BALDWIN BOROUGH (KDKA) – Friday was the deadline for a man in Baldwin to take down a large lighted cross he put up in his yard.

Baldwin officials agreed with neighbors that it should come down, but Carl Behr had refused to do so.

Until today.

He defied the borough and was at odds with neighbors, but he did take down the crosses Friday morning.

Baldwin Borough had given him five days to remove a 24-foot cross as well as a smaller one from his home on Robin Street.

Failure to do so would have resulted in a fine or penalty. Borough officials claimed that he was in violation of an ordinance.

A neighbor complained that the light from the larger cross was shining into her home at night.

Behr said he built the crosses on Feb. 6 after receiving a message from God.

“When I [saw] my face in the paper yesterday I [saw] it going somewhere else. Certain people like fame, you know, and they live for that. But, that’s not this situation. This situation isn’t about my face being in the paper and the news and all that,” Behr said.

He said he’s not seeking fame or recognition, but will find another way to spread his message.


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