Baldwin Man Takes Down Crosses

BALDWIN BOROUGH (KDKA) – Friday was the deadline for a man in Baldwin to take down a large lighted cross he put up in his yard.

Baldwin officials agreed with neighbors that it should come down, but Carl Behr had refused to do so.

Until today.

He defied the borough and was at odds with neighbors, but he did take down the crosses Friday morning.

Baldwin Borough had given him five days to remove a 24-foot cross as well as a smaller one from his home on Robin Street.

Failure to do so would have resulted in a fine or penalty. Borough officials claimed that he was in violation of an ordinance.

A neighbor complained that the light from the larger cross was shining into her home at night.

Behr said he built the crosses on Feb. 6 after receiving a message from God.

“When I [saw] my face in the paper yesterday I [saw] it going somewhere else. Certain people like fame, you know, and they live for that. But, that’s not this situation. This situation isn’t about my face being in the paper and the news and all that,” Behr said.

He said he’s not seeking fame or recognition, but will find another way to spread his message.


Baldwin Man Refuses To Take Down Crosses
Man Ordered To Take 24-Foot Cross Down
Lighted Crosses Put Neighbors At Odds In Baldwin


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Baldwin Borough History

  • Mike

    The crazy man came to his senses.

    I guess Jesus spoke with him this morning or last night and gave him the order.

    It is a good thing that Jesus didn’t tell him to start killing those who opposed his crosses.

    • stupid people surround me

      your an ass

      • Mike

        Oh no, fratboys are laughing at me!


        He said fratboys.

        Is Jesus laughing with you all too?

        If so, tell him I know where he can get a 24ft cross at a cheap price.

      • Frat man

        Mike, nobody cares what you think, you have proven you are an idiot. My whole household of frat boys are laughing at you right now.

      • Mike

        Lol, “your” an ass. Go back to second grade.

  • Bishop

    Old Carl misread thy Commandment: It’s love thy neighbor, not light thy neighbor.

    • William Campbell

      Don’t think old Carl reads very much.

    • Mike



  • Nutcase

    Good, in my neck of the woods, we have the moron with the toilets on his roof

    • lk

      And it is an icon and great. Be different instead of the boring mass

    • Warhol,Andy

      If they”re lighted at night I’d like to see that! Are they fully funtional, ?

  • JAUN


  • CountryMom

    Funny that nobody complained or made them take it down when there was a man nailed to it and left to suffer and die but put lights on it and everyone has an opinion. May God Bless you Carl for trying to show people the true light!!!!!

    • Sara Lang

      Oh, Jesus!!! :facepalm:


      • Mike

        :facepalm, Jesus style!

    • The 2 Morons B&M

      That’s right Country Mom Jesus did this all for us, while bishop and that idiot Mike complained .
      I’ll pray though for the 2 of them hopefully Jesus won’t slam the gate door on them and tell them to go to hell.

      • Mike

        Jesus did nothing for you or any one in relation to what Carl did to his neighbor… and that was to disrespect and be a nuisance to his neighbor, which is exactly the opposite, your Lord Jesus, said to do. I believe his commandment was to love thy neighbor.

        To think God or Jesus had anything to do with Carl’s display of inconsideration to his neighbor is laughable and once again gives your religion a bad name.

    • Mike

      What an idiotic non sequitur you just made there, CountryMom.

      It is whackos like you, Carl and other religious nutjobs that give your religion a bad name.

      • Mike


        Which hell is that: gehenna, tartaros, or hades? And, after you let me know which hell (since you are a practicing Christian and should know which hell), how does that hell relate to the Lake of Fire, which isn’t hell?

        You are on the clock!

      • Laura

        Mike, you are the wacko, you will rot in HELL. This is not a case of being wacko. Since when is believing in something wacko? Look at all the Steeler stuff hanging around peoples homes. What if someone becomes offended at that? I would say then all the steeler stuff would have to come down. Someone could easily hang a huge neon Steeler sign in the front yard and be forced to take it down. Then all the steeler fans will be upset. Then they are wacko. I think you need educated.

