved also. If you were involved you would be whining also.

  8. steelers rock says:

    Jim C. you never spent YOUR money on something nice. If you had, you would understand. From one of the 400

  9. Shaler says:

    wow.. i hope we continue to crumble too…. since that means winning the SB 2 out of 3 in the last several years!!!

    Steelers Rock!! Fight for more…. that would be awful!

  10. LMB says:

    I think the commission is being very fair in offering them what they are. It’s not the commissions fault people paid “way over” face value for their tickets & overpaid for everything else, that’s just stupidity on their fault. It is the arena’s fault for not being prepared way further in advance & for the commission to be selling tickets for seats that weren’t there in the first place. & Jim C….it’s not only Steeler fans that were put out, it was fans from all over the country…

  11. Jay says:

    Option 3: Take ’em to court.

    1. butters says:

      exactly Jay…offer smoffer, if I was one of those fans, I’d be deciding what my compensation would be in court. Total BS. As for LMB, shut your Pie hole..for some of these fans this was a once in a lifetime shot at seeing their team in the big game. They should be compensated for more than what they are being offered, you wrinkle on the middle of Jerry Jone’s taint!

  12. mf says:

    I don’t believe either option is good enough.I was involved in that seat fiaso and to come to find out now that they new prior to the game that we would not have seats and did not have arrangements already set up when we showed up at the ticket gates. “Appalling” I had to walk to 7 different locations and 5hours of time and still never got a seat or comp or anything..

  13. Brady says:

    Im smiling just thinking that neither option pays MaryJo White, not that any option wouldve been enough.

  14. Eric McAlister says:

    All Jerry wanted to do was set the attendance record, which he failed to do. And this game was planned for years & you have trouble with seats? What should’ve been done was allow those 400 fans a seat in the luxury boxes. After all… They did pay for their tickets!

  15. JIm Jones says:

    Option 3: Death


    Im sorry folks for the inconvenience and im sorry your team lost.Lets face the truth evreyone in the world bet pittsburgh plus 2 1/2 points and you know that gambling is a bigger business than the nfl.We had to make pittsburgh lose.Another reason is ben can not represent my league any longer because of his past infractions and his rep will alter future genarations not watching football.Please do not hold this against me or our great league we must look out for the only thing that counts,MONEY.MONEY<MONEY…….Maybee when ben retires pittsburgh will get another chance but untill that time,,GOOD LUCK,,,haha,lmao,,,,your freind Rg,,,nfl commish…..

  17. tyrone bexter says:

    mr commish are you kidding you guys cheated us because of money?espn needs to see what you wrote,please someone call espn and report that post from the commish.

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