CHARLEROI (KDKA) — A 2-year-old and his 4-month-old sister are in protective custody after the boy was found wandering on a street in Washington County Wednesday.

According to the police report, one of the people who was left to watch the children is described as mentally-challenged, on medication and can be violent.

Officials say 60-year-old Elmer Devore, and his 20-year-old daughter, Jessica, were supposed to be watching the boy and his sister, but the boy somehow got out of the Charleroi home.

“The child exited the house where he was supposed to be at,” Officer William Gardner, of the Charleroi Police Department, said. “He was supposed to be being watched. He never made it to another house, some neighbors found him wandering about a block away in the middle of the street.”

Neighbors spotted the boy just after 5 p.m. He was only wearing sweatpants, a shirt and socks. A neighor wrapped him in a blanket and called police.

Authorities knocked on several doors on Washington Avenue before they found the right house.

“They didn’t even know the kids name,” said Officer Gardner, of how the Devores reacted. “The two people in the house that were supposed to be watching him, didn’t even know the boy’s name or anything. The reaction that I saw was just kind of like a little bit of giggling and it wasn’t really taken seriously, in my opinion. I let them know that this is a serious matter here and that’s when the investigation went further.”

Authorities called in Children, Youth Services and both children were taken out of the house.

Police say charges will be filed against Devore and his daughter, and possibly the mother of the children. She told police she left the house around noon.

“She said she was at a parenting class and that’s why she left the kids with the people that she left them with,” said Officer Gardner.

According to the police report, the mother said that she thought the Devores were capable of watching the children for just one day.

She is dating Devore’s son and they all apparently lived in the same house.

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