Steelers Fans Weigh In On Possibility Of Lockout

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The threat of an NFL lockout may soon become a reality.

There is an important deadline looming for the team owners and players to reach an agreement and Steelers fans in Pittsburgh are just hoping that there will football next fall.

Like the last seconds of the Super Bowl looked bad for the Steelers, the last hours of the NFL players’ collective bargaining agreement doesn’t look too good either.

Time is running out. At midnight, the deal is set to expire, and the NFL owners say a lockout will begin. And that could possibly mean, no pro football in Pittsburgh next season.

“I can’t even begin to think what that would be like,” said Dan Haeck, a Steelers fan.

“They gotta play football,” added another fan.

First though, the NFL players and owners have to come to an agreement.

The players want better health care and concessions for an increased roster if owners institute an 18-game schedule.

Owners want a bigger cut of overall profits, but that’s just the basics.

“They both need to realize how lucky they are,” said Haeck.

“That would be horrible. That would be my worst nightmare as a big fan,” said Mike Dean of a possible lockout. “I go to four or five games a year, love the Steelers.”

Dean has some perspective when it comes to rank and file, and ownership. He owns the Dormont News. Sure, it is much smaller in scale but the basic concept is the same. Employees what to make money, business owners want to make more money.

But the key with anything like this is give and take.

“I hope they’ll work it out and I think they will because it’s too important to both sides,” said Dean. “The owners and the players and of course the fans and the city of Pittsburgh.”

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One Comment

  1. NIKKI says:


    1. Kevin says:


    2. Vin man says:

      Don’t worry kids the players and the owners have PLENTY of money to weather the strom, I just feel bad for the vendors et el. but on the other side of that coin, maybe they should not have been over charging all these years. I love Karma! Besides all of that, the cheapest, most inexperienced head coach in NFL history (Tomlin) has been coddled long enough, Coach of the year 09′ my a$$! Shame what the Rooney rule did for Whisenhunt, Grimm, and LeBeau. Like I said, KARMA< KARMA< KARMA!

    3. DUH says:

      why would you pay someone a million dollars when they couldnt get anything but a minimum wage job in the real world??????????????

      1. DUH says:

        and yes i left this comment because my wife cheated on me with an NFL player!

    4. Mac Daddy says:

      Thanks Nikki. You’re so right hun. We can all find something else to watch. Life goes on. They are a bunch of overpaid millionaire cry-babies. Big Ben (worth millions and millions of dollars) is getting married soon and has the nerve to have a bridal registry. What could that overpaid bozo possibly need?

  2. who cares says:

    NIKKI………blow me!

    1. NIKKI says:


      1. et says:

        right on

      2. Handsome says:

        Nikki – asl

        im 24 male east pittsburgh.
        about 5 7 blonde hair, baby face, great smile, knowledgeable and have a degree in finance. Your turn : )

  3. Football girl says:

    Nikki you idiot. The bad game calling was against us most of the time, so if that was a factor we should never have made it to the super bowl. You are just whining because you are a lifetime movie watcher and when the game is on your boyfriend/husband won’t let you watch your chic flicks.

  4. Lou Gagliardi says:

    There’ll be the Pittsburgh Power at least.

    1. Go Stillers says:

      Eh, I’m planning on checking out the roller derby team I’ve been seeing stuff for. I didn’t even know roller derby had come back, I use to watch it as a kid! I’ve seen some articles about it and their website and stuff and it sounds pretty solid, like they’ve made it into an actual sport instead of some choreographed show. I may check out the Power too, but I’d rather just see Steelers. Why have two football teams?

      Go Steelers!

    2. Power OFF says:

      I’d rather watch mold grow on a turd !

  5. Kevin says:

    I agree with Nikki… and add that Steelers fans should hope for a lockout next year so they don’t have to sit through getting embarrassed by the Patriots…..

