Suspicious Suitcase Found Outside County Office Building

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Bomb Squad was called to the scene of a suspicious package in downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday morning.

According to police, the initial call came in shortly after 6 a.m. for a suspicious suitcase outside of the County Office Building on Ross Street.

The package was collected by the Bomb Squad and taken away. The scene was cleared around 6:45 a.m.

At this time, it’s not known what was inside the suitcase.

Normal traffic patterns have also been restored.

  • Mort

    It’s most likelt fecal matter from a homeless person who used the briefcase as a toilet and then disgarded it in front of the County Office Building.

    • dawn

      um… ok

  • Tips

    …that’s where I’d put it !

  • Big Ray

    too much scare is NOT a good thing I guess the bomb squad has too many people working doing nothing but surfin the internet.

  • Mr Soho

    Did they blow it up like the microwave

  • Marcus Miller

    I dont want to be a target. I dont even live any where near Pitt. Our people are being oppressed and they will fiight back. When they do Big Brother will swep them under the rug, called crazy, put in a jail and or shallow grave. Federal building gets blown up, oh he was crazy. Congressmen in AZ and innocent bystanders get killed, oh he was just crazy. state police officers get shot, oh he was crazy because WE THE GOV’t are not to blame.

    Im just a concerned citizen of the great state of PA that doesnt want to end up dead, caught in the middle, because Big Brother or antagonistic police officers are oppressing our peps. One love! I am not a target just exercising free speech.

    • Mr Soho

      Wow Marcus, when did you get released, did they remove the micro-chip.

  • Jess Sayen

    Has the Bob Squad ever even found a bomb?

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