Super Bowl Shirts Being Sent To Those In Need

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The wound is still fresh from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss in Super Bowl XLV. Now, many stores are stuck with shipments of pre-ordered Super Bowl gear.

Though, instead of throwing the shipments in the trash, they are being put to good use.

The Green Bay Packers and their fans got to don their Super Bowl t-shirts. However, the loss meant that Pittsburgh’s championship shirts were kept in the boxes they were shipped in.

“It’s a shame that a lot of stuff we throw away that others, who are less fortunate, could use them,” Bob Houser said.

Houser is a volunteer at World Vision. On Wednesday he was helping to process Steelers Super Bowl shirts that don’t really serve a purpose now.

The shirts will be sent to people who can put them to good use.

“This year we’re keying in on Romania, Armenia, Zambia, and Nicaragua as our starting four countries,” Jeff Fields said.

In the coming weeks, the organization is expecting around $2 million worth of merchandise.

“Combined with shirts, hats, and sweatshirts, we’ll end up getting around a 100,000 pieces. So, we’ll be serving 100,000 people with a new item,” Fields said.

Fields said if they get more merchandise than expected, they’ll expand the shipments to even more countries.

“It is bittersweet, but we know that they’re really going to be used for good. We’re glad that we still get the t-shirts from the NFL and even though it’s our hometown team, we still feel like good is going to come out of it,” Laura Kennedy said.

Fields also spoke with Vinnie & Cook on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA Wednesday about World Vision’s efforts.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking the play button below:


One Comment

  1. At least they’re being put to good use.

  2. Linda says:

    It’s really nice that you guys do that…but I feel that we have homeless here that needs to be taken care of as well….help them first…than go to others states…Our peple here need help….there are thousnad that need jobs…homes…educations….health care….. why do people like you guys.always look out for other country…look for USA… For myself & hubby…we can use some help but the goverment tells us we make to much when we really don’t….we bareky make it from pay to oay….we are not called middle class….try lower class….we are hurting like most here… So look out for us…the America people.

    1. FixPGH says:

      Linda, homeless have help here. There are shelters, government assistance, programs to get jobs, etc. These other countries have NONE of that. We have Goodwill. These clothes are desperately needed in these other areas of the world. Besides the fact that the Steelers lost and who wants to see false t-shirts everywhere, how will these shirts help you and your husband? There are things going on in America to help, unfortunately it’s skewed because people that don’t need it are on it and really, the government is also unable to create jobs not matter what they say. If you have problems, write to a state rep or Senator or something. Don’t make a plea on a KDKA news article especially when the subject is something that really wouldn’t have a use here regardless. They always do this with soccer, football, and NHL merch when one team loses.

  3. schwartzer says:

    Oh and there is nobody that could use them in the USA Mr. Fields? I sure can use one of each.

  4. Mary says:

    I always thought charity begin at home, go out and see all the homeless even children that are homeless, they really can use sweatshirts and hat. I am not against helping other countries but help your own first them send to other country

  5. RSQ says:

    did anyone think of helping our good allies in australia they are one of the few who help the usa when we need them never here a word about anyone helping them after there recent disasters

  6. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    At least some GOOD NEWS came out of the Super Bowl!

  7. callieqw says:

    There is so much help in this country that a poor person can get. I know I’ve helped them. Providing housing, food ect. But who really wants to see someone wearing a Steelers Super Bowl winner shirt or hat on Someone! There’s alot of places where the poor around where I live get free food ,c lothes ect. We make it too easy for the wrong people in this country to get free or next to free stuff. There are so many able bodied people in my area that are just lazy and know that they can get free food, housing, medical just because they have a “condition” deemed handicapped by a politically correct minded govt. Off my soapbox now!

  8. Sandi says:

    We are all God’s Children. Let’s embrace the good news out of a difficult situation. It’s a blessing to see anyone being helped.

  9. MR says:

    There is probably some sort of licensing law preventing the items’ distribution in this or any country in which the NFL broadcasts. We just need to be thankful that there are people who are concerned with helping other people regardless of where they are.

  10. T Mac says:

    I agree with alot of the comments- start at home before you worry about the rest of the world. I mean it is winter, I’m sure alot of people in the Northeast U.S. could use some extra clothes.

  11. mark d says:

    That they will be used to clothe anyone is all we need to know so HOORAY for whoever is responsible for this being done.Period No more needs to be said.

  12. lindsay says:

    The NFL does not allow World Vision to distribute the merchandise in the United States!!!! World Vision also has a domestic program helping those in need.

  13. FixPGH says:

    Why are you people saying “Start at home?” Who wants to see Steelers gear that doesn’t apply? We have government assistance, Goodwill, shelters, etc. I see homeless in huge coats all the time. There is Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, countless Children’s and Disease Foundations. Every year at Christmas the Salvation Army is out ringing the bell or cashiers are asking us to donate a dollar to this charity or that. We do A LOT here. Sending a losing teams gear that is useless to us to another country is a small contribution and shame on you that think those items should stay here. You need clothes? Go to Goodwill and shop the dollar rack, other countries don’t have stuff like that. Be thankful. Greedy jerks.

  14. Karen says:

    @ FixPGH. I understand how you feel, but helping people in general is always a good thing. People don’t do it enough. I do respect your views though.

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