Pittsburgh Fire Department Under New Drug, Alcohol Policy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Fighting fires in Pittsburgh is a very stressful, difficult, dangerous job.

Firefighters admit there can a destructive side to what they do – a side of the job that sometimes draws them into drug and alcohol abuse.

“There is a problem here and we’re addressing that problem,” Fire Chief Darryl Jones said.

He suspended Lt. Stephen Jasper for his second DUI.

While in his office, KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin handed the chief a list with the names of six Pittsburgh firefighters facing all kinds of different charges, including assault, public intoxication, DUI, drug possession and firearms charges.

“Some of these things that you just presented to me today is the first I’ve heard of them,” Jones said. “No one comes in and says, ‘Hey chief, I got in trouble last night.’”

Most of the Pittsburgh firefighters are disgusted with the behavior of a few.

“It’s a black eye on everybody whether they want to believe it or not, it’s a black eye on everybody,” a firefighter who did not want to be identified said.

He said he’s had it.

“They’re an embarrassment to themselves and the profession, everybody they work for. Kids look up to guys like us and it’s just embarrassing.”

Still, firefighters and the chief are hopeful the new drug and alcohol testing policy makes a difference and sends a message to the firefighters crossing the line.

Under the new policy, nearly 40 firefighters have been tested. Not one of them tested positive.

“I believe they are starting to realize that it reflects very poorly on the bureau and on themselves,” Jones said.


One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    For the most part these are guys who risk their lives to protect others, cut them a break and dont treat them differently because of what they do, there are bad people in every profession, then there are people who are made examples of for no reason, like the officers who are “accused of beating jordan miles”

    1. Anonymous says:

      FOP Troll

  2. BIG MIKE says:

    Amen! that whole miles thing is a witch hunt for 3 good guys who did their jobs, and didn’t break any rules.

  3. Dolph says:

    Typical Redneck responses!

  4. Daniel says:

    Agreed the officers who are accused of the Jordan Miles incident should be back on the street. All Miles had to do was comply. Miles choose to ignore a lawful command of a police officer.

    1. ANDY BEEMER says:

      Your right Dan, he complies. This never happens!

    2. FixPGH says:

      Daniel, here you go again with that police stuff. Shut it. The police were in the wrong, they aren’t always Saints, stop acting like they didn’t do a single thing wrong, you troll.

  5. Richard says:

    I believe that, for the most part, first responders (Police, Fire, EMT, etc.) are a great group of individuals who really care about making a difference. Hopefully this will help ‘weed out’ the individuals who tarnish their image. As for the Jordan Miles case (which has nothing to do with this story by the way) I don’t see what would have been so difficult for him to comply with the officers and get it resolved right then and there. He went from being a bright, well-educated young man to a street thug in the officers eyes by not complying, as deserved.

    1. Samantha Klingensmith says:

      Well said..just act normal…Homewood is on the TV almost everyday for some sort of shooting or violence.

  6. MONEY says:


  7. KOLCUN says:

    80% percent of firefighters are tools

  8. KOLCUN says:

    money is a giant tool anyone who calls themself money should be at sears in the craftsman section Tool 111111111

  9. Marc says:

    Good old Marty doing what he does best. Making public first responders looking terrible. It’s terrible the kind of things he starts. He shouldn’t even be with kdka anymore

    1. I Love Richy!! says:

      Agreed. I guess Marrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyy forgot about the DUI the Police let him out of not to long ago. I guess Marrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyy also forgets why he doesn’t work in Texas anymore too?

  10. money dog playa says:

    kolcun ,i migtht be a tool i dont call myself money.its what i thought of first because i make so much of it.and never want to jepordize it 4 doing something stupid call me a tool or anything else just dont call me broke lol get a life loser.is this name betta

  11. KOLCUN says:

    let me guess money you got 5 yrs or less on and you got ten stickers on your truck and 50 fireman t shirts and youre afraid to go in a fire

  12. JJ says:

    If you don’t support your public safety officers…dont call them when you need them!

  13. money dog playa says:

    kolcun,13 yrs no stickers a couple t shirts and a fat bank account,and get my rocks off going into fires,and let me guess you got beat up in school,are ugly bald and never get laid dork

  14. KOLCUN says:

    dave gregorich the player
    is that who money is?

    1. d-bomb squad says:

      hey kolcun. i am not sure if gregorich (the player) is money dog playa but i have one comment or question to ask. how in the hell did he (out of all people) get the nickname the player? he has to be pushing 50 by now. plus i have been to a couple bars with him in the past and he hits on anything with 2 legs but “the player”? he definitely has no game and i can vouch for that.

  15. Marc says:

    Marty has no respect for public safety officers. When was the last time that he did a story on a fire department that has done good for the community? Not one. All he does is put gasoline on the fire and makes the people that help the community look horrible. Why don’t you do a story that actually is good, Marty? Actually, why don’t your next story be on how you got out of your DUI not too long ago?

  16. Marc says:

    Why don’t you do a story on how you got out of your DUI Marty, instead of making the public first responders look like idiots

  17. kolcun says:

    money dog playa do you call yourself that because your girl thats a dog charges you for sex

  18. 412 says:

    get to the heart of the problem and figure out why it seems like alot of fireman got caught using alcohol and drugs does it have anything to do with what they see and do they are the 1st ones there during any emergency situation just imagine seeing a dead kid in a fire-a person dead in a car accident-doing cpr on people-or many of the other situations they have to deal with so before you judge……

  19. 412 says:

    hey money..you sound like a complete dic#..i feel sorry for the people that have to work with you..i hope someone rufi’s you get tested and you get fired..

  20. Bill W says:

    Tarnish their image ? That’s right we do tarnish our image, OUR IMAGE. The only reason we ruin the city’s image is because of reporting news. Is it news Hmmmm ? I really don’t think so. It’s a DUI not a bank robbery, not a shooting, not a death. Yes the media put’s us out there because their job is BREAKING NEWS. But on the other side i would love to know what a DUI has to do with our jobs, unless you happen to get one on the job. Can you imagine how many doctors,lawyers,judges,news media people,etc,etc,etc have gotten DUI’S . Hey better yet ask some of us to come out and speak up as to how many of these OTHERS we have seen while out on a car accident call or first responder. Sure we work for the PUBLIC SAFETY DEPT, but when i’m not at work, i’m not at WORK. Yes i have made a fool out of myself OFF THE JOB and the MEDIA has made me one PUBLICLY. Hey, and i would like to thank them for not DRAGGING me through it still. If the city needs some assistance with trying to head issue’s off at the pass, then maybe they should recruit someone that has been through the program and that has made advancements. And like Forest Gump once said ” AND THAT’S ALL I GOTTA SAY ABOUT THAT ” . B.WHITE

  21. B.White says:

    Marty Griffin give me a call

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