McKees Rocks Company Dealing With Labor Dispute

MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) – Echoes of political demonstrations in Wisconsin are happening in McKees Rocks.

A strike at a local company has union leaders talking about union busting and company owners talking about skyrocketing pension and healthcare costs.

The General Wire Spring Company has been a fixture in the area for 81years.

Now, the employees claim they’ve been locked out. The company is calling it a strike and both sides are divided over issues discussed nationwide these days.

There was solidarity outside the business Monday as 100 workers were convinced they are getting a raw deal from management.

“The issue is, this company is profitable. They just want to take off of the workers so they can be more profitable,” union member Charlie Leanor said.

Inside the building, a single machine with a single employee, who didn’t want to be identified, was working. They were trying to keep the business running and hoping the labor dispute would be settled soon.

Management said the issues are healthcare, pensions and wages. The company said it asked employees to pay for more of their healthcare, but offered more toward the pension and a small raise.

“We preserved the pension at a very high cost. We have not passed on a lion’s share of the healthcare. We are currently paying 83 percent,” Michael Silverman said.

Employees are standing firm. They claim the company is making too much money and that they should share in more of the profits.

They also claim the company is jumping on a nationwide swing of anti-union sentiment.

“All you need to do is look to the climate. Look to Wisconsin, look to Ohio. Someone, somewhere thinks this is the time to crush the unions and it’s not [going to] happen,” Leanor said.

Company owners said an extended strike may force them to lay off employees for the first time in 81 years. They also said this work dispute has nothing to do with what’s going on in Wisconsin.

They said the doors are open and workers are welcome to come back right now.

Employees said they are willing to go back to the bargaining table immediately.


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One Comment

  1. bobbyjo says:

    typical union idiots, the company makes too much money???? Do these jerks think that business are run to go broke??? I’m sure these union dupes make more than they will make when the plant closes and they will be begging for work at walmart…

    1. William Campbell says:

      Minimum wage job experience, I guess?

  2. fafafooey1 says:

    bobbyjo sounds like a rejected union member wannabe

  3. Eazytime says:

    Bobbyjo or is it Booby Jo
    There are two kinds of people in the world, those in the union and those who wish they could be. You are the wannabe. Get a life, you probably work at Wally- mart

    1. hojore says:

      @eazytime: There are two kinds of union members in Pennsylvania. One kind wants to be in the union for whatever reason. The other kind does not want to be in the union, but is forced to by state law. Why can’t I have the choice as to whether or not I want someone else to speak for me to management? Why can’t I choose what politician to donate my union dues to? The simple fact is, unions would die in Pennsylvania but for the fact that workers are forced to be in them.

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      EASYTIME – I disagree. There are three kinds of people… Those who are in a union and abuse the system. Those who were in a union but are now collecting unemployment complaining to each other that their jobs went to China (having no clue why, because they are blinded by the same old union bull rhetoric — Let me clue you in, PENSIONS, FREE HEALTHCARE, TOO MUCH VACATION to name a few…). And then there is the rest of us who are not in a union and never want to be because we understand how destructive they can be.

  4. Ann says:

    Unions really need to be banned if at all possible. Do your job and you wouldn’t need a union rep. Oh you want to go on strike. By all means go on strike. You won’t get a paycheck and we will hire “replacements” while you complain that you have it oh so bad. And when you company has to close because your union demanded ridiculous salaries and insane benefits, I will wave to you when you are a greeter at Walmart.

    1. Brian says:

      You are the employer? Lets all wish for slavery to come back so those who fantasize that some how you job quality was created by you and you only. Wake Up, employers does do not pay out of the goodness of their hearts!

      1. Les Nessman says:

        Typical union b.s. So it’s ‘union or slavery’ huh? The union’s time is ending. They have helped drive up unsustainable labor costs and thus helped destroy America. It’s all falling apart now so I hope everyone is ready for it.

  5. doug says:

    i just hope that noe of them 50 million sitinking mexicans hear there jobs availlable cause they’ll be right over there undercutting there wages by 50%. oly in amerimexico !!!!

    1. JAUN says:


    2. William Campbell says:

      Your spelling prowess makes me question YOUR citizenship, “Ann.”

