WASHINGTON D.C. (KDKA/AP) – The NFL owners and a representative from the players union met Wednesday, the second time in five days, to discuss a new collective bargaining agreement.

Neither side would comment on what was discussed or how fruitful the talks were, but Thursday’s meeting was canceled.

The owners opted out of the CBA in 2008, which expires on March 3.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has said that he expects the owners to lock the players out after the CBA expires to get concessions from the players.

Team owners want a bigger cut of the revenues, which are roughly $9 billion, as well as a rookie wage scale and the addition of two games to the regular season schedule.

Goodell also said in an interview, during Super Bowl week, that player drug testing is a key issue in the labor talks.

The players think those two extra games will cause a rise in injuries. However, they appear more willing to play two more games than give back any percentage of the revenue pool.

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