Couple Struck By Vehicle In Strip District

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle in the Strip District.

The accident happened just before 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

KDKA’s Stephanie Watson reports a woman driving down Smallman Street hit a couple in the crosswalk at 15th Street.

Ed Snee is friends of the victims and works in the neighborhood.

“I’ve been here for about three years and everyday it’s dangerous walking across the intersection,” he said.

A doctor was near the accident scene and tried to help the pedestrians.

The female pedestrian may have suffered a broken leg. The man might have a spinal injury, according to Snee.

  • Adam Reep

    I used to work at their building. That intersection and the adjacent ones on Penn are incredibly dangerous for pedestrians. I hope these two come out of this OK, and I hope the city finally does something about these dangerous intersections where literally thousands of people who park in those lots have to cross every day.

  • Mary Lou Bayer

    Drivers all seem to think streets in the Strip are racetracks. Try crossing Liberty to catch a bus, and you will see what I mean. 2 pedestrian deaths on Liberty at 29th within a year of each other, and no stop sign or red light.

  • Witness

    They were in the crosswalk. The woman got out of her car and started yelling at the VICTIMS for hurting her car. She should rot in jail.

    • Jack

      I Agree- i am curious why we dont know the name or see a mugshot of this driver. Was she arrested?

  • Drew

    I work down town and I’ve also seen ghetto thugs just walk out in the middel of traffic while its a green light…intentionally walking slow to prove a point that they are superior or something. Funny how they get mad or start yelling at the cars when its a green light. Wish these tools would get a job or do something productive with their lives. People should have to have a work permit to come down town. There are too many kids standing on corners doing nothing and yelling at each other or across the street at other people. There’s just too many people doing nothing, getting into trouble and an looking for trouble. Lets get these people off our streets!!!

  • Witness

    Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, whether you approve of their lives or skin color, or not.

    • Miss

      Not when its a green light….the cars have the right of way then. How would you feel if you had to sit there through a bunch of green lights and traffic was backed up for miles because everyone kept walking in front of your car?? If they are at a red light that means they HAVE to obey the walk/ don’t walk signs.

      • Witness

        Miss – you are not paying attention. There was no light. Here is the law:

        Section 3542. Right-of-way of pedestrians in crosswalks.
        (a) General rule.—When traffic-control signals are not in place or not in operation, the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.

        If you think it’s OK to hit people when you have the light, I feel sorry for you and your lack of humanity.

      • Miss

        I KNOW WHERE IT IS….I was making my point to your comment about peds ALWAYS have the right of way….in the case of cross walks yes they do….in the case of traffic lights no they dont. And I NEVER said i was ok with hitting people….i have been down there to see my husband who happens to work with them and i see how people fly through there. Now would you like to try again??

    • Witness

      How about, human beings don’t have the RIGHT to drive their cars into peds. Period.

      • Miss

        I would have to agree…It shouldn’t be happening period.

  • witness

    This couple was leaving work from an office building, walking through a crosswalk- the car was estimated at about 50 mph. They were in no way at fault.

  • Drew

    Has nothing to do with skin color. Dumb people are dumb not because of their color but because of what they do or don’t do. I do NOT condone drivers not paying attention and being careless but common sense tells me that stupid people are not going to stop being stupid any time soon. Pedestrains do have the right of way in a cross walk but you have to be pretty dumb not to know that a 2 ton vehicle will win everytime. If you want to trust people behind the wheel then go ahead and I’m sure you will live a long life LOL. For me, I will continue to looking both ways as they teach in 1st grade and also I will not step out in the middle of traffic while its a green light. Survival of the smartest.

    • Someone living in reality

      Sad there are so many uneducated people in this world…..Drew……Sounds like you were involved in this accident. Passenger maybe? Sound familiar? Trying to defend someones reckless disregard for human life. Maybe the person in control of the 2 ton vehicle should be alot more in control of the 2 ton vehicle and a little more responsible for their actions. 50+ in a 25mph zone. Hope she rots in jail. Grow up Drew

    • amazed at stupidity

      “drew” …… what hole did you crawl out of? I can tell you are a person filled with compassion. I hope you are just a person who doesn’t know how to express himself properly rather than being the total fool you sound like. Some people just need not to be able to have the freedom of speech!

  • Witness

    So now you are calling the victims stupid, because they did look both ways. They are not stupid either.

    Your “ghetto thugs” comment fooled me into thinking you don’t like people of color. My error.

  • Drew

    That driver should get his license revoked for life and get years in jail.

  • Drew

    Victim mentallity and no personal resposibility. Interesting when anything bad happens..they are automatically a victim. So if I sit in a lawn chair on a train track and get hit by a train then poor me I was the victim and it was the engineers fault.

  • B

    Why hasn’t the city or the wonderful police done anything about this issue yet? How many people are going to be hit in the strip district before something is implemented??

  • Drew

    and if the train engineer just so happen to be white and I was a person of color then he must be racist too and must be punished.

  • Drew

    The strip is poorly lighted and yes they should put some traffic lights down their or speed bumps.

