Mixed Verdict For Beaver County Double Shooting Suspect

BEAVER (KDKA) — A man accused of shooting his estranged wife and killing her friend has been convicted of third-degree murder.

Greg Baker, 57, fatally wounded Thomas Dougherty. His now ex-wife, Linda Baker, says she pretended to be dead during the shooting back in December of 2009.

After 17 hours of deliberation, the jury of five men and seven women came back with a mixed verdict.

They found 57-year-old Baker not guilty of first degree murder and attempted murder, but found him guilty of third-degree murder and aggravated assault.

“And our contention has been it was an act in the heat of passion,” the defendant’s attorney, Steven Colafella, said. “My suspicion is there were some on the jury that believed that and I think there were others that didn’t.”

The verdict means Baker no longer faces the possibility of a life sentence or the death penalty.

Linda Baker said she didn’t want her ex-husband to be put to death, but to never be released from prison.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said they would push for a maximum sentence of 20 to 40 years.

Cindy Burger, Dougherty’s sister, said she was devastated by the murder and disappointed in the verdict.

“The DA and his team did a wonderful job proving without a doubt this man committed premeditated murder and we just can’t understand why a jury can’t see that,” she said.

A sentencing date has not yet been set as the judge awaits a pre-sentencing report.


One Comment

  1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Third degree murder? He definitely got away with murder!

  2. johnny69 says:

    This jury was comprised of idiots. From the moment that he strapped the firearm on that made it premeditated

  3. Denno says:

    No remorse on the part of Baker, none. What a bad call on the part of the jury. Too bad people got wish bones instead of back bones.

  4. Famdamily says:

    Pray something like this NEVER happens to someone you love.. The shoe will be on the other foot then.. You will hope someone sits on a jury that will get you an eye for an eye!

  5. Famdamily says:

    Tom will NEVER see his family again, but AH Baker will get cards, letters, phonecalls, visits, emails…. There will never truly be an eye for an eye…. Baker gets to watch his grandkids grow up… WHAT ABOUT TOM?????????

  6. autismmom says:

    juror 11 can’t even spell idiot.

  7. crim major says:

    how when you get a gun and go looking for someone and kill them is it not premeditated? i thought we had gotten over the old “it’s the victims’ fault” mentality? and why are people with obvious mental illnesses convicted but others, obviously sane, convicted of lesser crimes? i’ll tell you why…the obviously mentally ill scare the jurors with their potential for random violence, but jurors believe the sane but “in the heat
    of passion” murders won’t kill again because they have already achieved their goals. but in this case, if i was linda baker i’d feel like I was the one living under a life sentence, if he ever escapes or is released he will try to kill her. he should never be released.

  8. Thomas says:

    This, then, is no wonder our judicial system is so messed up, letting walking cancers like this get off easy. I say we don’t need non-thinking juries to take out the evil in our society–we need to arm ourselves with swords and do the job ourselves!

  9. dad says:

    Dont cheat ? yeahhhh ! “Heat of Passion seems about right”

  10. Joe Burger says:

    Tom Dougherty was my uncle and friend. I was in that court room from start to finish and it is very sad to say the least. I am not only disappointed in our jurors, but angry with the whole situation. Some highlights for all of you out there who seem to not understand why we are upset with the jury. 9 eye witnesses, police testimonies, a taped confession, Baker freezing his assets before the crime was committed, cell phone evidence, surveillance camera evidence, and fully loaded gun with one extra bullet in the chamber too start. I would also like to add that Mr. Baker was researching and investigating possible kill targets. In fact he had 7 men in mind, and that evidence was presented in court as well. Then there is fact that after Greg Baker shot Tom twice in the chest; he walked back to his car; saw Tom’s legs still moving; walked back and shot him two more times to finish the job. Immediately the man who so called “Snapped” happened to have the wear with all to make 54 phone calls too family telling them what he just did. This was all confirmed in court as well. This case was signed sealed and delivered for the jury. Finding this cold, controlling, and motivated killer not guilty of murder one is outrageous. Another fact for you all to enjoy. I am by no means a fan of Linda Baker, however she was shot in the chest and she did die in the ambulance for a brief moment. She then was brought back to life through chest compressions and oxygen. Our jury somehow found Mr. Baker not guilty of attempted murder on Linda? What? All through this trial the defense wanted to tell us what a good guy Baker was. Fact : Mr. Baker has had several affairs including one that is still going on from a female in Chicago named Patty. He also is addicted to adult book shops where he frequents the same girls stripping for him spending roughly 42 dollars each visit. At the age of 23 Mr. Baker was married with 2 children when he met Linda who was 16 years old. He then had sex with Linda while she was sixteen and he was 23 and married. Good guy huh? This was all confirmed in court as well. I am glad to read Mr. Baker is “relieved”, I wish Tom and my family knew what that felt like. Unfortunately Tom will never feel that way. He is dead.

  11. juror11 says:

    your wrong

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