  6. Dr. Heffner says:

    union idiots. I guess they will TEACH the company a lesson. I hope they all lose their jobs so people that will appreciate a job get hired. What a bunch of losers

  7. Bruce says:

    Idea, perhaps you could get even by starting your own company, hire all of these union folks, give them all of your profits and drive this guy right out of business. I wish the whole world was one big union, that way I could spend $20 on a loaf of bread. Nothing would please me more. And Mr William Campbell, Ann’s SPELLING was fine, it was your UNION education that has you thinking otherwise.

  8. Zoeyzotron says:

    UNIONS have taken it way to far…. Keep striking you selfish idiots… and then cry when your job is in India….

  9. critter says:

    democrats and sissys. same thing.

  10. ME says:

    I work at GWS and there are valid points to both sides. Regardless what the Company said they did lock us out. This dispute needs to be settled, it effects both the Company and Employees for our future. Manufacturing in this Country is a dying trade with faults from way more than Unions for sure

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      ME – Do you know why UNION jobs go to China and India? Its because UNION wages are too high, benefit demands are to expensive and Pensions are a thing of the past.
      I would love to see these jobs stay in America, but when the Chinese can do it better (or the same) for less there is not much choice. Its time for Unions to wake up and join the rest of us in reality.

    2. Bruce says:

      So tell me how the unions help. Not for your benefit, from the company and consumer side of the isle, where the real change has to occur before the whole economy collapses. We can talk about cutting government spending next time.

  11. Sara Sams says:

    I come from an all Union family. The Unions use to be good but now there out of controll. The workers are overpaid thay have a soft seat in life . Look at job performance it is below standard. The Union workers dont care because it is hard to firer a Union employee. I think we should bust up the Unions and get people who truely want too work for a decent wage. Union workers are over paid and a Big bunch of Cry Babies.. I think if they go on Strike they should not get Goverment help . Why should the tax payers keep them when thay dont want to pay a little more for their Benefits and increases. Everyone else is paying more. Do away with the Unions and Obama while were at it..

    1. Bruce says:

      Sara will you marry me?

    2. joe says:

      Sara do you know what the meaning of good and bad is ? I will speak for the trade Unions. They are the first to offer free help to anyone who needs it. Anytime there is a flood or some kind of storm damage, the union tradesmen and women are the first to respond helping out people who have home damage. Please begin with the statement “there is good and bad in everything”

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        JOE – What in the world does this have to do with unfair labor contracts and bloated benefits?

  12. Concerned American says:

    The comments made by the union workers at the General Wire Spring Company are an example of what’s wrong in the U.S.A. and why so many American jobs have been lost to foreign competition. A company doesn’t have the right to be at least somewhat profitable??? If a business is not profitable, it would certainly not have a need to have employees working for it. I didn’t have to go to the Wharton School of Business to understand that basic fact. The behavior of those union people is an embarrassment to America. Absolutely shameful!!!

  13. Bruce says:

    It could be worse you, you could ha….nivermind.

  14. Annoyed Out of Worker says:

    II wonder if those union members are simply ignorant of the realities that exist in this country today, or if they’re just idiots altogether. I’m thinking it’s the latter. What a joke!. They’re not only hurting themselves but they are also hurting their families, who ARE more likely to be ignorant of the real situation. Those idiots should be ashamed of themselves, and their families of them.

  15. joe says:

    Hey yuppies always remember there is good and bad in everything. I was a member of I.B.E.W local 5 electrical Union. Never had a strike pensions are doing well. Paid 70 percent to my health care. Had the best training available. Thank your great grandparents that might have done time in the mills that gave you what you have today

  16. Jim says:

    I have a couple of points for union idiots…Number one…companies exist not to provide you with jobs, not to give you a great pension and not to pay your healthcare, they exist to make money! profit! before you strike invest some of your own money in the company…take the same risk the owner does! Number two…I can’t wait until the moves of WI, OH and NJ spread to all the states and collective bargaining is banned! I agree with Joe there is good and bad in everything but you union yuppies need to learn your place in the business world.

  17. Jim says:

    By the way somebody needs to tell the Union Members on strike if they want a share of the profits invest in the company! just because the company makes money does not mean you get to make more, if the company is hurting and the economy is down can the unions get paid less; i mean, i’m just using the logic of the union member’s quotes from this article. somebody answer me that?

    1. Al says:

      Hey Jim,

      I never heard of a Union Yuppie. Yuppies usually are hand fed and given everything while growing up.

      1. Jim says:

        I have and i have just officially invented a new slang term…yuuppie…young urban union professional…

        the union members fit the definition because they are young or mid-aged individuals making a GREAT salary and living an affluent lifestyle, but unlike the original yuppies they have not earned with college degrees, but through collective bargaining on the TAXPAYER’S or business OWNER’S hardwork and dime.

