Secrets To Super Savings At Discount Stores

By: David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you shop at Walmart and other discount stores, you probably already think you save money. But the Coupon Mom says there’s something we should all be doing to save even more.

“Many shoppers don’t realize that Walmart and discount stores take coupons, they don’t double coupons, but they do take coupons,” said Stephanie Nelson. “What we discovered was when we put coupons on top of everyday low prices, in many cases, you can get lower prices than the supermarket!”

So she has sent out “strategic shoppers” as she calls them to compile prices on more than 200 Walmart items each week. Then at her website,, she figures out which of those products also have manufacturers coupons that have come out in the Sunday coupon circulars. She calculates the savings, and some items work out to be free!

“Walmart is not publishing this kind of list on their website,” said Nelson.

As an example of the deals, Maalox that is normally $4.52 turns out to be free.

Here’s another: Nelson says Ronzoni Garden Delights Pasta can be $1.99 in some supermarkets, the Walmart everyday low price is $1.18, and then use a coupon from the Sunday paper and you get the pasta for just 18 cents!

She calculated how to get fabric softener for 26 cents and deodorant for 47 cents.

Nelson says it’s important to plan your shopping trips out before you got to the store. Also, rather than clip all the coupons out of the Sunday circulars, just write a date on the circular, and Nelson’s website will tell you which one to go to for the deal you want. One option on her site is to see a list of the deals by how much you’re saving, starting with the free items.

“The Walmart list gets more traffic than other store lists,” Nelson said, but her website offers similar lists for other discount and drug stores such as Target, Kmart, Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, CVS and she just added Dollar General. “They don’t double coupons, but they do accept coupons. Not all dollar stores accept coupons. Dollar General accepts coupons.”

As for Target, if you go its website, you can actually print coupons. “You can combine a Target store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item,” said Nelson, who showed us how you could do that to get toilet tissue for free.

She says having this kind of information before you go shopping can help shoppers figure out which stores they want to go to for which deals. “The more information we can provide to people to give them the ability to plan their trip from home before they leave, the more they can save and the more I think we can help them!”

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous 2 says:

    TO Anonymous 1: Most people know that the word “your” indicates posession. If YOU’RE (contraction for you are) going to say that someone is a complete moron, you should at least use the correct form of the word. You’re a complete moron.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha you ARE so funny. I think i was making a statement so you dont have to comment on it. Kthanks bye! Kdka is stupid along with all news.

    1. r says:

      Kthank you.

  3. Mom1 says:

    The strategy of What to buy When coordinated with when the coupons wre issued and from what source, combine for the savings strategy here. Thank you Coupon Mom for all the research and thank you KDKA for doing this story.

  4. Sara says:

    There are very few “healthy” items that come with coupons. Especially in my area. We tried to coupon for a long while but ended up buying junk that we normally wouldn’t buy just because it was 18 cents or something. I now get a coupon book and only clip coupons for foods/items we normally buy and use those. We don’t save much this way but oh well.

    100% whole wheat pasta – never a coupon in my area
    fruits/veggies – never a coupon in my area (fresh not sweetened ones!)
    meat – rarely a coupon for healthy ‘lean’ meats like chicken, turkey, etc. It’s always for the unhealthy sausages or prepackaged frozen chicken nuggets, pizza, etc.
    Cereal is almost ALWAYS for sugar-type cereals.

    Get what I’m saying!?

    I still coupon I just wish more healthy items came with coupons. They are few and hard to find.

    1. Dee says:

      If you haven’t looked at or in a while, check them out. There are a lot of printable coupons for healthy, whole and/or organic foods these days. Many other blogs post special links to coupons for healthier foods – and post some great deals.

    2. couponsaremylife says:

      um actually a lot of the stores if you get there in the morning have manager’s specials on meats that are really good. There are actually coupons for organic products if you go that way. Also, Ronzoni and Barilla have a more healthy pasta out there is always coupons for. natural cheese coupons, etc.. besides coupons are out there for all kinds of health and beauty items and paper goods. so even if you are trying for strictly healthy stuff you can still save a lot of money

  5. Bea says:

    I’ve found even with coupons, discount stores, double coupons, etc. I still save more buying the store or generic brand of products. Coupons encourage buying name brands, for some products that’s okay. But, many off-brands are comparable & excellent quality.

  6. Ricki Oatis says:

    I like this weblog so much, saved to fav.

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