Metcalfe To Propose Right To Work Legislation

Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe tells KDKA’s Mike Pintek about his plans to propose Right-To-Work Legislation.

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  • Dave

    FINALLY!!!! It won’t pass, but it’s a start to even try.

  • joe

    The race is on to the bottom. Kill the middle class.

  • dave

    Whatever, unions are useless and haven’t accomplished a thing since the prohibition! Except, more money for less work, thats not middle class that’s garbage.

  • bernie

    Mr Metcalfe, instead of dragging us all to the bottom how about working with the Unions to create good jobs.

    • Shockly

      Government and unions do not create jobs, moron. Business and entrepenuers do.

      • Ted

        Some one has to buy the products, moron.

      • John W. Valentine

        I don’t see what you’re point is. Business and entrepenuers do create jobs, and individuals create a demand for jobs.

  • Alan

    Some history, War on unions started 30 years ago, Middle class has been shrinking for 30 years. NO cause and effect there. Learn some history, find out how companies treated their employees before unions. Want to guees how they would treat them after unions are gone. Unions are not perfect by no means but are needed. PS. Shockly why so much hate? Calling people names is not a conversation.

  • San

    YEAH! I can make as much as much as a migrant worker. Whoopie. Right to work…No child left behind….Patriot Act…..more republican spin…..Anyone ever read George Orwell – doublespeak…..Forced to earn more money…..I certainly would not want that……

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