Attorney Sues Law Firm Over Foreclosure On Woman’s Home

By: Andy Sheehan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a frightening thought for any family, even though they paid their mortgage on time – some are being forced out of their homes with little or no warning.

It’s an occurrence that is happening here in our area.

“I had done what they asked and I felt that they betrayed me,” said Tina Rider, a single mother.

Having fallen behind on her mortgage, Rider thought she had saved her house when she entered into a lender-approved plan with a lower interest rate. But even though she says she didn’t miss a payment, deputies posted her home for sheriff sale, ordering Rider and her kids out the first week of January.

“Right in the dead of winter, right after Christmas,” she said.

Rider is still in her house thanks to Pittsburgh attorney Patrick Loughren who has sued the Philadelphia law firm of Goldbeck, McCafferty and McKeever who handled her foreclosure.

In court papers, Loughren says the Goldbeck firm had non-lawyers reviewing foreclosures, which should have been reviewed by lawyers, and then signing the lawyer’s names.

In his filing, Loughren shows three foreclosure actions supposedly signed by partner Michael McKeever in three different hand styles.

“What you’ve got is a bunch of imposters tying to practice law,” Loughren said.

As a result of these processing concerns by Goldbeck and other firms, sheriff sales in Allegheny County are at a 30 year low. This month, the usually-packed country courtroom where sheriff sales are held was half empty.

Sheriff Bill Mullen says: “You just can’t throw people out of their house without due process, without going through the correct procedure that were established by written law and by the courts.”

Rider says she’s not alone.

“I don’t know how they can do that, go to sleep at night, look themselves in the mirror, because it’s not just me, it’s not special case,” she said.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office
Goldbeck, McCafferty and McKeever
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One Comment

  1. mayoculpa says:

    bobbyjo.. thats a pretty terrorist thing to say dontcha know

  2. Ming the Merciless says:

    Company’s like this need there own executives and managers thrown out in the street for a few days so they can get a taste of what they have created.
    maybe then they will get a conscious and stop rubber stamping things.
    Better yet a year or two in prison for them.

    There are many people walking around who should have been tried and put before a firing squad for there in -human and greedy criminal fraudulent actions they took to cause this housing crisis. and crashing of our economy.

  3. Sheila says:

    There is a law called “Sworn Falsification To Authorities” that would apply here. It is only a minor offense however perhaps it should be made a felony and these “lawyers” should be charged. These types of lawyers are the bottom feeders for sure right above the “debt collection” law firms.

  4. Mr Soho says:

    There used to be a group of attorney’s that attended the Sheriff’s Sales, they were called Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

  5. JAUN says:


  6. Dawn Chute says:

    this is a friend of mine..the upheaval that this has caused is unreal!! She works hard, pays her bills, went to school full time while being a single mother, these people shoild have to pay her!!!

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