Man Arrested After Kidnapping Incident At Seven Springs

SEVEN SPRINGS (KDKA) – State police continue to investigate following an alleged kidnapping incident involving a young girl at Seven Springs Mountain Resort early Sunday morning.

The incident took place just after 1 a.m. at the Somerset County ski resort.

According to state police, Justin Weber, 23, of Pittsburgh, allegedly entered the room of an 11-year-old girl and picked her up out of bed.

State police report that he is then accused of taking her to the bathroom and holding her there against her will. The girl was able to free herself and frightened the suspect off when she started screaming.

Authorities say the girl ran to her parents in a nearby bedroom. Later, investigators report that Weber returned to the room and was confronted by the girl’s father.

He took off on foot and was later taken into custody by Pennsylvania State Police.

The resort issued a statement about the incident Sunday afternoon.

“Seven Springs is deeply disappointed by the unfortunate acts of this individual and we take this matter very seriously. We will do everything we can to assist the Pennsylvania State Police with their investigation. We have taken a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior and have since taken definitive legal steps to prohibit the suspect from being on resort property.”

The statement goes on to praise the quick response by on-site security and police.

“We would like to commend Seven Springs Resort Security, who apprehended the suspect within minutes of the report and the Pennsylvania State Police who arrived on-site within minutes and took the suspect into custody.”

According to Seven Springs, Weber was staying with a registered guest at the resort. The incident took place in a suite-style room with separate bedrooms.

Weber was arraigned and placed in the Somerset County Jail. Late Sunday afternoon, $75,000 was posted and Weber was released from custody.

He is facing a list of charges including kidnapping, burglary and unlawful restraint.

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One Comment

  1. Sam can't read says:

    “What’s going on at 7 Springs!”
    Aren’t you paying attention? It was a kidnapping.

    “Not good for business!”
    Now that was profound!

    1. Ryan S. says:

      Hey moron, I think Sammy was referring to the fact that there was a similar incident there a week or so ago. It’s called a rhetorical question, Skippy.

  2. Sally says:

    As a homeowner and a season pass holder I am deeply distressed with what has happened to our resort. When Bob Nutting and management decided to cut costs by not contributing to 7Springs boro police our beloved resort has become animal house on the hill. Of course Anna Weltz director of PR would say that “We praise the 7Springs security for their swift action.” 7Springs resort security do not carry weapons nor do they carry mace. Quite frankly some are so heavy they could not chase a turtle through the resort. I have personally spoken to some of the security staff and they are underpaid, disgusted, and not prepared for the crime that has infiltrated the resort. Theft, rape, and drunken escapades continue and will until Bob Nutting wakes up. Spend a dime BOB and protect your guests and homeowners.

    1. J. Smith says:

      Isn’t Nutting the owner of the Pirates??? Need I say more????

    2. Eric says:

      Well this is great to know. I had no clue and will spread the word to ALL of my family and friends. WE WONT BE BACK!!!!!

  3. zach says:

    Get a concealed carry permit and buy a gun. Better than any police or security. Someone messes up with me or my family member – will face Mr. 9mm. End of the story.

    1. Matthias says:

      The fact is that many people who own guns and face an incident involving needing to use said gun, end up getting shot with their own gun.

    2. 40 S&W says:

      Well said Zach, only be careful for every time one of us LEGITIMATE GUN OWNERS AND PERMIT CARRIERS , defends ourselves we are possibly charged with murder Even though we are just defending ourselves and our family.
      There is a myth that the police actually protect you, in reality they only enforce the law.

  4. Bob Johnson says:

    I too am a homeowner. The new ownership group has done nothing but make the resort better. The resort probably would have gone bankrupt under the old owners. This stuff happened all of the time with the old ownership, they just swept it under the rug. Trust me, they happened. Sally, I am going to guess this is your second home. If you are unhappy, sell. No one is forcing you to stay here. May I also suggest going to speak with someone that works at the resort so you make more intelligent, factual statements. Sincerely and forever, A Seven Springs homeowner.

    1. Sally says:

      I can assure you that I have made intelligent choices and when I bought my home it was with the assumption that we as homeowners would be protected by a police force not rent a cops. And quite frankly Bob to sell my home at this point is not an option. The bad publicity has made many people rethink their purchases. I have spoken to many at the resort and often I get a non response or not even a phone call back. Would you like to buy my home BOB? Why don”t you wake up. I realize that the crime has always been a concern but now it is in the news every week. Hey Bob… what does that negative news do to your property value? And furthermore Bob, do not assume that I am a vacation homeowner. I have watched that resort deteriorate for years. The food is nothing more than opening a #10 size can but I am sure you do not no what that is. I agree with you that the resort was on the verge of bankruptcy but that does not excuse the lack of concern for you, me and also all of the employees. Mr Nutting is notoriously cheap and you need to get your head out of your ___.

