Road Rage Leads To Shooting In Point Breeze

POINT BREEZE (KDKA) — A man is recovering after he was shot during a road rage incident in Point Breeze.

The 37-year-old victim, believed to be a security guard inside Allegheny County Police headquarters, was shot right in front of the building Monday afternoon.

The building is also known as the Emergency Operations Center.

The suspect, 36-year-old David Bush, of East Liberty, apparently stood over the victim and fired five shots into the man’s lower body.

Bush is on probation.

The victim is undergoing surgery at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Oakland.

Pittsburgh police say it appears the incident started earlier in the day. The victim’s vehicle apparently brushed against the suspect’s car up the street from the station.

According to investigators, the shooting happened an hour later.

Bush was later arrested in Penn Hills where police used a taser to subdue him.


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  • Genius

    I heard it was Waka Flocka ,

  • Mike

    The NRA loves it when idiots own guns. And in Western Pennsylvania, there are many gun-toting idiots.

    • durka

      And it looks like you’re an unarmed idiot… I hope a CCW permit holder saves your life someday so you can choke on your own words.

  • Mike

    Well durka, you must have thought my comment was directed towards you… meaning you must believe it yourself that you are one of those gun-toting NRA loving idiots. LOL

    Now, how would I choke on my own words if a CCW permit holder saves my life? If that CCW permit holder saves my life, then it is obvious that that person is not one of those gun-toting idiots, such as yourself.

    • whocares

      Nobody likes a hippie, Mike.
      Move along.

      • Mike

        whocares what you have to say. LOL

  • bobbyjo

    get rid of the tasers and shoot these lowlifes..

  • you suck

    No just get rid of Bobbyjo.

  • J.A.F.O.

    Hey, I work there and everyday alot of kids and babies go in and out of that building. It’s a sigh of relief that, Mr. David Bush was caught and arrested. I wonder if he’s related to Reggie?

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  • Road Rage

    Tell me more about that new super food!!!

  • Charlton Heston

    oh wait, guns are for protection. from? other idiots with guns.

    problem solved.

  • lw

    gun or not an act of anger in any case against another who may have the same issuses as themselves as small as a scratch or bump on a car. it’s so simple after the damage is done to common sense never seems to kick in. Y ……. in our minds we need to prove something( we) meaning all

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  • Thomas J Duttine

    Not only is this jerk violent…..he’s also stupid!!

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