Homewood Shooting Leaves 1 Injured

HOMEWOOD (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a man was injured in an early Friday morning shooting in Homewood.

The man was shot at the intersection of Frankstown Avenue and Wheeler Street around 3:20 a.m.

At least two shell casings were found at the scene. Police believe the man may have been shot at close range.

The victim was shot in the chest and taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. He was last listed in stable condtion, but his identity is unknown at this time.

No arrests have been made.


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Pittsburgh Police
UPMC Presbyterian Hospital


One Comment

  1. Drew Lucas says:

    No suprise. Homewood = Ghetto

    1. Ashley says:

      Ghetto = Jewish Neighborhood Homewood = majority black neighborhood lol you should really invest in a dictionary. This is the news channel no place for slang words such as “GHETTO”

  2. LT says:

    The ZOO is out! TYPICAL with THOSE PEOPLE!

  3. dad says:

    ZHOV ! Homewood you smucc!

    1. LT says:

      excuse me, but what is ZHOV? i’m from Pine Richalnd and do not understand?
      And if you could also clarify what a “smucc” is?

      1. Dan says:

        they are gangs in the city “smucc’ is homewood and z hov are hill projects….stay in pine richland and dont try to understand, your better off

  4. Richard says:

    Huh! Really? And in Homewood no less. Such a nice quiet community but they’ll probably catch the shooter quickly since everyone is so willing to help the police.

  5. Sandra Klingensmith says:

    This isnt news in this section of town!

  6. Billy says:

    Who is up at 3:20am on the streets of homewood. Do I need to say more….

  7. stoptheviolence says:

    Didnt they have a 3599 car that stopped gun violence out in Homewood? Oh yea, wait they got suspended for stopping a guy they thought had a gun at midnight 2 blocks from here…..

  8. Ashkey says:

    It cracks me up how ppl get behind those big bag computer screens and talk down about others. The computer is the only time your not afraid to express your opinion? No one cares about your opinion the news is the news read it take it in and mind ya business

  9. G T W says:

    Would you be willing to have yourself or your family killed for telling the police what you know??? Get your head from between your mother and sisters legs so that you could can see the real world.

  10. From homewood ham ave says:

    Yes the 3599 guys did get suspended, then shooting got so bad the chief threatened to cancel football and the SWAT team rode up and down the streets to try and stop it…..maybe they should have left the 3 guys who controlled the shooting out there instead!

  11. Dr Joseph says:

    Racism and negativity aside, there is a real problem in this neighborhood that needs to be addressed. I dont believe for a minute that the cops who were suspended did anything wrong, but they are still suspended, and the city suffers for it. I dont know what the answer is when the community hates the police and the police dont want to do their jobs because they are afraid of political fallout, but some thing has to give out here, or this will be the” GAZA strip of Pittsburgh”

  12. poop n stuff says:

    Bloomfield is “LIttle Italy” Homewood can be “Little IRAQ”

  13. kristy says:

    wow. a shooting in homewood? what a shock. next . . .

  14. johnny69 says:

    how do these bad guys get to work when they are stil aake @ 3:30 AM?

    1. johnny69 says:

      Why don’t people prowl the streets at 3:20 AM in Springdale? Fox Chapel? Freeport?

  15. kris says:

    you guys are referencing 3 cops that beat up a teenager, for no reason none the less, as one has nothing to do with the other. i for one do not want cops stopping and beating my son because they think he looks suspicious. I am sorry, at its core, it was not right what happend to Jordan Miles and just because Homewood is a dangerous place does not make it ok for good citizens like Jordan to be abused by the cops. Now as the same mother, i am fearful that these people on the streets they police should be identifying may bring harm to my children as well. So what option do i have, i would like to keep my child safe from the craziness on the streets and for black males unfortunately that includes both the police and violent individuals.

    1. Joesph Denaro says:

      kris , really? your almost too dumb to breath if you think these arent related. Police stop a kid, he runs they think he has a gun…..this guy is shot 2 blocks from where they tried to stop miles…..Why run if your not up to something…..better question what are you doing out on a school night at midnight? I know my kids are in bed!

  16. Dan says:

    Hey Kris, if your kid is roaming around a abandon building at midnight and the police ask him what he is doing, and he runs…he is doing something wrong! Then they catch him and he hits a cop…Jordan mile should have got more than he did if you ask me. He was up to no good at midnight on a school night and fought the police. PS this shooting was 2 blocks from where the jordan miles thing happened….its a shame a cop has to get shot for anyone to Appreciate them and the job they do!

    1. BLOOMFIELD MIKE says:

      Amen Dan!, Amen!

  17. Mathias says:

    Blacks kill people they know and usually have done them or someone in their family wrong.

    White people kill people they don’t know and usually for no reasons at all or some silly idealogy.

    1. Ryan says:

      Wow, so that makes it OK to kill if your black. What stupid logic.

    2. Alittle Upset says:

      @Mathias you forgot they(whites) kill everyone in the house including the dog, cat, grandparents, kids and the neighbors if their close enough.

  18. Toy says:

    OMG!!! Kill me with all the black and white stuff…Yess..there are more black criminals in this world because of the life that some of us have to live as children growing up;(not having positive role modles etc).Too often we become products of our enviroment. if we as people would help one another to end this cycle, the world would be a better place!!

  19. Billy says:

    The one racial debate I don’t get is when they try to figure out why 70 percent of the prison population is black. They try to decide if the disparity is due to lack of prosecution or alternative sentencing for non-blacks. Study after study is done, great minds pour over this issue and many dollars are spent trying to answer the question. What about the easy answer: blacks commit more crimes. It may be their environment, it may be the economy or it’s just their nature. Who knows?

  20. Shawn says:

    Homewood is the slumz butler county is the slumz only diiference there is crack in one and not in the other. Im black i live in the hill district im a slippery rock graduate; and i work dowtown pgh and im not a criminal or a thug so please stop thinkin all black ppl are thugs pittsburgh people kill me with the narrow minded comments. (now watch someone hav something negative about what i said; maybe i made a typo sending this message from my phone watch there be a negative comment) have a blessed day anyways.

  21. jourdan says:

    Wow i personally knew they guy tht passed away due to this shooting nd tht is the point.A senseless shooting of a young man who would have had amazing potetial nd who is loved by his Wilkinsburg Community nd will be missed tremdously.I just wnt to take a moment out for him……………u were definetly taken too soon.He is survived by his family and the whole Wilkinsburg Community..we Love u nd u will b missed!

  22. nette says:

    woooooooow you must not haves kids, that was so dam low, even lower than where you had to come from

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