      • Alyssa

        I second that Mike!

      • William Campbell

        A 24 foot lighted Steeler sign would be just as inappropriate.

  • Mr Soho

    Just another fanatic trying to bestow his religious beliefs on others.

  • Praying

    That’s what is wrong with this world. As soon as someone makes a reference to God someone complains. No nativity scenes outside government buildings, no prayer in school, etc. We are so far off the path it will be a miracle if even God can save us now. If he had put up the Koran with lights it probably would have been a violation of his rights to make him take it down.

    • Mike


      Another religious fanatic nutjob posting non sequiturs and thinking that what they post has relevance, logic, and is fact-based.

      Nativity scenes and government buildings has nothing to do with this issue.

      Prayer in school has nothing to do with this issue.

      Putting up a Koran that big with lights would have produced the same results.

      Good grief, there are so many ignorant and stupid people out there that it is scary.

      • Mike shut up

        and you are one of them…

  • JS

    This really isnt about religious freedom. This guy, nut though he may be, can practice any religion he chooses. What it is about is the fact that he had a large, lighted object in his yard that apparenlty violated local ordinances and annoyed his neighbors who were trying to sleep. Whether it was a cross, Star of David, or giant Spongbob Squarepants image makes no difference.

    • Mike


      What you say is what I’ve been saying all along, but to these whacked out “Christian” people replying here and on the other blog when Carl refused to take the crosses down – they just can’t seem to understand that… it is like they are blinded by their own religion.

      • Mike

        See, even a dummy agrees with me.

      • Dumb Mike

        Whacked out “Christian” people….you are an ass.

    • William Campbell

      Right on. It’s hard to have a rational discussion with irrational people.

  • Scott

    To the folks who feel this man shouldn’t have had to take his cross down…would you be okay with that cross or ANY lighted object in a neighbor’s yard if it was legitimately shining in your bedroom window and preventing you from sleeping in YOUR PERSONAL bedroom? I don’t care if he put up a shining money tree in his yard, it was a total disruption. IMO, this wasn’t a matter of WHAT the object was, it was a total disturbance to others! if he lived on a farm somewhere with no neighbor’s around, have a lighted cross farm for all we care, but it’s about disrupting other people’s lives, NOT the object and what it symbolizes.

  • be brave

    I just put up a 40 foot cross and no one has complained, infact they all think it is great, including my township.

    • be brave

      It is attached to my tree so there is no danger of it “falling” and it is lit , maybe not as bright, but it is lit.

      • Mike

        Because that would be approaching a Tower of Babble like fiasco.

      • JS

        Why’d you stop at 40 feet? You should have gone for 100.

  • The Pope of Caste Village

    How dare we let these heathens pressure Carl into giving up his religious beliefs. Carl should go crucify himself up there. Then he’d show you.

  • Sigh

    Didn’t this whole cross thing start as a deliberate attempt to annoy his neighbor who had complained about the construction vehicles, salt mound, and other miscellaneous junk in this guy’s yard? This was never about religion. This man simply used religion as a tool/weapon in a “neighbor war”. It’s sad and irritating that this whack-job has gotten so much press. …And doesn’t he have better things to do, like, mind his NINE kids???

  • Believe

    Anyone who complains about crosses should live on an island with all the other people who hate religion and deal with it there. Leave those of us who believe in God alone. I am offended by the non-believers.

    • Scott

      Well, sucks to be you then, believe, because if I lived near a car dealership and the lights were bothering ME on MY property that much, I’d be complaining and getting that resolved.

    • Scott

      I hope your response was full of sarcasm, if not, I’m offended by your lack of knowledge. This LIGHTED cross was SHINING DIRECTLY into someone else’s HOME, therefore DISTURBING a neighbor. Wouldn’t YOU be upset if any LIGHTED object was preventing you from sleeping in YOUR own home?

