Teen Driving Legislation Introduced

Pennsylvania State Representative Kathy Watson explains to Robert Mangino her legislation, which would increase the time spent for teens training behind the wheel before getting licensed.  Driving expert Jim Clair quickly endorsed the legislation.


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One Comment

  1. schwartzer says:

    These kids today are all nitwits. Rather than using the brains in their heads they spin on them. Some have more bolts in their bodies than I have in my lawnmower and more tramp stamps than pictures in comic books. Anyway to get an idea watch swindling the goyim on YT and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Queenie says:

    I think if all teens had the money to go through a dirver training education class, they would be better prepared to drive. Since they do not, they cannot get the needed education. Many parents do not have the know how to communicate effectively what they know and so the teen does not take them seriously. Most teens think they know everything anyway.
    The more driving experiences a teen has, the better they will drive until they get they get their liscense. Then they may disreguard what they learned and do what they want.

    1. MaryMo says:

      I moved to Pittsburgh for college in 2003 from Ohio. In Ohio we are required to take a drivers training class and also log x amount of hours with a licensed driver. Do they not require that here?

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