Suspect In Duquesne Fatal Shooting Arrested

DUQUESNE (KDKA) — Police have made an arrest after a fatal shooting in Duquesne.

Michael Kitonis, 20, was killed on Hamilton Avenue Sunday.

County police and Duquesne police arrested 18-year-old James Miller shortly before 7 p.m. Friday.

Investigators say Kitonis and Miller were from the same neighborhood.

  • Ryan

    Anothernt total loser is off the streets. Have fun with Bubba in the slammer.


    why do people only think of themselves? When we destroy the gift of life it goes so deep in a path that it not only changes one life it just goes on n on.IT is a shame that a life is taken away from this world with out just cause. WHAT HAPPEN D WHEN WE CARED FOR ONE ANOTHER? WE TOOK CARE OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT NEEDED OUR HELP. INSTEAD OF PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN. MAKE A STAND N HELP SOMEONE TO LOOK INSIDE THIER PAIN N HELP THEM TO CHANGE.

  • athena

    James is my baby cousin and is saying it was self-defense so please don’t post anything bad about him if u don’t know the whole story. He is a child which was bothered and robbed by this man several times. I feel bad for the kids family but that’s what happens when u pull a gun in someone and the two fight over it. It could of been the opposite and my cousin could of got shot and I would say the same thing. Thank u

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