MOUNT WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Demolition work began Monday on an old, abandoned restaurant on Mount Washington that is widely considered to be an eyesore.

Those who live on Mount Washington may remember the old Edge restaurant, but the building has been vacant for about 30 years.

On Monday, the city issued a building permit to tear it down.

The mayor and developer did a ceremonial wall pull inside as the first step toward the demolition.

It will take about a week to knock down the insides of the building and then another two weeks to bring down the outside.

Development plans call for a $100 million project that will include a hotel, condos and restaurants.

More than 2,000 residents signed a petition to approve of the demolition.

Financing is not yet in place for the new project. Once it’s secured, it will be another two-and-a-half years before it is completed.

“It’s often been called one of the most unpleasant eyesores in all of Pittsburgh. And it’s called that because it’s sitting on the most spectacular piece of real estate in Pittsburgh,” Project Manager Beau Beemsterboer said.

The building will be 20 stories high, which is about 10 stories higher than normally allowed on Mount Washington.

The structure will not extend out any more than the current restaurant. Crews are drilling into solid rock and said that the 20-story building will hold.


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