      • believe

        I have it every night, from a street light and car dealership high lights on their parking light. That is what drapes are for and blinds.

  • I love Christ more

    What happened to hanging a cross on the wall over your bed or breakfast nook? Christ was humble. This kind of stuff is not.

  • Heather

    Hahahahaha LOL LOL LOL

  • Justice for All!

    Once again Officials working for the people and themselves. If they don’t like something they make new laws. If they don’t like something you get fined. Don’t pay your property tax and they take your home. Public domain and they take your land. For America we live in a very controlling time. It will only get worst.

    • And All for One

      Yes, and if you break the law they arrest you…how dare they! What kind of country is this when you cant put up a measly 25-foot tall cross to show your neighbors what a real Christian is? Damn the torpedoes and pass the ammunition. As Fred Sanford used to say, “I’m comin’ Jesus”.

      • Mike

        Ha ha!

  • lance

    i would have kept it up its your yard you bought the house dnt let ppl tell u wat to do u have every right to express your self in any way and there is no one that can tell u different i would have just paid the fines and fought it !!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      @ lance,

      If that is the case, I am going to buy a home right next to yours and since it is my home and property I have every right to hang up in my yard a picture of two naked people because my belief is in Mother Nature and in my religion being naked is sacred.

      Now, I will light that picture up at night and have those lights directly facing your bedroom and living room windows.

      Please, don’t take offense because it is my right since it is my property.

  • Ron Greer

    What about Churches Who are inconsiderate and shine there lights into the homes of others and shine there headlights into the same houses . I live next to the Allison Park Assembly of God ( since when does God need Assembled ) and these people are the most inconsiderate hypocrites I have ever seen.

    • Mike

      Hey Ron,

      If the are shining lights directly into your home or are a nuisance, I’d take it up with the proper authorities if I were you.

  • Bad Medicine Is What He Needs

    If Carl was my neighbor I would have erected a 25 foot tall upside down cross and put a spotlight on it.

    • lance

      thats fine thats why its called curtains!!! ppl have every right to express god in any way on their property!!! the guy pays his taxes that is his right!!! thats like someone telling u ur not allowed to go to church when u want !!!! thats invasion of privacy!!! i would of kept the cross up i dnt care who gets mad !!!

  • Raul

    What if he wanted to burn that cross and wear a bedsheet? Still say he can do whatever he wants ?

    • Mike


      He can do what he wants as long as he doesn’t fringe upon the rights of his neighbors. Shining a light directly into a neighbor’s house, especially one you already “had it out for” is not Carl’s right.

  • your momma

    carl likes to materbate

  • Kelly Letang

    @Mike You certainly have a lot of time to voice your opinion about a man that you have never met. It’s funny how someone who has no reliable facts pertaining to the situation can be so sure of himself. The cross was not lit during all hours of the night. It was turned off at a respectable hour after the first night it was put up. It has everything to do with religion and Mr. Behr has every right to express himself however he chooses. The light is most definitely not “shining directly into the neighbor’s house” and it’s certainly not “in her personal bedroom”. Also, the woman has blinds and curtains. If she chooses not to use them, then that is her prerogative. I am amazed at how many people on here are sitting at their computers ranting and raving about something that does not involve you personally. Perhaps, you should take a second and consider your own lives before commenting and criticizing Mr. Behr’s.

    P.S. @Your mama- You spelled masturbate wrong you incompetent moron.

    • Mike

      @Kelly Letang

      “You certainly have a lot of time to voice your opinion about a man that you have never met.”

      Let me ask you this, have you ever voiced an opinion about a man or woman that you have never met. Let give me you some examples: Jesus, President Obama, President Bush, Colin Powell, Rush Limbaugh?

      I’ll stop there to keep you from more embarrassment.

      ” It’s funny how someone who has no reliable facts pertaining to the situation can be so sure of himself.”