    2. KJ says:

      IF, it has been going on for years Bob, How come as a Homeowner, NOBODY has complained or has tried to do anything about it. You spend How much to live there, to have management “Sweep it under the rug”? Thanks for the Info Bob. Next time I visit with my family, I will sure to come “properly equipped” to deal with the low lifes you let onto your property.

  5. sally says:

    PS. BOB. What did you not find factual in my statements? Also BOB you will not win a war of words with me.

    1. Jenny says:

      You are really hilarious SALLY

    2. You should really get a life says:

      I’m sure you’d win that war, Sally. You’re a woman.

  6. george says:

    the publicity is a perverse way to get the old staff back and then viola the crime is gone

  7. Kathy says:

    I want to know how he got in the room.

    1. Matthias says:

      He opened a door.

      1. lena says:

        so people can just walk into each others rooms? dont they have key cards??

      2. Matthias says:

        maybe the door was left open

        maybe the intruder broke in some how

        maybe things like this happen… oh, they do.

    2. Glenn says:

      He had a key card that allowed him access to all rooms according to security, he was guest of someone staying with the anheuser busch group..

      1. Kate says:

        A KEY TO ALL ROOMS???? a bit far fetched….

      2. Matthias says:

        I hope that is the case. The family could sue the pants off of that goof Nutting and his whole freakin family.

        I’d sue for the controlling interest of the Pirates.

        However, I seriously doubt he had such a key.

  8. bettygerbil says:

    it is a shame as being a mountain resident or a hick as i’m called .that these crimes are being committed by outsiders from other areas that are destroying are good names and invading my area with bad things happening and making traffic nightmares i have had numerous people cut me off at the turnpike stay home and out of my area .

  9. Matthias says:

    Indeed, “Sam can’t read” is a moron.

  10. lena says:

    Are doors not locked at seven springs? Something doesn’t sound right in this story. And why was an 11yr old all by herself? And why didn’t they search for him right away…instead waiting for him to come back? Odd.

    1. Matthias says:

      What are you suggesting, Iena?

    2. 8 ==== D says:

      Exactly lena, theres more to the story………. shame they never tell the public

    3. Matthias says:

      Yes, Iena. It is a consipiracy and it is all Obama’s fault.

  11. owner says:

    Hey folks,
    I’m also an owner at the Springs.
    The fact is, the know-it-all’s in management eliminated the police force at Seven Springs as of 31Dec,2010? Ya, they said these things were not happening at the Springs. That’s what they said when they informed owners the police force was “not needed.”
    Hey Bob, I spend at least 150 days at the Springs each year, I have spoken to MANY employees and I don’t even have to bring up Nuttings name…they do and it isn’t pretty. The man is a scrooge…wringing every penney out of his employees.
    DUH! Another Nutting blunder, its the Pirates of ski resorts……

  12. 1st Hand account says:

    Take it from someone who was there. The incident itself is very sad. A little girl lost her childhood. The parents were there, it was a two room suite. I can tell you this much EVERY parent should be terrified to have their children at Seven Springs. The way the situation was handled by Security AND Police was inexcusable. Don’t let some PR office tell you different. You want to know how he got in the room? Ask 7Springs management. That answer will also terrify you. The entire incident is sickening

    1. Dad says:

      How did she lose her childhood? explain we want to know!!!!!! and how did he get into the room ??????

      1. Was there says:

        Hey Dad, Why do you want to know? and are you asking how he got into the room for future reference? Your tone and questions are stupid! Apologies if I mis-interpreted,

      2. Disturbed Mom says:

        Wow dad I can’t believe you need more details about HOW she lost her childhood. You are as much of a pig as Justin Weber

      3. Matthias says:

        Wow, that is a stretch, Disturbed Mom. You must really be disturbed.

    2. kate says:

      How was it handled poorly? Did the family know Weber? I read the door was left unlocked…nice.

      1. Matthias says:

        That’s right, Kate.

        I woulld not spend any money or time at 7-Springs, but not because of any lack of security, but because I refuse to give the Nuttings one cent from my pocket.

        Sell the Pirates!

      2. dad says:

        Listen here disturbed mom!!!! Losing her childhood would mean she was raped, BUT SHE WASNT EVEN CLOSE TO RAPED HERE so stfu before that ends up being you !

      3. dad sucks says:

        So dad was their.

      4. dad sucks says:


  13. Shelly C says:

    I will never take my family to Seven Springs again. Frightening.

    1. Matthias says:

      Good thinking, Shelly C. LIke Seven Springs is the only place that this sort of thing can happen. LOL

      1. Shelly C says:

        Of course I understand that this can happen at other places. But why take my family to a place that is so lax w/security when there are other places just as good or better in the area. We’ll go to Hidden Valley or drive further next time.

        Also, loved the statement regarding Seven Springs zero tolerance policy on this type of behaviour of kidnapping and trespassing. Really? That’s a great policy Seven Springs. Glad that you thought of that…Winning!

  14. Matthias says:

    Go troll some place else.

  15. cliff says:

    why did she have a room by herself should have been in her mom and dads room

    1. Matthias says:

      It was a suite.