  • Concerned Co-Worker

    Drew. You are an idiot. I hope that you haven’t reproduced. You are a complete moron. Thanks.

    • Someone living in reality

      We can only pray. If he has reproduced lets home they go to 1st grade in a different school because obviously Drew was poorly educated.

  • Concerned Co-Worker

    I like Living in Reality. I bet I know you. LOL.

    Drew, I hope no one here knows you. Especially because we know these pedestrians personally and professionally. Kelli is the sweetest girl alive and the driver is DEAD wrong. And this isn’t the first incident down here. It’s not the second or third involving pedestrians and speeding vehicles with no concern for the people in the streets leaving their jobs to go home to their families. It’s closer to the 5th or 6th time. We will be petitioning EDMC to have them submit a corporate request for traffic conctrol stating that the safety of their employees is at stake.

    Thank you to those who are genuinely concerned and not spouting stupidity and ignorance here. Continue to pray for their recovery. They are getting married in September. I am sure everything will be beautiful. And they will end up with a little more financial security to start their lives together after they get done with this wreckless driver.

    • Witness

      The driver is reckless, but certainly not wreckless. ;-)

      • Concerned Co-Worker

        Thanks! Just feeling a little outside of my square considering 2 of my friends were run down last night. :)

    • EDMC Employee

      I got tapped by a car at the very same spot about a month ago. That intersection needs addressed IMMEDIATELY! Please email me, I would love to help with the petitioning for this.

  • Drew

    Before commenting on someone else’s education, let us try and put some effort into typing and spelling as if were were not it 1st grade. LOL

    “If he has reproduced lets “home” they go to 1st grade in a different school”

    • Grammar King

      Drew, you spelled middle “middel” in your first post Mr. Glass house.

    • Someone living in reality

      Sorry my mistake. It’s from utter disgust. At least I can admit when I am wrong. YOU ARE STILL AN IDIOT. God bless Brell and Kelli

      • Concerned Co-Worker

        Agreed. :)

    • amazed at stupidity

      “drew” regarding spelling…. maybe you should first look at your own entries for spelling errors before you comment on others! example: “The strip is poorly lighted and yes they should put some traffic lights down their or speed bumps”….”their” is the wrong form kiddo….it should be “there” check your grammar…..that is in 1st grade….

  • Annoyed

    I work in the Strip and I carpool with a friend who works downtown so after work I have to drive down Penn and honestly, pedestrians are the worst! I feel bad that the couple got hit, but it was probably their fault. SO many people cross the street when they are not supposed to, nor do they ever look. I have honestly seen people wait at a corner until the light turns green and that’s when they start crossing! I truly believe that a lot of people think that because pedestrians have the right of way, they can cross whenever they feel like it. They need to obey the rules of the road and cross when they have the correct signal!

    • amazed at stupidity

      there is no light there, get with the program

  • Concerned Co-Worker

    They got lucky. I hope they recover quickly. We all will probably cross the street with caution and not be clueless anymore

  • The Boss

    The important thing is two of our employees are going to be ok.

    Get back to work.

  • Concerned Co-Worker

    Agree with Annoyed. Sidewalks are where most people walk and roads are where most cars drive. The driver obviously broke the law but at the same time lets wake up and be more cautious. These things can be avoided ya know.

  • Someone living in reality of Alice and Wonderland

    Everyone is an idiot if they don’t trust reckless drivers…I for one will walk out in the middle of the road and try my luck

  • Stop being dumb

    Please sign this petition to help get something done about the lack of any type of traffic control in the strip district.

    Also to all of you trash talkers, please get the facts before you run your mouth. If you knew anything about the accident, you would know that the place that they got hit, didnt have a traffic light, just a crosswalk, which means pedestrians have the right. Always do.

  • Law abiding citizen

    The concern for EDMC employees is absoulutely real before we move to extreme measures I believe it is the pedestrians responsibility to obey the laws put forward as it pertains to the crosswalk I see too many employees crossing when it’s clearly not safe and the traffic light is not in their favor, we can make the strip a lot safer if we respect each other, the driver and the pedestrian should be alert and courtious, please understand accidents happen but whom would you consider the blame

  • your mom is a pedestrian

    no one should be driving fast enough to be unable to stop for a ped in these areas, regardless of the speed limit. if she had been driving appropriately, she wouldn’t have hit them. point blank.

    the idea that anyone is suggesting that the two who were hit are even partially at fault is shameful. it’s not a secret that pedestrian traffic is heavy there; having a driver’s license comes with huge responsibilities and among those is constantly being aware of your surroundings, and adjusting your speed to meet the conditions appropriately. stop whining about pedestrians getting in “your way” and learn how to operate your vehicle. what if it had been a small child, or a blind person, or a rolling garbage can? the law requires all drivers to be in control of their vehicles at all times. is it really that big of a deal to stop and wait for someone to cross traffic?

    If it is true that this driver got out of her car, screaming expletives at the two people she had just hit with her vehicle, something is severely wrong with her & she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

    each of us needs to drive as though it were our loved ones in the crosswalks. adjust your perspective.

  • Witness


    I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

    “Make the Strip District a safer place for pedestrians”

    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


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