  18. Concerned Daughter says:

    UGH. This makes me SICK. my dad works for GWS, and he WANTS to go back to work. problem is, his life will be made HORRIBLE by union people if he “crosses the line.” So, even though many, MANY of the workers at GWS don’t want to be on strike, they are forced into it for fear of their safety. so. not. fair. Pray for those guys who do not want to be out of work, but are because of the union. Like my dad, a lot of those workers KNOW how great they have it at GWS.

  19. Telling it Like It Is says:

    If the comments of “Concerned Daughter” don’t say it all!!!! After watching the news reports, including the bogus “dive” taken by that token union stooge pretending to be hit by a truck, I don’t know how that Concerned Daughter’s dad could even stomach being in the presence of his low life co-workers. Perhaps his knowing how well he has it at GWS, and caring more for his family than is obviously the case of most of his “brothers,” will offset the union stench that he will have to perpetually endure once he returns to work and continues to make a nice living at what seems to be a very good company. He should be understandably ashamed of his coworkers, and unions as a whole.

  20. Mark W. says:

    Why doesn’t General Wire Spring Company hire new workers who would LOVE to have the opportunity to put in an honest day’s work for what seems to be a more than honest day’s pay? If what the man said on TV is correct, that the workers are only asked to contribute 17% of their health care, I would gladly take that job, not even knowing what it pays, just so I could immediately save BIG BUCKS on what I’m currently paying in health care costs….and I thought I had it good!

  21. Concerned says:

    My relative works at GWS and HE also wants to go back to work, like many of the other workers want to. But fears retalition for crossing the picket line. That first day the workers on strike attacked employee cars, causing damage. The union is lying whenever they are on the news. The company HAS NOT LOCKED ANY OF THE WORKERS OUT! That is lie number 1 they can go back to work at anytime. Lie number 2, that they have to pay 20% or more for there healthcare the company only raised it to 17%. But because the workers that are on strike are idiots the cost of healthcare could rise to 30% because the company was given a deadline by the health insurance company. The workers on strike do not seem to understand that the company cannot control that the healthcare company raised there prices. Lie 3 There has been no talk about UNION BUSTING. That was made up by the man who works for the union because he is affraid he will loose his job. He does not care about the workers of GWS or there families who pay the union dues that pay for his salary, he only cares about saving his own A$$! Also when on the news there is only one guy talking from the union who does not work at the company. Where is the shop’s union president and the committee?!?!?! They have all disappeared the cowards! They just like to get the workers all worked up, but not think of the damage they are doing to the workers, there families and the company that helps them pay there bills. I am not saying the company is perfect, no company is, they have there share of problems. BUT DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!!

  22. Sick of the Strike says:

    I know someone that works at GWS and HE also wants to go back to work, like many of the other workers want to. But fears retalition for crossing the picket line. That first day the workers on strike attacked employee cars, causing damage. The union is lying whenever they are on the news.
    The company HAS NOT LOCKED ANY OF THE WORKERS OUT! That is lie number 1 they can go back to work at anytime. Lie number 2, that they have to pay 20% or more for there healthcare the company only raised it to 17%. But because the workers that are on strike are idiots the cost of healthcare could rise to 30% because the company was given a deadline by the health insurance company. The workers on strike do not seem to understand that the company cannot control that the healthcare company raised there prices.
    Lie 3 There has been no talk about UNION BUSTING. That was made up by the man who works for the union because he is affraid he will loose his job. He does not care about the workers of GWS or there families who pay the union dues that pay for his salary, he only cares about saving his own A$$! Also when on the news there is only one guy talking from the union who does not work at the company. Where is the shop’s union president and the committee?!?!?! They have all disappeared the cowards! They just like to get the workers all worked up, but not think of the damage they are doing to the workers, there families and the company that helps them pay there bills. I am not saying the company is perfect, no company is, they have there share of problems.


    I guess these mean owners of GWS expect their work force to buy their own food ! The entitlement mentality of these union supporters is very apparant!!
    Why, I wonder do they think they are entitled to NOT pay more for healthcare like the rest of the world??
    In the past there may have been some need for intervention (because of un-fair labor practices- but from what I know about GWS they give their employees a better than fair wage….and not so bad work conditions….I agree with “sick of the strike” – DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU BETTER THAN YOU DESERVE!!