      1. Sunshsine says:

        I was 2 doors away. He got in b/c the door was not locking and it was not known until maintence came down to check it after the family was moved to another floor. Apparently the guy was going door to door and was also seen doing it on the 4th floor after leaving the 3rd floor before he returned back to the victims room. It seems like the police and hotel are now saying the door was left unlocled but that is not true. There were 230 of us on that floor with the same group and we are devistated and our children are traumatized!!!!!!!

      2. Matthias says:

        How could the parents not know that the door was not locking? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

        How could all of the children be traumatized over this unles the adults (yes you and all the others) turned it into a media circus and created the trauma yourselves.

        Lastly, how could so many people spend give away their money to the Nuttings? LOL!

    2. sunshine says:

      she was in the same rm. their was a door between her parents bed. She was in bed with her younger brother and he slept thru it. I was in the same type of suite 2 dorrs away. It was not a big room.

  16. sally says:

    That poor child lost her childhood, security,and trust in adults. To the person who asked exactly what happened shame on you. There is more to the story. And to those who backed me up with the dialogue between BOB and myself, a hearty thank you. Crime has always been a problem but instead of being pro active management has taken a minimal approach to security. I have waited over an hour for state police to respond. Anna, you seem like a nice gal but your public relations response was pitiful. There is a reason Nutting rarely shows his face around the resort. After this fiasco he should hang his head in shame. If I had a dime to invest I would let Bob Nutting have it because he sure is good at making himself money.

    1. Matthias says:

      It was her parent’s fault if they did not know that the door wouldn’t lock.

      1. FixPGH says:

        Yeah, so if your front door won’t lock it is perfectly fine for someone to break in and do what they please. After all, it would be your fault.

      2. Matthias says:

        Nope, it is not perfectly fine for someone to break in and do what they please.

        However, let’s use logic here, if you can. I know I can.

        If the parents would have ensured that the door to their suite could lock properly, said kidnapper would not have entered the room and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        Get it? Probably not.

      3. Cool-hand Luke says:

        FixPGH is an idiot.

      4. Matthias sucks says:

        No, Matthias it was your fault. I heard you were hiding in the closet.

    2. Disturbed Mom says:

      Dad, not surprised by your first comment that you would then wish rape on someone.

      1. The real dad says:

        Never wished that on anyone nor would I ! But i dont really care for all you know I’m a 16 year old kid bored in highschool, which I am hahaha idiot

      2. 7springs says:

        So then the comment, “stfu before it happens to me” is not a threat?
        You are the idiot posting ignorant comments, I don’t care how old you are.

      3. Matthias says:

        He is trolling. Don’t feed the trolls. Or, report his comment if you think it is offensive. The editor of this site will delet it, if it is.

  17. Was also there says:

    The door appeared to be locked and in working order. Don’t blame the victim’s parents.

    1. Matthias says:

      What do you mean by “appeared to be?”

      It either was or was not in working order.

      Nope. Sorry. It was the parents fault for not being observant. And, there was only one victim, not victims.

  18. disturbed mom says:

    Hey DAD…not Shocked by your first post that you would then wish rape on someone.

  19. Genius says:

    Hey 7springs aka Disturbed Mom: youre the IDIOT HERE! all that guy did was post that he wanted to know how someone got in and you had to leave a comment telling him he was just as sick as the guy who did this! Ignorant means lack of knowledge, which is what that comment had, therefore making your comment the ignorant one!

  20. Genius says:

    Mathias is a part of the 9% unemployed LOL

    1. Soccer Mom says:

      haha He must be if he can follow all these convos allll dayyy longgg geez!

      1. Matthias says:

        I am gainfully employed. I just happen to have the ability to multi-task at an extremely high level, unlike you or most people could ever possibly dream of or understand.

      2. soccer mom says:

        No body says gainfully LOL
        but anyways you guys open today ? (home depot that is) muaaaaaaaaahhhh

  21. Foggy Goggle says:

    Too bad those blaming Seven Springs don’t direct their anger towards Justin Weber. Isnt this sick-o the cause of all this? If the resort had a guard outside every door and Weber entered through a window you would still say they werent doing enough. Just accept that some things we cant control. You’ll live much happier lives.

  22. huh says:

    Didn’t think there were any people rich enough to hang out up there since Obama redistributed the wealth. Maybe he just didn’t get to you yet. You better enjoy yourself in a hurry, time’s running out.

    1. Matthias says:

      Yeah, right. Let’s go back to Bush and his father and their personal vendetta against Iraq, which resulted in the death of thousands of U.S. solidiers…. all for oil, so his family can continue to live wealthy above all.

      1. Matthias says:

        No nevermind everyone im such an idiot, i just lost my job, my wife, and my kids hate me. SO of course all i have left is blogging and the internet

  23. another mom says:

    The last time you went to a hotel, after you went into your room and closed the door, if it appeared as though the door was working properly from the inside of the room, did you ask your spouse (or somebody) to go back outside into the hall and test the door from the hallway, to double check if the lock was actually working properly?

    Just sayin…

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