PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 34-year-old school security officer in the Pittsburgh Public School District has been arrested on a charge of heroin possession.

Calie Rafferty, who works as school security officer at Oliver High School in the city’s Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood, was allegedly seen snorting heroin in a concession area near the high school gym.

Authorities say she was observed first by a female student. Officials say the student alerted a teacher, who then also saw Rafferty allegedly engaging in drug use.

A police report states that authorities found 70 used, or empty stamp bags of heroin in a trash can in the concession stand, and they discovered six bags of the same drug in a black jacket belonging to Rafferty.

Sources tell KDKA that Rafferty has been suspended, with pay, for the time being. Also, she has checked herself into a rehab facility.

A school district spokeswoman, Ebony Pugh, told KDKA that the incident occurred last Friday, Rafferty was brought to the office and then escorted from the school.

An Oliver High School senior told KDKA-TV Thursday night, “you never think a security guard, or a cop would commit a crime [like this], it’s real surprising, cause she always seemed like a nice lady.”

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