  24. Jonny says:

    Does anyone know or can share what kind of salaries these workers are making?

    1. a real working person says:

      Yes I do. I am pretty sure the lowest paid employee makes approx. 17 to 18 bucks an hour, plus lots of overtime. The cost of healthcare for a family of 5 is about 45 dollars a week. These so called men can call off anytime they want, leave early anytime they want. and flake off. If you only knew what goes on there. They have it made! The one’s who voted for this strike, paid nothing, yes nothing for health insurance, iin fact, they got extra in their pay for agreeing to choose the lower cost health insurance, which is still good insurarnce. Now that these babies are asked to pay for their insurance just like any other american, they are acting like children with no consideration for the men who did not want this strike that need insurance for their children, some who are ill. now you tell me what is wrong with this picture.!!! I also know that it costs approx 20 dollars a week for insurance for a single person.. maybe they need to go work somewhere that they have no choid=ce but to pay 50% of the cost of insurance..big cry babies!!!! welcome to every hard working american’s world. IDIOTS

      1. Employee says:

        LOL where in the world did you get this misguided information! lowest paid employee makes 10.60 an hr buddy! and the reason some employees did’nt have to pay their insurance was because gws switched insurance 18 years ago, and in doing so to save the COMPANY money in premiums the employees with less seniority paid a higher contribution and did so every year since then! how about getting your facts straight before calling people you don’t even know idiots!

  25. Employee says:

    There are several job classifications there. They work a lot of overtime during the year depending on business conditions at the time, but never get their hours cut. They can make in excess of $20 an hour. There are third generation employees there because they can’t do better elsewhere. Two years ago, when the economy was in the tank, the company made a conscious decision not to lay anybody off. How quickly that was forgotten, or they are too stupid to realize how good they have it. Maybe what they need is a good dose of welfare!

    1. gws employee says:

      when the economy was in the tank, hours WERE cut from 8 hours a day to 7 hours a day, or can’t you remember that?
      HOW QUICKLY THAT WAS FORGOTTEN!!! a medical increase of 5% for the first 2 yrs of the contract and 6% the third year, with only a wage increase of 0% the first 2 yrs and .5% for the third year just doesn’t add up!

      1. Henkorwy says:

        Do you remember that the workers were able to make up the lost hours at time and a half$ when business picked back up. Remember that cutting hours to seven, prevented layoffs. Remember when the workers refused to cooperate in a way that would reduce a health care increase, merrily by doing paperwork? What does not make sense is why the workers were receiving as much as they already were in wages and benefit, when the productivity of so many of the workers was a disgrace . How quickly have you forgotten

  26. Employee says:

    Maybe when Charlie loses his job for hiding the facts from the workforce, he can get the lead in the play “Grease” with that 1960’s hairdo. Nice lid Charlie! Even though the company is NOT trying to break the union, most of the people who are still working hope the union goes away. Unions have long out lived their usefulness and that is why only 9% of the workers in this country are unionized.

  27. Union supporter NOT says:

    I really do hope Charlie looses more than his job!!! Yea, Charlie you did a fine job
    telling those that voted to strike that violence is ok toward those who want to work…… You know what I mean…You’re a great leader NOT!!

    Employee- I heard it was 7% unionized.

  28. bruce says:

    get alife, most comments who dont want a union are managment ,or just not able to get a union job. most union jobs ,you have to have a diploma,pass a drug test ,be able to work.when we all shop at aldi and wallymart ,we will all be=poor let china be the greatest nation in the world except for docters lawers and politions

  29. Employee says:

    Bruce, I’m glad you set things straight. I am not management. I used to be, but I ended up babysitting morons like you and it is not worth the couple extra bucks. Now I know that the reason only 7% of the workforce in this country is union, because the other 93% of us are too stupid to get a union job. I also did not realize that 93% of jobs in this country are doctors and lawyers (I like your union spelling). What is a polition? I now know that the reason jobs are going to China is not because the high union wage in this country can not compete with the rest of the world. Paying a guy $20 and hour to empty trash is well worth it. So is paying a union trolley operator $70,000 a year so the states end up bankrupt. Well if this business closes, the first thing I am going to do is look for a good union job!

  30. Concerned says:

    The workers of GWS are still on strike. So much for all the people who want to come back. They and their families loose out every day they stay out. Someone needs to do the right thing. Right, because it is what is best for their family.

