Port Authority Announces Latest Round Of Cuts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Port Authority posted its latest round of bus route cuts Friday evening and there are more than two dozen of them.

As of March 27, a total of 29 bus routes will be eliminated and service on many other routes will be reduced.

It’s a 15 percent reduction in service that the Port Authority says is necessary despite $45 million in emergency funding handed out last month.

So, will your bus route be affected? The 9 Perry Highway, the 42 Mount Lebanon and the 70 Monroeville Shopper are just some of those being eliminated.

Check out the complete list of bus route cuts and reductions:
Port Authority: March 27 Service Changes

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One Comment

  1. swin says:

    For those of you too young to have been on the planet in 1964 – let’s take a walk down memory lane. It’s March 1, 1964. The Port Authority of Allegheny County has just taken over the Pittsburgh Railways Company, the largest operator of busses and streetcars in Pittsburgh. The company was forced to sell – this was to be an early example of government interfering with the free market system. In celebrating their takeover and justifying the move to the public, county politicians (Democrat majority) made the following promises:
    1. Service would extend to all areas of the county.
    2. Fares would be reasonable.
    3. There would never again be any transit strikes.
    4. Service would be frequent and dependable using modern equipment.
    5. The transit authority would make a profit and no taxpayer money would be needed beyond the amount needed for the original purchase of the private transit companies.

    I’ll leave you to decide how successful the Port Authority has been.

    And you trust government to run our health care system?

    Oh, and by the way, in their last year of operation, the Pittsburgh Railways Company made a profit, a small one but a profit nevertheless.

    One last point – one of the least dependable operations in the Port Authority system is the Monongahela Incline. The incline used to be privately owned by the Monongahela Inclined Plane Company. The company went to court over the authority forcing them to sell. They claimed that the incline was more of a tourist attraction than a transit operation and should be exempt from acquisition.
    They lost of course, when do the courts ever side with the people over the government? However, before the takeover, the incline company prided itself in it’s safe and dependable service. Ties would be changed between trips and cables would be changed overnight – the incline never ever closed, either for maintenance or repairs. 2 men operated the incline, an operator at the upper station and a conductor at the lower station. Both stations acted like little community centers for the neighborhoods. Again, I’l leave it up to Mt. Washington residents to decide if the Port Authority has done a good job running the incline.

    Finally, for the record, the Duquesne Incline, although owned by PAT, is leased to a non-profit community organization which has had full control over maintenance and operations for the last 46 years.

  2. TOM FORESTER says:

    shut the whole system down and let private enterprise fight over it , the WHOLE THING IS A LOSER THAT DOES NOTHING BUT SUCK TAX DOLLARS THAT GO INTO A BLACK HOLE , I’m sick and tired of this agency that cannot keep its house in order !!!! the first poster is right , back before this authority , which was created so politicians could get their cronies friends bloated jobs , the private companies offered great service and cost efficient business models ……. THING OF THE PAST ONCE CROOKED POLTICIANS GET THEIR MEAT HOOKS IN SOMETHING ,,,

  3. cc says:

    How about the drivers take a cut in benefits. Everyone else has. And most of us are actually pleasant when we go to work. Not rude, nasty and disresptfull–The drivers can be because they are “protected” by a corrput union.

    1. RICH says:


  4. Samuel says:

    Maybe Dan the tax man will institute a new, creative tax. He already instituted a drink tax to replace a property tax hike. It could be something along the lines of a ‘condom’ tax to support the Port Authority. It would be appropriate in light of how the Port Authority treats their patrons.

  5. kristy says:

    isn’t it pathetic that a city that claims to be so “advanced” and “with-it,” is so antiquated that it has NO decent public transportation? go to other cities, inside and outside of the us, and their public transportation puts pittsburgh to shame. no wonder the parkways are always crowded. also, no wonder the city will never be a “destination.” if you want to avoid the ridiculous parking garage rates, you have to utilize public transportation, and, guess what?! you can’t get there from here! such a backwards town.

    1. Jim Love says:

      PAAC Board Broght Steve Bland for Capitol DIstrict Transit Authority to distroy PAAC and to break the Union. No matter what Steve does its truly never in the best interest of us Passengers and the Mechanics and Operators. All Steve whats to do is distroy PAAC so he can run away with his tail between his legs as he did to to other Transit Systems in USA so they failed and shut down. Steve tried this in Albany and York Pa., now he’s doing it here in Allegheny County. Private Companys didn’t last in past they won’t work now or never. Stop Distroying our Transit Systems. All you want to do is rip off us ruders and your over worked Union Members and make a ungodly retirment and pention for forcing PAAC to fail and your doing what Dan the man transit distroyer wants you to do oh mighty pupit of the pupiater. Stop hurting USA STEVE Bland. GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK TO USA WE DON”T NEED AND WE DON’T WANT YOU.

