Whitehall Water Main Break Damages 3 Homes

WHITEHALL (KDKA) – A water main break in Munhall caused considerable amounts of damage to at least three homes Wednesday morning.

The break happened on Azalea Drive around 9:30 a.m. and water could been seen shooting 50 to 60 feet into the air.

“I guess a contractor for Columbia Gas was digging. They’re replacing the gas line here and he hit the water line,” Whitehall Fire Chief Lee Price said.

One resident is dealing with the cleanup after water damaged his home.

“The basement’s totaled. Attic, water all in the attic, living room, computer room, everything,” Jesse Burke said. “I’m just glad I’m out of the house and nobody got hurt.”

Water service has been restored in the area.

Crews were assessing the damage late this afternoon and pumping the water from the damaged homes.


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  • bettercallarestorationcompany

    i wonder what size line that was? also if it was mis-marked or just careless digging, not paying attention to the one call marks… either way, big mess and headache for the homeowners!

  • Which is it

    Which is it….Whitehall or Munhall…

  • Whitehall or Munahall

    Which is it….Whitehall or Munhall…

  • Alicia

    It was in Whitehall–I live righ by where it happened. However, they called it Munhall on the 6:00 newscast and on the website. Obviously someone made an error in the newsroom…

  • A.Bunker

    Whitehall, Munhall? Who cares, KDKA’s quality control is a joke. Speaking of jokes, does anyone else think Rick Dayton in the mornings is a buffoon? Did he grow up on a farm or in a cave, the way he reacts evertime there is city shot from a helo or Mt. washington. Its like he never saw tall buildings with lights in them before.

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