State Police: Clear Snow From Your Vehicle’s Roof

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – State police are reminding drivers to clear off the roofs of their vehicles.

Too much snow on cars can be a hazard and illegal.

“That thing comes off like a sheet, that thing can get the guy behind you across his whole entire windshield – black his vision out completely which could cause an accident and that’s the biggest thing,” Jim Clair, a driving instructor, said. “You could have a one, two, three, four car pile-up because someone’s swerving trying to miss that snow coming at them.”

Most drivers don’t realize the risk and that having the snow on your car is against the law.

“I was hoping to wait for it to melt,” Dan Smith, of Cranberry, said. The roof of his vehicle was covered in snow.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports police and driving instructors say it’s about protecting yourself and the drivers around you.

“[The snow] may not come through your windshield, but it’s enough to distract you from what you’re doing,” Clair said. “It could actually cause you to have an accident.”

Pennsylvania State Police

State Police: Winter Driving Tips


One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Why don’t trucks have to clear their roofs?????

    1. pghgirl says:

      That’s what I’d like to know! the small amount of snow on top of my vehicle is a snowflake compared to the huge sheets of ice and snow that flies off of trucks! thats what needs to be enforced! (and yes that ice can come through the windshield.)

      1. Not climbing on my roof says:

        How do you expect a truckdriver to get on the roof of a 13ft trailer? Fly? The State requires all snow and ice to be removed from car, trucks and trailers, But they neglected to provide a way for professional drivers to get on the roof. we are not allowed to carry ladders on our trucks, and the roofs are not designed to handle the weight of a person. they are made of a thin sheet of plastic and a flimsey aluminum frame.. if a driver steps on the roof they WILL fall thru.

    2. Not climbing on my roof says:

      Read my comment

  2. will g says:

    isn’t Marty wonderfull? next he’ll tell us that the pope is cathloic

    1. mepet says:

      LOL Will g that’s funny and true!

  3. mepet says:

    Hey how about we start @ the windshield? I had some stupid arse almost hit me today because he cleared about a softball sized area to see thru.

  4. Anonymousdriver says:

    It would be great if they would just clear the roads first – no more excuses about not having enough salt. And why not start early, and keep the roads cleared? Even when school is not in session – for the rest of the people who have to drive on the roads. And on the weekends too – even on Sunday. There are people that have to drive on the roads every day. That would probably stop almost all of the accidents.

    1. pghgirl says:

      they make it safe for the school buses that drive what around 7-8 ish? What about those of us who drive early or late? School delays or closures are not an excuse to procrastinate and WAIT until it becomes packed and icy!

  5. moe says:

    Sometime’s it’s froze on top,like this am. Whatchu posta do then,leave the car at home?

  6. Indrid Cold says:

    Yeah, that sounds about right for the lawmakers. It’s illegal to have snow on the roof of your car but it’s still okay to have a cellphone connected to your ear. I think most people have had more close calls attributed to idiots who can’t wait until they get home to make a phone call than snow coming off of cars.

  7. dave says:

    Trucks dont clear their vehicles because they know police cannot stop them unless the ice or snow causes injury or death. This is just another secondary law that nobody can enforce.

  8. huh says:

    More government run amok. Criminalize everything you do. What about the 5’1″ 75 year old grandma? Is she supposed to get her ladder out every morning. If the morons would stop tailgating then some snow falling off my car would fall harmlessly onto the street.

    1. ems worker says:

      and its people like you and the way you think is why the law was made. you think it doesnt matter until it happens to you. well its happend to many others, just because you dont personally hear about doesnt mean it isnt happening.

    2. JAUN says:


  9. Ann says:

    The law was enacted because someone WAS killed by snow falling off a truck. Have some respect for your fellow drivers. Stop complaining about a law. I don’t like to wear my seatbelt and if I want to go through a windshield that is my choice but the law is there to protect everyone. Geez people. And yes, as much as I hate to say this…as I grit my teeth…if you are given a drivers license you must maintain the car whether you are 18 or 98. If you can’t, you shouldn’t be driving. I like to get home safe to my family without worrying about some narcissistic a$$ how is above the law

  10. K Mac says:

    I see people driving with their headlights covered with snow, People are just too damn lazy to clean the snow off their car.

  11. RB says:

    I understand this law and why they have it but
    I don,t understand how they started this law without any answers for commercial trucks.
    What I mean is many 18 wheelers have no real way to remove the snow from the tops of the trailers, most people dont know that many of the trailers have fiberglass or thin sheetmetal aluminum roofs that you can not walk on.
    So how are truckers supposed to remove the snow???

  12. Narcy Narc Squadder says:

    If I see snow on your Vehicle, I’m going to tell.

  13. Not climbing on my roof says:

    That is very true RB. Thanks

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