‘Two And A Half’ Men Director Discusses Pittsburgh Roots

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Earlier this week, actor Charlie Sheen announced he was ready to go back to work.

Jamie Widdoes, director of “Two and a Half Men,” said he is too.

Widdoes is back in Pittsburgh this weekend for the Steeltown Film Factory.

He’s pretty familiar with Pittsburgh too because he grew up in Squirrel Hill and used to ski down Negley Hill.

“I used to work for my mother at the Arts Festival right here, and I would help pull up the Pavilion awnings at the start of every day,” Widdoes said.

The Hollywood director knows the entertainment business. He was in “Animal House” in 1977.

However, his current hit, “Two and a Half Men,” has been on hiatus because Sheen was in rehab.

“I supposed it depends who you ask. I don’t think there is any question that this was a really good thing to happen for Charlie, for the show,” Widdoes said.

Fans of the show got some good news when Sheen said he was ready to return to work.

“Charlie’s in really good shape. I saw him a couple days ago, and we’re really thrilled for that. He’s thrilled for that, and we are ready to go back in a week and do four more episodes,” Widdoes said.

It’s four fewer episodes than planned. Yet, in eight seasons, “Two and a Half Men” has earned millions of loyal followers.

“It’s never fun to say to the fans of the show, who are so numerous, that you know what, you are going to have to deal without original episodes. But in this particular case, it was the best thing to do, and hopefully, you know, we move on from here with all good stuff,” Widdoes said.

Widdoes said this is his third trip to Pittsburgh in the past month.

He came home for both Pittsburgh Steelers playoff games.

New episodes will begin airing next week.


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One Comment

  1. johnny69 says:

    I didn’t know that he was from Pittsburgh!

  2. John McNulty says:

    Two and Half Men is just a show. There are many funny shows these days and those of us who have watched THM can easily start watching something else.

    1. freedomskylar says:

      To :Studio Warner Bros
      Attn : Mr. Chuck Lorre
      Series executive producer

      The complaint letter regarding of fired Mr. Sheen

      Dear Mr. Lorre,

      I am a huge fan from Hong Kong , I love your show “Two and a Half Men” and Mr. Charlie Sheen as well.
      I’ve understand that he was fired because he criticized the show’s producers in Los Angeles and he was officially terminated on Monday Mar. 7, 2011.

      Yes, he faced a criminal charge of assault against his estranged wife and was in rehab for substance abuse. (Sheen eventually pleaded guilty to assault.) The reason I am writing this complaint letter to you because I am absolutely disappointed of your action regarding Charlie Sheen.

      First of all, he is a leading actor of your show; nobody can or could replace him. Why?! He is number one of twitter right now. I do not understand that you are his teammate shouldn’t supporting him instead of fired, because he is getting divorce with his wife and involve children is already too much stress and trouble to him.

      To punish Charlie, used the powerful public relations to justify his conduct is wrongly blaming since he began publicly criticizing Mr. Lorre and Warner Bros., and called Mr. Lorre a “clown and charlatan”?!

      United State is most important leader in this world especially we are really admirer your “Freedom of speech”. (I am represent China fans as well, since they cannot speaking out loud)

      I hope you and Warner Bros., kindly to consider this particular situation with Mr. Charlie Sheen; re-hire him as soon as possible. This is a big mistake of terminate him and servious impact to me as a fan who like freely speaking.

      Your faithfully,
      Twitter HK Fans

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