    1. also concerned says:

      The problem is, Most of these spoiled brats who wanted this strike, have no consideration for the men who want to work for their families. They just care about themselves, not even their own famililes. Maybe they need to get a job elsewhere and see how good they have it and that the grass isnt greener on the other side. It’s disgusting, totally disgusting!!!! Hard to believe that a bunch of grown men can act like a bunch of preschoolers

  31. Employee says:

    Then they need to grow some stones, stand up for what they believe in, and go to work. The doors are open. No more excuses. If they want a job, they should show up for work. Nobody that is inside working will feel one bit sorry for any of them if they all lose their jobs! Stop listening to the 1950’s union thug wannabe’s and do the right thing!

  32. Really? says:

    I’m sorry- it seems to me that you are saying it is WORTH being physically harmed, family harmed, property trashed, and the rest of your working life made a horrible by the idiot union supporters? Correct me if I’m wrong. And I hope I am. I wish the union “workers” had a conscience against harming others, but you and I both know that they lack in some basic scruples. Would YOU return to work if your family’s safety were in danger? It’s really a shame that thus union is legal. Really a shame. It’s grown-up version of bullying.

  33. Reality Check says:

    Well, in this day and age, with video equipment, and many other security devices, I would thing these people can be caught quite easily and arrested, just like the guy who faked getting hit by a truck. Sounds like a cop out. This is not the 50’s. Who cares if someone does not like you, half the people are with you and you would have plenty of friends. People are here to work, not to socialize!

  34. Sick of Strikers says:

    It would be nice if this company was up to date with technology. But THEY are not, they are just a little shop back in the middle of nowhere. This shop was opened 80 years ago and has not changed much. There is only one way in and out of this place. What do you suggest the workers who want to cross the line do?? The Mckees Rocks police department wont even come out anymore for calls, because they said the company doesnt give them donations so why should they help! Some police department. The men who want to work need to be reassured that there will be security and police present when they are there working. I wouldnt want my family member to be harmed in anyway. And what about there vechiles sitting in the parking lot while they are inside and the strikers are outside? Not many of them can afford any damage to the only vechile there family has. People need to think before they post comments about the workers getting “stones”. We live in a world where people act out first and think second. No worker should be put in this situation. A life is more important.

    1. Henkorwy says:

      When people don’t stand up for themselves, they only empower those who tread on their rights. It does require courage. Not sure where sick of strikers obtained the information about GWS. Since when does having one drive way into a plant have anything to do with technology? I believe that the back of the business is Chartiers creek. Should there be a harbor entrance? GWS gives significant amount of taxes to Mckees Rocks and is civilly responsible. The police don’t want to appear to take sides. If an injunction is granted the police will hopefully enforce the law. People need to stand up to the mob mentality of the strikers. The have overplayed a weak hand and they care not for their union brothers who want to return to their well paid and benefited jobs. The strikers are harming far more than themselves. But they delude themselves if they think they will accomplish anything positive. The strikers should be ashamed of themselves and they have brought any hardship on themselves.

  35. enough is enough says:

    all i have to say is grow up strikers before its to late. If u wanna be on strike…fine. Leave the damn guys alone that want to go back to work. at least they are real men that care about their families
    No need to harm the real men who are trying provide for their families. You are brainwashed from the union
    Be a leader not a follower for a change. Nome of u give a damn about your families
    so let them be if they want to work.

    1. gws employee says:

      i care very much about my familly and so does the rest of the gws workforce that is why this is going on, to better all not just some. we want to work at least my kids won’t be able to say my daddy is a scab!!!

      1. Henkorwy says:

        Your kids will be able to say my daddy deluded himself and made a huge miscalculation. Instead of appreciating the job he had and working, he chose a path that would deprive him of his income, his benefits, require him to have to pay 100% of a months healthcare benefits. By deciding to abandon his job it illuminated the fact that other people would be all to happy to replace him and do a much better job than daddy was willing to do when he had the job. But at least daddy is not a scab? That is all you have to show for your blunder? What a pathetic thing you have chosen to give your children.

  36. Employee says:

    Praise to the guys who grew some stones and showed up for work today. I’m sure more are to follow. Stick together and do what you know is right, that is the only way to survive. There is security watching the parking lot, no cars have been damaged. The ones who want to stay out on strike are no longer wanted….or needed. Where would this country be if we did not fight for our rights???? Hope to see more of you tomorrow.

