North Hills Doctor To Stand Trial

PINE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A judge has ordered a local doctor to stand trial.

Dr. Thomas Tyma, of Sewickley, is an arthritis doctor. He is accused of molesting his patients.

According to Northern Regional Police, the assaults happened at Tyma’s office at the Allegheny North Arthritis Center in Pine Township between 2009 and this year.

Tyma’s attorney says the allegations are false and that the touching was just part of a routine examination.

A woman who worked in Tyma’s office during that time sat through all the testimony Friday morning. She says there’s no way these assaults could have occurred.

“He’s a wonderful person. He’s a caring, loving family man, him and his wife are like very close individuals, I mean, he’s just a nice person,” Margie Slagel, a former employee, said. “He’s just a really good doctor and he really cares about his patients and this is just unreal, it’s absolutely unreal after sitting there listening to it.”

Tyma will stand trial on several counts of indecent assault. He will remain free on bond, but he is not seeing any more patients at this time.


One Comment

  1. Spicket99 says:

    I feel sorry for the hundreds of patients ( I being one of them!) that are suffering due to these allegations.

    1. Ben Deem says:

      oh? you are suffering, huh? why? because you have to see a different dr while he stands trial for molesting at least a dozen women? you selfish jerk.

  2. J-ROC says:

    Aw, Spicket99, how unfortunate that you’re inconvenienced. Afterall, it is all about YOU!

  3. Amie says:

    Hey Spicket99, you don’t feel sorry for the women he may have molested and betrayed their trust? Selfish ass.

  4. Vladimir says:

    And why everyone is ALREADY ACCUSING him for molesting? is there any proof that he really did that? HE IS A RICH MAN and look at some girls today walking around HALF NAKED IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER …. dont you think that this could be made up just to get his $$$$$ ??

    1. J-ROC says:

      First off, it would be difficult to believe that a dozen women, ranging in ages to 30+ – 60+ would be walking around “half naked”. And even if they were completely naked, does that give him the right to touch them? Next, genius, there’s no “$$$$$” in criminal proceedings.

      1. j richard says:

        I’ve been a patient of Dr. Tyma’s for over 10 years and he’s never been anything but professional with me. If it weren’t for Dr. Tyma, I wouldn’t have the quality of life I have. He did research on test studies and new medications that could help me. He never once touched me inappropriately or made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I feel like I’ve lost an ally in my health care. I am a Lupus patient and an athlete and I can honestly say if it weren’t for Dr. Tyma, I would not be living the life I am right now. You can say those of us who will miss having him as a doctor are being selfish, then oh well. I want to be a healthy individual and continue to compete and run, bike and swim. Dr. Tyma gave me back my health, my life and my sanity when I thought I’d never run again. I don’t feel that’s being selfish, it’s simply wanting to have a pain free life and to live the life I want to live while balancing chronic pain and fatigue from what can be a very tough disease.

  5. T Scelfo says:

    I agree with the others who are “actual” patients of Dr. Tyma, as am I!! He has been accused but not convicted. As for my own personal experience, it mirrors those who have already commented. Dr. Tyma has never been anything other than professional at all times during his exams. To begin with, just the vary nature of the disease, that being arthritis and not, say gynecology or women’s health, causes the exams to be less intrusive. Usually limited to observation of mobility. However, it is necessary to check for degree of inflammation and that can only be done by touch. The only time I personally have had to disrobe, was to lower my slacks a couple inches on the side to have a cortisone shot in my hip! I don’t know what will come of this but if he needs a character witness, I’m there for him. As a side note in the last few years, my dermatologist, a thyroid doctor and now Dr. Tyma have been accused of the same charges, all physicians who have been practicing for years, has to make you wonder.

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