Family, Friends Remember Slain Penn Hills Man

PENN HILLS (KDKA) – Nearly 100 family members and co-workers of a Penn Hills man who was murdered and dismembered gathered to honor his memory.

William King, 24, worked at Walgreen’s on Frankstown Road and that’s where the vigil was held.

“He liked everybody, he got along with everybody, he never had a bad word to say about [anybody],” Brittany Cunningham, a co-worker, said. “So for him to go like this, he didn’t deserve it.”

King’s family members are still grieving and did not wish to speak on camera.

“I will tell you that the mother was in church on Sunday and she is strong in faith and she is grateful for all this outpouring of love,” Pastor Christopher Bell said.

King’s body was found Feb. 17 in a wooded area off of Hulton Road in Plum.

Vito Pelino, a neighbor, is charged in his death. Investigators say Pelino offered King a ride home, but instead, took him to his mother’s house where he dismembered his body and put him into trash bags.

“It’s heartbreaking to know what happened to him because he [didn’t] do [anything] wrong to [anybody],” Dante Smith, a high school friend, said.

Walgreen’s is still accepting donations at the Frankstown Road location to help King’s family. Funeral arrangements have not been released.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hopefully there will be no plea bargain for the monster that did this. No one deserves to die like this. Simply horrible.

  2. critter says:

    there will be. count on it

  3. Sara Sams says:

    Critter I hear your friends with Vito Pelino. You want a plea deal for this Murderer. I hope the state of Pa. gives him DEATH..

  4. Really? says:

    All I see are people who are handing a judgment on another human being based on segments they caught on a newscast. You alkl do realize, all three local reporting stations have DIFFERENT stories about this? You realize we live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law… not by a bunch of couch potatoes who sit and watch CSI and Law & Order and automatically think they know the law. Did anyone catch the part where Vito’s sister was arrested Monday for threatening someone with a knife? Hello…. OMG is it possible, that Vito MAYBE got caught up in the middle of something that had already gone down and panicked which led to the horrible aftermath??? No.. it’s easier to condemn a person before they even have a chance to defend themselves.

  5. Rochelle Snyder says:

    Thanks to whomever set up the candlelight vigil for Will, allowing all of us who met this man share our disbelief and love and grieving. I see his face so clearly, and hear his voice and keep thinking “no no no no no…”.Godspeed, Will. I am so sorry we lost you too soon, way too soon.

  6. Kim S. says:

    Really? – Thank you! I have been saying this all along!!!! I tried posting it here but it never showed up. I did post on the oakmont patch web site under an article about Vito, which there are two articles. I really think people need to open their eyes here and stop judging him before they know what happened! I really think he got caught in the middle and well REALLY you said it perfectly! I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this way or can see that something isn’t right here! Thanks REALLY – I appreciate your comment!

  7. d says:

    really and kim s., i will agree with you on what you both said about vito being caught in something that he walked into. people don’t want to open their eyes and see there is more then meeting the eye here. a lot of people are closed minded to any possible ways that vito had no idea what he was walking into that night. also what else is not being said is that vito’s sister has a boyfriend that she tried stabbing. for some reason no one can find him. i think that he was the one to stab will and vito’s sister watched and did nothing to stop him. the boyfriend must have walked in to find will and vito’s sister trying to have sex together and he went into a jealous rage and got a knife and stabbed poor will. so there for vito’s sister calls him and asks him to come to her place. he goes there and finds that his sister’s boyfriend stabbed a man and now is caught up in a murder. let me ask you all this. why isn’t the boyfriend being asked questions? where is he? i heard that he changed the locks on his apt and left the state. now why don’t the cops go and find him and ask him some questions. i live near vito for one thing. i have seen his sister and her boyfriend. to me they both aren’t all quite there in the head. there maybe more arrests later and time is going to tell the tale of what transpired that night.

  8. Kim S. says:

    d. I agree. you should go check out my post on the OAKMONT PATCH website. I pointed all of that out as well. Vito’s sister was arrested the day after the murder for threatening to STAB her boyfriend and nobody thinks that is odd? Also, I said the same thing about her boyfriend! Where is he? I bet he is involved. I don’t think this was Vito at all!!!!! I would say sister and boyfriend for sure! I am so happy that there are other people out there feeling this way and seeing this! Maybe there is hope then, because I don’t have faith in the police. As long as they have someone to pin the murder on they are happy and that will be as far as their investigation goes – that is why nobody is asking the boyfriend questions or looking into the sister. It really is sad but that is how it is. Oh and shame on his sister for letting her brother go down for something he didn’t do if her or her boyfriend did it. Obviously she was involved and I think more than they know! Thanks d.

  9. My brothers keeper says:

    Sister, Brother, Boyfriend…..whom ever did it is loonier than a damn toon. I will do ANTHING for my brother. I would not send his butt to jail for life over something that I or my BOYFRIEND did. My brother loves me to my soul, but I know he would not take the fall for this. I wouldn’t let him. Wake up VIto lovers, your boys a murdering nut case.

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