  6. Dr Michael says:

    So the solution is to eliminate Port Authority, period. It is and has so much waste of taxpayers dollars, its pathetic. The best solution is to have mass transit in the hands of a private company where satisfactory services are provided and costs are controlled. Everyone wins

  7. Uncle bob says:

    Funny how the bus in the picture says “west mifflin garage”. I swear the busses spend more time going back and forth to the garages than they do driving their routes! Also to those who have commented on the treatment that the drivers show toward their patrons, you are right, they treat us like cattle. No wonder this disaster of an operation is going under.

  8. 412 says:

    i live in brookline–they use to have two buses running at certain times— 41d brookline and 41g dormont– oh i’m sorry–3 buses the most popular route that i noticed was the collier garage–when the 1st changes were made they eliminated the 41g–they had 11 stops near my house in the am rush including the 9:03 and 9:09 bus–well i did hear that the buses were getting full when they were on pioneer ave– so they modified the schedule and now it has 24 stops in am rush including the 9:01 and 9:09–(how much were THE STUDIES)– so anyways..buses sit at the brookline park for a “catch up” time– always did that– anyways the one morning i decided to follow the bus to do my own study—followed from end of the route near reamer street to bottom of pioneer–MY FINDING… people did get on bus i was following– but most of the other buses i saw were nearly empty–passed bus doing catch up time at park–passed bus going to colier garage–saw bus at chelton,brookline blvd,pioneer (outbound),pioneer (inbound) and another one pulled over on brookline blvd.—my conclusion–way too many buses—now the new proposed route the 39 brookline has 21 stops in the am rush near my house–maybe i’ll do a second study

  9. 412 says:

    why do all the buses run in to town?—we have the t and the busways–why cant the buses drop people off at them and they get on the t and the buses that run the bus way–i know people would have to take two buses but this would eliminate the congestion in town–it would utilize the t and bus ways– buses can just run the bus ways and buses can just run neighborhoods,drop people off at busways and t stops and never go in to town–just a thought

  10. Stevie says:

    This is getting just plain stupid. They should just shut it down.Bland has cut this company by over 30% , yet he stil gets paid over180,000 a yr ..way to much management, yet they layoff drivers and mechanics, management will not be cut. Prior management and union officils should be investigated. Iknow drivers and they contribute to their pensions and healthcare. Raise the fares to $3 or a one day roundtrip for $5 No more free rides to anyone! Everyone can pay at least .50-.75 for a downtown trip in current free zone. Even employees should pay at least something! NO MORE FREE RIDES!!!!!

  11. Lau says:

    Other cities have wonderful mass transit, we need to model after that. Bring back trains and make it mandatory to use mass transit into the city.

  12. No longer a customer says:

    Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go from RT 51 Century 3 Mall area Down 51 to Downtown with my own bus and I’m going to pick up everyone going to town! And I want to see how much money I make in 3 hours of doing this! If I succeed in this then I’m naming my bus service “All around town” And I will add more buses to larger major arteries untill I get a s big as PAT then push them out of the scenario!!!Cost will be 2 dollars 1 way, Just a plain ordinary shuttle bus for now, No fancy bike racks for 2000.00 a piece when they only cost 500.00 and someone pocketed the rest of the money, no broken down buses, with a great paint job, they spend more money in painting them than they do in maintenence,Every time I ask for more money from the government I should expect a audit of my books at that time!!!!

  13. kristy says:

    no longer . . . – that’s GREAT! too funny!

  14. pete says:

    great time to be a jitney. Get a van ride around and charge 2 bucks a ride.

  15. alex says:

    What’s so amazing is that it’s a service that everyone needs & uses daily and they STILL can’t make it work. It’s not like it’s a business that you need to drum up interest in. People will use it. Needs to be privatized immediately. I’ve been to other cities and they seem to make it work. Just look at Atlanta and their MARTA system.

  16. Carol Smith says:

    The Port Authority will never recover until it stops footing the entire bill for the retirees’ and their spouses’ healthcare coverage. Don’t they understand that if the Port Authority eventually goes under they aren’t going to have any pension or healthcare coverage any more. I think that Wisconsin’s Governor has the right idea.

  17. Bing says:

    They need to get rid of Pat MacMahon and reduce retiree benefits…that’s the solution. Local Union 85 is hurting the people they are suppose to be protecting.

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