2 Arrested After East Liberty Shooting

EAST LIBERTY (KDKA) –Two men were arrested and charged after two people were injured in a shooting early Saturday in East Liberty.

According to emergency dispatchers, the shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. at the Sunoco station near the intersection of North Negley and Broad Street.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an altercation between two men led to Maurice Spencer, 18, pulling out a gun.

Spencer allegedly shot the 23-year-old victim in the shoulder twice and in the groin once. A stray bullet hit a 33-year-old man on a bicycle in the leg.

Neither of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

Spencer was arrested along with Sean Cummings, 18, at a nearby apartment complex.

Spencer is facing a list of charges including aggravated assault, attempted homicide and firearms charges.

Cummings is facing drug and conspiracy charges.


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One Comment

  1. ray says:

    east liberty—shooting
    east liberty—shooting
    east liberty—shooting
    its not entertaining anymore im waiting til they bring first 48 here!!!

  2. johnny69 says:

    Why not in bed after 11 PM? Why are the peaple in Springdale/Cheswick/Fox Chapel/Freeport all in bed at this hour? Does anybody ever wonder this?

  3. chance says:

    Why not in bed after 11 PM?

    It’s because they HAVE A JOB!

    1. I love this city says:

      If they aren’t in bed after 11 because they have a job then why aren’t they at their jobs?

  4. Heather Waltenbaugh says:

    e. libe scarey place . drove through the other afternoon and I was actually scared to death…It looks like LA with all the gang members hanging on the streets!

  5. Jackiebuggrl says:

    Chance…..keep in mind it was friday night,and the victims showed up at Children’s Hospital….probably a good reason why they don’t have jobs. Heather….I drive through east liberty all the time…..seriously, get a life.

  6. italianbella412 says:

    Heather …your pathetic

  7. Tameka says:

    Come on Heather Waltenbaugh…
    If its so scary why drive past. Futhermore just because you see young African Americans shopping and working in a area does not mean they are gang members! Did you grow up in the mean streets of LA? Have you ever been to the mean streets of LA???

    1. joey says:

      Thats exactly the problem Tameka, i dont see any young “african” americans shopping or working!!! the problem is i see young “african” americans NOT working!!!

  8. chance says:


  9. Police Supporter says:

    The police need to get the guns off the streets..oh wait, I forgot they did try to do that but the three officers assigned to get the guns off the street have been off the job for a year now because Mr. Jordan Miles did not know how to respond the the command of “police freeze”. If our Mayor would stand up for our police and stand beside the three wonderful officers then just maybe the gun used in this crime would have been confiscated.

    1. MaryMo says:

      “Police Supporter” is a guy that normally posts as “Daniel.” He’s the only one that has to bring the Jordan Miles case up in every.single.post.

      Get a life!!!

      1. don't hate says:

        He makes valid points though.

      2. Not a fan of the cops says:

        Daniel O’Hara is Daniel, the FOP president.

  10. jackiebuggrl says:

    The only thing scary in this post is the poor spelling.

    1. I love this city says:

      Thanks for proving Jackie’s point…..

  11. johnny69 says:

    Bad guys shooting bad guys?

    1. Mr HOP says:

      Was the “biker” one of the “bad” guys?

  12. chance says:

    Bad guys shooting bad guys?

    So wha’s wrong with that? I like the math. So does the rest of law-abiding society!

  13. chance says:

    Before you jump on me. That would be a “T” in what’s. I hate the faint screen and then you see your error!

  14. Vladimir says:

    Too many corrupted Police officers ! most of them dont really give a damn they work ther job just for $ , and those officers that are hanging at the doors of Clubs / Bars most of them know about drug dealing but they get some precentage 2, plus they always say: we are more into bigger FISHES we dont care too much about small criminals . WELL those big ones are untouchable AND YES THEY CATCH ONE OF THEM LIKE 1 or 2 in like 10years AND LOOK AT FBI some are really good but too many FAT F… who just sit around and eat Donuts and get $ 75.000 a year. also too many undercovers working as mechanics and and things like that who are just a waste of budget. Everyone knows about drugs in Schenley/Frickpark/southisdears ……..so many other places whey dont they put undercover cops there?

    1. I love this city says:

      If you know so much about the corruption going on why don’t you tell someone who can do something about it?

      1. Vladimir says:

        Buddy once my brother was robbed at Duncan St. Lawrencville he was deliv. pizza I FOUND OUT WHERE THEY LIVE everyting in like 10hours when we told to cops the got so quiet about that, cuz one of those 4 black kids had actually someone working in Law enforcement so basicly they did nothing ! they just said we got them undercontrol we already have the registrated from before for illegal underage gun possesion it happend last year and then was at that time 17-21 also in Greenfield last year at Lydia st. a lady was stopped and her car was hijacked at gun point i saw those 3 guys earlier when i told to police they said we got it under control those kids days later were walking around just like today NOTHING HAPPEND hahah also last year at Hazelwod in Monanghela st. a black guy was killed i am 80% sure that i know who did it but since cops dont care and since i dont care about blacks being killed i never felt like reporting heh

      2. Vladimir says:

        actually 80% assuming

      3. I love this city says:

        Wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. I wonder if Internal Affairs could do something. Who knows they might all ready be on to them.

  15. Vladimir says:

    and yes, the way i see Cops 85% are really NICE GUYS 5%soso and there is 10%DIRT

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