  37. j says:

    blah blah blah do some work for the company instead of hiding behind the union u deadbeats

  38. j says:

    i work in a union enviroment i watch employes drag the company down daily go to work u dead beats

  39. gws employee says:

    Marty Griffin asked Mike Silverman a simple yes or no question.” mike are you willing to go back to talks with these guys” Silverman danced around the question would’nt even answer the simple yes or no question! The union reached out to the company to either work under the old contract or to go back to talks! No reply. Brought in temps (scabs) unskilled at that, they had a fire in the paint shop, and of course silverman had the Allegheny Co. Police question the locked out employees,slammed his employees on kdka 1020 with Marty Griffin, stating that the temps produce more than the union employees! Stated jobs are gone that were once there! Silverman had made the comment to quite a few employees that “ideally i would like to trim the work force down to around 60 hourly people” before contracts talks even started back in october! Whats that saying? especially when silverman refuses to talk!

    1. henkorwy says:

      Griffin pointed out that the Company made a final offer that the union rejected in a number of forms 3 time. What more was there to talk about ? Griffin also understood that the terms of the previous contract no longer existed when Highmark BCBS imposed an increase on healthcare premiums. The only reaching out that the union did it would seem was to vote NO and ask for even more. Word has it that the unskilled temps are out producing the workers that have been on the jobs for years. Why were the strikers so unproductive as employees before they went on strike? Maybe 60 workers who have a good work ethic are able to match the output of almost 100 who feel entitled to be compensated based on their need for money and not based on what they do in exchange for their pay. The union has said to Silverman and they company that they are not willing to work for what the Company offered. It voted NO three times. The Company appears to have heard the message loud and clear and accepts the unions right to refuse the offer. Silverman said that the company made it’s best offer. The Company seems to be consistent in it’s unwillingness to pay it’s former workforce and has chosen to offer employment to others who would like to perform the same work. The union workers have priced themselves out of viability. If it is true that in contrast to the strikers, that the “unskilled” temps are outproducing the strikers, the union has made a big mistake. Instead of being mad at Silverman they should look in the mirror.

    2. Henkorwy says:

      If Silverman was trying to reduce the number of workers as you claim, why did he not lay people off as a result of the bad economy. They are a number of ways to reduce the size of a workforce. From what I hear, the company has not laid off any permanent employees in 81 years. So now you are saying that the strike by the union was really a plot by Silverman to reduce the size of the workforce? Interesting theory. LOL

  40. Henkorwy says:

    Your son can say my dad did not have the sense to protect the job he had and Instead decided to overplay a weak hand. Why are other people willing to work in the same jobs? Why can’t daddy find anyone willing to pay him nearly as much in wages and benefits as the job he abandoned?

  41. workingman says:

    I am not sure which is worse, the incompetent representation by the USW or the fools on the strike line who have allowed themselves to act without any intelligence. at some point the strikers who actually want to work will have to make some effort to try to resurrect themselves from the pathetic path they have chosen. This is not about labor management as much as it is about not having the sense to correct a mistake. the willingness of the guys on the strike line to swallow the BS they have been fed by the USW is beyond imagination. Time to rejoin those of us who live in the real world.

  42. Employee says:

    Now the a-holes threw nails in the driveway and several people got nails in their tires. Real mature way to handle it! I did not know we were living in the 50’s.

  43. Observer says:

    Funny how way back in the day unions were started because owners were too greedy. Now they are ending because the Unions became too greedy! Times change people. America was built on compromise… maybe we should do that with the unions instead of calling each other idiots on the internet.

  44. workingman says:

    America was not built on compromise. America was built on individual freedom and liberty. It was built on capitalism and entrepreneurship.

    People have a right to set a price for their labor or product and at the same time people have the right to refuse or to accept that price.

    Unions seem to believe that they are entitled to be paid what ever amount they demand and that companies do not have the right to utilize alternatives to the overpriced and under-productive product/output that they offer in exchange.

    These striking local workers should properly redirect its anger away from the Company which has provided it with jobs wages and benefits, and direct the frustration at the Union who claims to represent their interest.

    This causes an interested observer to wonder, “What is the objective of the strikers? What do they hope to achieve? How long before they wake up and try to save their jobs by doing what they had as an option all along: returning to work and doing their jobs they way they need to be done.

    Nawww that won’t happen, the Union will make everything right for them. At least that is the BS that they want to keep consuming.

  45. seeya says:

    move the plant to south caroliona – they will work for $10 an hour and no benefits.

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