‘Batman’ To Be Filmed In Pittsburgh?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Where else but Pittsburgh can you see “neo-gothic” towers rising in the skyline?

Rumors have it that the Golden Triangle will be a stand-in for Gotham City when Christian Bale returns in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“The buildings, the architecture, it’s sort of dated, but it’s not too dated. It’d be cool,” photography student Roger Olbey said.

But, at the Pittsburgh Film Office so far, mum’s the word.

“There’s five films all looking right now at the area,” Jessica Conner of the Flim Office said. “Hopefully, it will be a busy summer.”

“The Hollywood Reporter,” is going on the record indicating the latest “Batman” movie will begin filming this summer in London, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and New York.

Pittsburgh’s own Michael Keaton was director Tim Burton’s first choice to play the Caped Crusader in the 1989 “Batman” movie, as well as “Batman Returns.”

We also have “Penguins,” a la Danny DeVito.

Greg Eide, has been in the comic book business since 1972 and knows that “Batman” is good for business.

“’Batman’ has been the perennial favorite of all the comic book super heroes,” Eide said.

If Andy Masich of the Heinz History Center can’t do his flying saucer special effect for the movie, he wants a part.

“I could be the evil curator who manipulates the past to change the future. Although, I like to be on Batman’s side,” Masich said.

“Batman” will be coming to a theater near you. Perhaps, very near you.


One Comment

  1. go away says:

    Please make your movies some place ELSE!
    Leave our city alone!

  2. Support PGH says:

    Film here!! Everyone wins. Little whiny people crying about traffic can suck it up as they also will get rewards from the filming efforts even if they are too stupid to see it. Filming is like 10 days in length and for a movie like Batman would be mostly at night or on weekends.

  3. dansuxs says:

    Films like this need to be filmed in secrecy . They have crazy fans and they leak pictures/images from the movie before it can be released.

    Parts of the previous Dark Knight movie were secretly filmed in Pittsburgh! There is a very recognizable scene that was filmed in the 2nd floor lobby of the USX tower. This is a picture of Aaron Echart in the USX Tower lobby:


  4. marcyt says:

    I’d love to get a part in one of those films!!!!! lol

  5. An Avid hunter says:

    Go batman, great movie. Great for the Burg!
    The big show would of been the steelers/superbowl. Its a shame all the steelers didn’t show up. At least the movie being filmed here is a win win for the city.
    One thing all you hockey fans, even Mario wants to get out of the hockey business. Maybe he will take over the Pirates some day and bring back a world series. At least baseball players aren’t taking their bats to opposing players heads.

    1. Flabbergasted says:

      Are you really as dumb as your comment would have us believe? I feel more stupid now for having read it. Wow.

      1. Ali says:

        I agree. I feel stupid for him.

  6. Stefanie says:

    This is great news for aspiring entertainment industry professionals! I wonder what else is thinking of filming here other than the Perks movie with Emma Watson..

  7. HappyJames says:

    The new Batman movies with Christian Bale are very well done. It’d be great to have Pittsburgh as the backdrop for the newest film. Also, the film crew brings in a lot of revenue for the area, thus keeping the tax base resilient. A no brainer.

  8. Shannon Nutt says:

    Those of us who work here are hoping PPG Place will be turned into the Wayne Enterprises building.

  9. Linda Vtipil says:


    I am interested in the information I heard on KDKA news today. Are you looking for 40year old and over to sign up for the local movie? I am interested. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

  10. Terri Nigro says:

    I have an interest in the Batman movie. I would like to be an extra or whatever else.
    I have worked with a magician for 35 years in New York and hollywood.
    I also work as a witch (seasonal).

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