Man Charged With Assaulting 16-Year-Old Girl At Seven Springs

SEVEN SPRINGS BOROUGH (KDKA) — A man is facing charges in the alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl at Seven Springs last week.

State police say the incident happened shortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

The girl was at the resort on a high school ski trip. She went with 19-year-old Anthony Raco, of Johnstown, to his vehicle so he could get a pair of boots.

Police said she had met Raco for the first time earlier that day in the lodge.

Once they got to his car, state police say he told the girl to get inside to keep warm. Raco then allegedly drove the girl to a secluded parking lot.

State police say the teenager repeatedly refused Raco’s advances before the alleged assault happened.

A Seven Springs spokesperson Anna Weltz did not want to comment on camera about pending litigation, but released a statement.

“I cannot comment on the specifics of a pending legal case, I can say that this is an isolated incident involving one individual. We thank the Pennsylvania State Police for their swift apprehension of the suspect and their active partnership with our resort security team. Seven Springs Mountain Resort will continue to provide a safe, fun family environment for our guests.”

Raco has been charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, indecent assault and unlawful restraint.

He was arraigned on March 1. He posted a $10,000 bond and was released.

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One Comment

  1. You should really get a life says:


    1. FixPGH says:

      Says the anonymous poster….

  2. Stay Away From Strangers says:

    It is never a good idea to get in a vehicle or go to a secluded location with someone who you just met as there are too many perverts out there. Shame that society has come to this but it has.

  3. smallpeter says:

    half the time girls saying rape is false,,,,,,,,its them getting mad when the mans done ,he says see ya later alligator.Why is his bond only 10,000 for rape,makes you wonder thats all…

    1. anon says:

      This fact is false. Only about 3% of the time a woman says it’s rape is it false. Check the FBI factbook to confirm this information.

  4. Mr Conehead says:

    “He was arraigned on March 1. He posted a $10,000 bond and was released.”…..Raco must be a cop or a politicians’ kid……how in the heck does he get such a low bail amount????

  5. tata says:

    Rapist should be put to death

    1. pgh man says:

      You are a narrow minded idiot.

  6. JUDGE PINHEAD says:

    Hello Judge Pinhead, 10,000 dollars bond, Duh you know rape, minor, young girl.
    Judge Pinhead as Donald Trump would say.

    YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!

  7. Sean says:

    raco is only 18 himself…. This is just absurd, she should not have got in the car, an what was doing getting ski boots from his car if she didn’t know him? Why would he have girl boots at hi car?

    1. anon says:

      Rape is always wrong. Always. Doesn’t matter why…it’s always wrong. Let’s focus on that. No victim-blaming please. 🙂

  8. JAUN says:


  9. Leige Lindsay says:

    Shame Shame Shame…now he is going to be Bubba’s beotch….

  10. SNAKE says:

    hmmm sounds like a sneaking mission for me..

  11. irrate1 says:

    why do they not charge him with “rape” instead of the other charges? it sounds like rape, looks like rape, but he’s not charged with rape???? i dont understand… yea the girl was gullible and maybe thought he was cute, but she never should have left her friends and went with this predator alone. but more importantly- this man(18 or older) should be in jail without bail until trial. got to protect the criminal right?! what a joke that is….

    1. anon says:

      I know that police try to charge assailants with what they know will stick in court. The word “rape” has all these legal meanings that often make it incredibly difficult to prove. The other charges might be easier to prove in court. Although it is still so rare that it even goes that far.

    2. PGH Man says:

      Criminal? Are you some kind of God that knows the truth here. The real truth is she didn’t say anything until she got caught by the school administration and she made up a story. Now she has to stick with it. The rumer is out and someone should tell the boy’s parents that she is not telling the entire truth. Some of her friends are about to come clean and then things are going to get interesting.

  12. Diddy bop booty pop says:

    10,000 bail….. which indicates she somewhat did consent and maybe stopped half way thru ! or else the bail would have been much higher, the media obviously is indicating something other then the actual TRUTH which is typical. Get the facts before we JUDGE !


    ps. learn the law!

  13. The Truth says:

    It takes two to tango…girls that age know what they want and get burned. When they get burned, they cry “rape!”

    1. Marcus Johannssonn says:

      This. He’s a good kid, I doubt this is totally truthful.

  14. angel says:

    first off if she was there for a high school ski trip where were the parents who were suppose to be watching all the kids. also did her parents not teach her to watch out for strangers, she just met the kid. it is a shame that things like this happen but parents have to drill into their kids heads what awful things can happen to them. and i think his bond should of been more than 10,000.00 and how do you think his parents are feeling right now.

  15. expittsburgh says:

    How can an ‘alleged’ rapist be freed on $10K while two people who steal jerky ( ) have bond set at $20K!?!?!?! You’ve got to be kidding!

  16. Jay says:

    Give me a break. A guy who looks like that has to “rape” someone to get a blow job? I don’t think so. The girl is lying. She was probably too embarrassed to tell her parents the truth about what happened, so she blamed the boy, knowing that the media just loves to crown a new rapist.

    1. anon says:

      Sounds like you must be a friend of his. I’m sorry you’re going through this tough time with him. I know it must be hard to believe. It always seems like a grey area when it comes to this stuff, but it comes down to having full consent from someone who is of legal age. And as a person who is of legal age, you must take responsibility and stop blaming other people. People who say they are raped, only lie 3% of the time. Check the FBI factbook for that stat.

      1. PGH Man says:

        Anon, she is not telling the truth. This boy and his family are getting smeared and no one even cares what the truth is. A newscaster was in his face the other day asking him if he was sorry for what he did. Give me a break. Does she know something that no one else knows. Obviously she has found him guilty. It is something that a girl can say she was assulted and that’s it. GUILTY! Plaster his face and name all over PA. How would you like that to happen to you or someone you love? Think about it.

  17. Dan Callaway says:

    First of all i dont kknow why my first comment did not post but i will say it again. I have known this kid since we were 3 years old. He wouldnt “rape” a girl. Second, if he wants to get some dome i promise you all he has to do is ask one of his friends (girls). And third, is a girl is stupid enough to walk to a strangers car to “get boots” then quite frankly she deserved anything that happened. And if he really ends up in jail for this then her stupid ass parents should be put there also for not teaching their daughter that giving up her body for drugs is NOT okay. So there.

    1. Really says:

      I never read anything about her taking the drug or money! You might want to re-read the article. Also, he knew her age, second he had a girlfriend at the time , third when someone says no or stop that means no or stop!!!

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