      I had the facts. He put the crosses up without a permit and his cross was a nuisance to his neighbor.

      “The cross was not lit during all hours of the night. It was turned off at a respectable hour after the first night it was put up.”

      It was? And what time was that every night, since you stayed up and witnessed the timings of the lights being turned off or on? Yeah, right.

      ” It has everything to do with religion and Mr. Behr has every right to express himself however he chooses.”

      It had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a vendetta. Save it for the stupid and ignorant because if it had to do with religion, Carl would have humbled himself and showed love towards his neighbor, but did not.

      “The light is most definitely not “shining directly into the neighbor’s house” and it’s certainly not “in her personal bedroom”.

      I saw the film on TV. It was directed exactly at the neighbor’s home who complained about his vehicles. He could have easily aimed those lights at his own house, but chose not to. Why? I’ll tell you… vendetta against his neighbor, which is of the devil himself.

      “Also, the woman has blinds and curtains. If she chooses not to use them, then that is her prerogative.”

      Yes, the woman should be forced to use her blinds and drapes to prevent the bright light from entering… no wait, you said it wasn’t aimed at her bedroom windows so blinds don’t matter. LOL You are pathetic.

      ” I am amazed at how many people on here are sitting at their computers ranting and raving about something that does not involve you personally.”

      I am not ranting or raving, but you are. Poor woman.

      ” Perhaps, you should take a second and consider your own lives before commenting and criticizing Mr. Behr’s”

      I did on this issue. And, I can say for sure, that I would never beam lights down on my neighbor’s homes nor would I ever be a nuisance towards my neighbor.

      “P.S. @Your mama- You spelled masturbate wrong you incompetent moron.”

      Truly you are an idiot. That wasn’t me, Mike, who made that masturbate comment, idiot-moron.

  • Lance Estes

    now thats what im talking about

  • Really people...

    People have every right to express their faith on their property as long as it doesn’t disturb others. Who cares about offending others, it’s the disturbance that is the issue. If you bought a house, on property that has no neighbors, and all of a sudden they build a football field next to you with noise and lights – you have a right to complain. It wasn’t there before you bought the home.

    If this guy wants to display ugly handmade light up crosses, of which I would find tacky personally, then he should have the right as long as:

    A) it meets borough standards, which it obviously did not
    B) it doesn’t disturb me in my sleep or light up my home in any manner to where I can’t sleep, curtains or not.

    If I blared music so loud that it disturbed my neighbors, should I say “that’s what earplugs are for?” or should you first ask me to turn it down, and then if I don’t comply, take it to the authorities – as this woman did?

    It’s not about religion at all here and people are making it to be about religion.

  • Rich

    Yes , God is alive and well today ! It ‘ s a shame that people have a problem with the Almighty God . You are all going to burn in hell one day and suffer like you have never suffered before . Especially the idiot who said he would put a 25’ upside down cross in his yard ! You are a real SICKO ! Mike, you need help PAL !

    • Bad Medicine

      How can the upside down cross be in bad taste and not Carl’s cross? If this is really about religion, which you think it is, then you cant have it both ways. I dont have a problem with God. I have a problem with people that think I do because I dont shove it in your face like this numbskull in Baldwin.

      By the way Carl and his neighbor belong to the same church. Explain that.

    • Mike

      That wasn’t me who said it, Rich. Get your facts straight.

      So, I’m going to burn in hell, eh? Which hell is that, Rich: tartaros, hades, or gehenna?

      It’s good to know that God’s Christian soldiers enjoy the thought of other humans suffering…. yep, that is what the almighty all-forgiving God wants of his followers.

      Rich, you are a sick individual and sadistic one at that. But don’t feel too bad, I would never wish suffering on you or any other human being.

      • Gary

        Mike I love you due keep it comming

      • Gary

        sorry that was Dude

      • Mike

        No problem. There is no editing feature on this site and that sucks.

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