Local Rehab Center Reacts To Charlie Sheen’s Comments

By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Charlie Sheen’s harsh words about drug rehab programs and Alcoholics Anonymous have some people concerned about the message he’s sending to millions of people.

“There are thousands of people in the Pittsburgh area everyday struggling with their own addictions and he’s not a good role model,” said Neil Capretto, medical director at Gateway Rehabilitation Center.

Sheen has said in televised interviews that rehab is ruled by losers and that he cured his problems with his mind.

Capretto says it would be irresponsible for him to try to diagnose whatever Sheen may be dealing with, but he hopes that Sheen’s comments won’t discourage people with addiction issues from seeking help.

“Trying to overcome it on your own, especially in a severe state, is like being up to your neck with quicksand and trying to get out without help,” said Capretto.

Capretto also says Sheen’s claim that he last used “seven gram rocks” of cocaine is more than troubling.

“That’s incredible amount,” Capretto said. “First of all, I question is that even true? It’s possible, but that puts you in about the upper one percent of cocaine users, so that’s literally like playing Russian roulette.”

Capretto says that in general, successful people can be more difficult to reach for treatment. He says they’ve seen successful doctors and attorneys who believe the rules don’t apply to them because of all that they have achieved. He says as a result, they often stay in denial longer.

As for Sheen’s approach of quitting by himself, Capretto says he doesn’t advise it. “There’s on old saying, ‘You have to reach bottom’ and for some people death may come before their bottom.”


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  1. Jackie says:

    This is so sad for everyone. For the kids, the parents and family of Charlie, and most of all, for himself. I couldn’t believe how crazed he looked in the interview I watched of him recently. He seems completely strung out, or just an ego maniac, and hopefully watching that will make people realize they need to stay in rehab and/or get professional help. I think watching him in the state of mind he is in is disturbing to most, so all I can hope is if anyone that thinks they can beat any addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, etc., it’s difficult, probably the hardest thing they will ever face. They need to stick to what they are doing and rise above what they are seeing demonstrated by Charlie’s recent behavoirs.

  2. Cindy says:

    Remember the commercial with the egg – “This is your mind on drugs….” Replace the egg with Charlie Sheen. Sure works as a deterrent for me! Man is he going to be embarrassed when he makes it out of rehab – if he doesn’t OD before then!

  3. Laur says:

    He’s just a spoiled hollywood kid who never grew up. And he makes 1.8 million a show?? NO ONE should make that. No wonder we have money problems in this country

  4. Ed says:

    Chalie Sheen needs to get his act together and the media that is feeding on this need to drop it. Charlie is pushing this because he wants the attention. As long as the media is having a field day with this Charlie will remain in charge.

    1. Kate says:

      I agree with you Ed, we need to stop glamourizing him and stop letting him think we’re his puppets, wanting to hang on to every word he says. Unfortunately I think we live in a society where we WANT to know there is someone worse off than us, whether it be financially or mentally so we tend to follow these people, therefore setting off the media to know they should flood us with the story and they keep reporting.

  5. nfafan says:

    Typical Holloywood, typical “USA public” that can’t live without the daily dose of celebrity news. We have 2 gals from the Greater Pitt area that have been in haiti for years now taking care of orphans, and even going back to live in the post-hurricane turmoil to continue their work.

    And we hand on Charlie. And Lindsey. And Paris. And the Kardashian Trolleps who made $65M last year – being celebs. No wonder the USA is looked at as “the great Satan”.

    1. Yup says:

      Well, you’re reading this article and commenting so I assume you’re interested in Hell too?

  6. Andy Martin says:

    At least someone has at last stated the obvious truth that it is irresponsible to publicly aiir a remote mentall health diagnosis from afar concerning a celebrity.
    Mr Sheen has only expressed a viewpoint shared by many disillusioned ex members of aa who found it a deceptive, oppressive and unhelpful method for solving their drinking and addiction problems. Admittedly he did so in a very impassioned way, but I find his anger entirely understandable. He has, after all ,spent 22 years wasting his time and energy in what is widely regarded amongst those who have been involved with it as cult-like pseudo-religious organisation preaching a most dubious creed of powerlessness which has great potentialto harm vulnerable people.

  7. Andy Martin says:

    The idea that alcoholics and addicts have to reach a “rock bottom” is a stupid idea that can have deadly consequences, as I witnessed many times in my years in the rooms of aa. There are alternative approaches to overcoming addiction problems. I hope Mr Sheen finds whatever help he may need.

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