Body Found In Ohio River

INDUSTRY (KDKA) — Authorities are trying to identify a body found in the Ohio River in Beaver County.

Workers on a barge near the Montgomery Lock and Dam near Industry found the body around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“We received a call shortly before 1:30 this afternoon that the workers here in Industry Terminal had found a body in the water,” Industry Police Chief Garold Miller said. “The body’s been recovered. It appears to be the body of a white male. Other than that, we don’t know anything at this time.”

Police are checking missing persons reports in the area, but don’t have much to go on at this point.

Miller said the body was taken to the morgue and they won’t know anything until the Beaver County Coroner completes an autopsy.

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  • donna t

    there is a man named kenny missing from oil city area . it is believed he fell off the railroad bridge here . this was a couple yrs ago . dont know how long this body has been in water but he has never been found. it is out of oil city pennsylvania an u can call the oil city police at
    814 678 3028

  • dave

    you are so dumb, the DEP tests everything the drillers have ever done and haven’t found anything to support your statement.

  • Dan

    Could we get lucky and this be LUKE RAVENSTAL or that idiot sidekick of his MIKE HUSS?

    • dave

      Ha ha, mike huss needs to be smacked in the head! By far the worse public safety official I have ever seen, what a clown.

  • Front Porch Smoker

    Even though it’s a messed up story and it sucks someone died this way, that is friggin hilarious.

  • stupidmayor

    Its POOP in the water !, mike HUSS and BOY WONDER are POOPING all over town!

  • donna t

    you people are ignorant. and would feel real bad if it as a family member of ur own

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