McCLELLANDTOWN (KDKA) — State police in Fayette County are searching for two men who broke into an elderly woman’s home.

Authorities say the suspects walked out with a pillowcase filled with the woman’s possessions.

Rose Marie Misiak, 86, said the intruders didn’t hurt or threaten her, but her front door still has the hole where it was kicked in.

“I was sitting watching TV when I heard two loud crashes,” said Misiak. “It sounded like my whole porch had fallen in, and the split second that that door was opened, there was somebody standing right here.”

She says the two men were inside her McClellandtown home for about 20 minutes on Wednesday around 10:30 p.m.

“I guess I raised up a little and he said, ‘You sit there.’ The one that stood here talked to me all the time that the other one was pilfering around,” said Misiak.

One of them did all the talking while the other one was in her bedroom.

“They went through my cedar chest, some of the drawers in my dresser, they emptied my armoire out of all the jewelry that was in there,” she added.

Misiak says they seemed to know the layout of her house and knew exactly what they wanted.

“He wanted money; he wanted to know if I had any Oxycontin,” said Misiak. “He says, ‘Where’s your money?’ I says, ‘Right here in my wallet.’ I had my billfold here; he took my billfold and he opened it, took all the money out of it.”

They never called her by name, but Misiak says she has her suspicions about who they are, though she isn’t saying.

“They had hoods on and then kerchiefs and black gloves. They were white,” she said.

The men took $150 dollars in cash, some jewelry and the house phone closest to where she was sitting. Officials say they put it all in a pillowcase and took off.

Misiak has lived in her house for 32 years and has never had a problem until now, and one time is enough as she plans to sell here home and move.

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