BALDWIN (KDKA) — A 15-year-old boy underwent facial surgery at Children’s Hospital after a fight in the Baldwin High School cafeteria.

Michael Abraham, a sophomore, says the fight happened at the end of his lunch period Wednesday.

John Abraham tells KDKA-TV that his son suffered no less than five broken bones in his face, near his nose and eye socket. He said his son was attacked by another student while a school security guard and a teacher stood nearby and did nothing.

The teen’s grandfather, Farris Abraham, asked: “Why is a security guard there, if they’re not going to get involved in stopping such violence?”

The Abrahams believe school officials mishandled the incident because among other things, they did not call an ambulance and they did not notify Whitehall police immediately.

Baldwin-Whitehall School District Superintendent Dr. Lawrence Korchnak told KDKA-TV that the two boys involved in the fight were mutually combative and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against both boys.

He also said Abraham was taken to the school nurse to be checked out and police were notified about the incident Thursday morning.

The Abrahams say the boy was the victim of an unprovoked attack by the other youth. Farris Abraham said: “I felt there could have been prevention and there could have been attention given to the child because he could have lost his eyesight.”

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