Police Chase Crash Leaves 1 Officer Injured

BRADDOCK (KDKA) – A police officer from Turtle Creek was injured Sunday morning after a car crashed into a his cruiser during a chase from East Pittsburgh to Braddock.

Authorities say a fight broke out in the 500-block of Ridge Avenue in East Pittsburgh when someone from the fight took off in a stolen car.

Police chased the driver through several neighborhoods before the car crashed into the police car in Braddock.

The officer was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

The suspect, 20-year-old Richard McClinton, was eventually caught and now faces multiple charges including aggravated assault.

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  • I love this city

    God bless all police but especially the ones that have to patrol areas like Braddock.

  • BOb

    The story says early Sunday morning. What pizza place delivers pizza after midnight on a Saturday in Braddock? You’re asking to get robbed.

    • sam

      And girls with short shorts are asking to be raped?! Jerrk!

      • Dan

        Asking for it…no…but dumb as h7ll for doing it..yes. We don’t live in utopia so common sense should prevail. Bob has a point.

      • BOb

        Yes, yes they are asking for it.

    • Dan Deezie

      Bob is right! that is just stupid…

  • italianbella412

    It ended in braddock didn’t start there started in east Pittsburgh… aduhh

    • Dan

      East Pgh and N Braddock are the same place.

      • Some Guy

        East Pittsburgh= 15112
        North Braddock = 15104

      • Some Guy

        No they’re not..

      • italianbella412

        No there not i live in swissvale which is next to braddock east Pittsburgh is no where near the same place…

  • James

    Let’s hope they can catch the rest of the pizza robbers all over the city. That one guy on the Hill got Shot, some months ago.

  • Joy

    Dan………you have made it clear that you arent from this area. East Pgh and North Braddock are not the same place in fact they are seperated by Dukers bridge……..just a lil FYI.

    • Dan

      born in the north side, live just east of E. Pgh…but smart enough to move to the North Hills. Thanks for playing!

      • Dan

        _live_ -> _lived_

    • Dan

      here’s a littly ‘fyi’ for ya…. http://tinyurl.com/4cho48j

  • Wowzer

    The police should just let people do whatever they want. When the police try to stop someone or have to use force or a taser they get nothing but grief, and lawsuits…let people do what they want!

    • FixPGH

      um, yeah no.

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