2-Year-Old Found Wandering In Charleroi

CHARLEROI (KDKA) — Charges are expected to be filed after a 2-year-old boy was found wandering alone in Charleroi, Washington County.

The child’s mother, Kathleen Orloff, 28, told police that she dropped her son off with Elmer Devore, 60, and his daughter, Jessica, 20, who lived just a few doors down from where the boy was found along Washington Avenue. He apparently had wandered out of the Devore home.

The neighbor who found him said the boy wasn’t wearing a jacket or shoes when he crossed the street to say hello.

The neighbor took him inside to get warm and called 911.

“I have two children of my own, so I was thinking, you know, ‘Where could these parents possibly be?’ ‘Whose child is this?’” Robin Stasicha said. “I really didn’t know what to think.”

She thinks the boy was only outside for a few minutes.

Charleroi police also found the toddler’s 2-month old sister inside Devore’s home. Both children were taken into protective custody and were reportedly doing fine.

While officials say the mother will not face criminal charges, the Devores could face reckless endangerment charges as early as today.


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  1. Sara Sams says:

    What do you mean Charges pending !!! Charge them with child neglect ,child endangerment . And being STUPID !!!! Cant take care of the children please dont have them .

    1. Jade D. One says:

      Charges pending because it’s Charleroi. If there were charges chances are they wouldn’t show up anyways. Hopefully, someone caught it on camera that’s the only way charges stick in Washington county. I’d like to hear the excuse that’ll be used to let the patents get away with it. Gotta remember Charleroi operates under the good ol’ boy network so charges won’t happen unless they aren’t in the know.

    2. HereWeGoAgain says:

      You want to charge people criminally for being stupid? As appealing as it sounds, the court system couldn’t handle it, as the vast majority of people have demonstrated stupidity at some point in their lives.

      …On a related note…

      You state that people who can’t take care of children shouldn’t have them. As the article makes clear, charges are pending against the caregivers, not the people who “had” them (i.e. the mother). There is nothing in the article to suggest that the mother was negligent. I guess we could charge her criminally for using a babysitter, but then she (and all of other millions of parents who use sitters), would have to face trial along with all the billions of stupid people facing criming charges, and then we would have no time or resources left to deal with real criminals.

      Nice setup you you have envisioned, there.

  2. Angry in Charleroi says:

    Charlleroi police would rather harass innocent people than actually do their jobs. They are the most corrupt, lazy police department I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Charges will be pending while they harass kids for walking and texting and give innocent people a hard time over nothing.

    1. Shockly says:

      Who was the two year old texting? I would call this good police protection for the community.

  3. Hank Devigne says:

    Condemning the police department isn’t the way to go with this. Number one, it says the child wasn’t outside that long when he/she crossed the street to say hello to the neighbor, not texting anyone. Number two, government employees at any level are required by law to report neglect/abuse as a condition of their job.
    There is plenty wrong when people suggest that the police should have let it drop.
    The only problem I have with this is that when a toddler learns to walk, they have to be supervised…shortly, they will learn how to open doors.

  4. adriannamarie19 says:

    I don’t know a mom/care giver who has not lost track of their child at least once. Luckily the child is safe.

  5. KJ says:

    Another news source is reporting that the mother left her children (2 years and 4 months old, not 2 months, as reported here) in these people’s care while she had to attend a court-ordered parenting class. I think all the fault lies with the person she trusted to care for her children.

  6. Richard says:

    Can’t a guy go out for a walk anymore? Sheesh!

  7. disappointed in charleroi says:

    i think that the charges should be filed against the mother of the chidlren and the gentleman that was left to care for the children…..i personally know the girl Jessica and she is mentally disabled and she have never been left alone with the children. Yea she is 20 yrs old but she has the mind state of about a 10 yr. old child. aparently the children need taken off of this mother if she doesn’t understand that you do not leave a 2 year old and a new born alone with a person who is mentally disabled and doesn’t understand fully how to care for children. i think its a shame that the media has not mentioned this fact one time and is making it out like Jessica is a bad person who is careless….she is merely a child at mind and she should have never been put in this position that resulted in this.

  8. murrysville dad says:

    did the court offer childcare during this mandated parenting class the mother may have been attending? that would only make sense.

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