BEAVER (KDKA) — State police and the Beaver County District Attorney are working together to make arrests after the creation of a Facebook page insulting to young women.

During a press conference Thursday, State police say they believe more than one person is behind the page and say those responsible will be caught because everything done on a computer can be tracked.

The page posted pictures of young women with sexually explicit captions and descriptions of alleged sexual behavior.

The creator called the page “Beaver County Hoez.”

“That site was shut down,” State Trooper Matthew Roth said. “That would be news is that there is another site that’s been opened up very similar to the first one, kind of boasting that all parties are over the age of 18 and they think they can do whatever they want to do.”

About 25 girls were targeted. Some were as young as 14.

“With the first site, there’s a number of different things the district attorney’s office is actually looking into – charges from harassment by communication to dissemination of obscene materials, illegal use of communication device,” Roth said.

According to police in Beaver County, some search warrants have been served, but no one is saying where or to whom.

“They haven’t made any arrests yet, the investigation is open, Facebook is cooperating with the investigation,” Roth said.

The district attorney says right now there are no suspects. The warrant was issued for the IP address used to create the Facebook page.

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