  6. yinzer says:

    People are pathetic about dem dar stillers.. Get a life…There is nutin else to give yinzers hope in piksburg….I would leave in a minute but Im trapped,,,,

  7. RAY LEWIS says:


  8. Jack says:

    How about this. Let the NFL owners build their stadiums. Then they’ll have to raise proces to cover the stadiums and exorbinant salaries. Woops, nobody coming to games now. OK. Then cut players salaries in order to cut ticket prices. Hmm. Let these primma donna’s live on 1/4 of their salary. Woops, they don’t like that option. Well, hang up those cleats and join the workforce. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    1. Dan says:

      Amen Jack, its a game, and nobody deserves to be paid that much to play a game! Lets get things back to reality…I love the steelers, but nobody deserves that much money…nothing over 500k per year cap

      1. Ladydian says:

        You got that right Dan. No body is worth millions to play a game. They say now it’s a business. The only ones coming out on top are the owners. Pretty soon they will be called Trillionaires. Does anyone know what comes after a TRILLION? Absolutely insane.
        I love watching football, but it’s getting disgusting.
        If anyone should be paid a million dollars, it’s our men & women in the military. These people are underpaid and not taken care of.
        Merely my opinion.

      2. Yup says:

        Ladydian – I agree, nurses, EMT’s, Firefighers, Teachers – THOSE are the ones that should be making that money, not sports players. It IS disgusting. Especially with how they act with all that money.

  9. redrock100 says:

    Is it still Bush”s fault gas prices have skyrocketed?

  10. football fan says:

    Check out the Pittsburgh Passion…a women’s professional football league right here in the ‘Burgh !!…Franco Harris is now a co-owner !!!…the season starts soon….hopefully there won’t be a NFL lock-out, but we can still enjoy some football !!

    1. Roller Derby Fan says:

      or roller derby!

  11. Larl says:

    I may cheer on our teams, but truthfully, I can’t stand to watch sports. It will be a relief to not see so much on football. I always hope the Steelers win, but there is way too much football on TV. It will be a welcome break.

    1. Yup says:

      I would be relieved to not have to listen to the stupid yinzers talk about the Steelers.

  12. Sara Sams says:

    I think every sport should take a break for a season. We didnt die when Base Ball didnt play.. The price of fuel is out of sight and people need to save some money. Get to know your family and neighbors again. Their is more to life than Sports..

  13. Noname please says:

    Unions are RUINING this country. Why should their effect on sports be any different. I have a novel idea…. Let’s pay individuals on merit

    1. Heather Waltenbaugh says:

      Unions are here to protect people who work..These guys dont work, they play! Merit? thats funny most of these guys are felons that we would be getting robbed or killed by if they wernt in the NFL

  14. BB says:

    All professional sports are out of hand. No one should be paid millions of dollars to play a game. Stop and take a look what’s going on in the world, the owners and players should be ashamed of themselves. People can’t afford gas, or food any more. And I’m sure if you did back round checks on professional athletes, you would find a lot of them have criminal records too. Criminals making millions of dollars, where is the justice?

    1. Roller Derby Fan says:

      Pittsburgh’s roller derby league, the Steel City Derby Demons, play and don’t get paid for it. They play against other cities in the country, representing the City of Pittsburgh, working on small sponsor donations and traveling out of pocket as they all have jobs when not playing derby. Also, at every home game they showcase a local charity and donate money to that charity. They also participate in random charity events. Please support this local sport. They are a positive group, I have been to many games and it’s really developed over the past few years. They play because they love it, no incentives are given to them at all – no league health insurance (they have to get it through their job or independently), no pay, no special treatment when they go somewhere, no fancy cars. They want to represent Pittsburgh because they love the city and the sport. Support them!

      1. Ladydian says:

        Roller Derby Fan
        Thanks for the info. I enjoyed watching Roller Derby when I was younger. Was a little disappointed when it wasn’t televised anymore or at least wasn’t televised here. The Blonde Bomber, I believe was her name, was the favorite. Will definitely look them up.

      2. Roller Derby Fan says:

        Thanks ladydian!
        It’s changed a little since TV broadcast days, like they skate on flat track because of money/venue shortages, there is no fighting or punching – but still lots of hitting and falling they are actually trying to win a game, not put on a show, and although it’s brutal it’s family friendly, my kids love going. They still do the fun names too. We love it! I wish more people would support them instead of this Arena Football stuff.

  15. Jack says:

    HEY PLAYERS!!!!!!!

    Form your own league. You have the ability to control your own destiny. Besides, when I tune in, it’s to watch you guys, not some owner. Cut out the middle men.

    1. Player says:

      Weez cant add or subrackt. Howz weez going to make us ours own legue.

      1. IKE TAYLOR says:

        2+2= kat

  16. dr michael says:

    Go ahead, lock them out. I am tired of all this bologna

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