Corbett Presents Budget With Steep Spending Cuts

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Gov. Tom Corbett presented his first budget Tuesday morning since taking office.

With a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, he is proposing some very deep spending cuts.

Gov. Corbett was faced with the loss of over $2.7 billion in federal stimulus and economic recovery money.

There was also a shortage because of too many Pennsylvanians being out of work, not paying taxes and collecting benefits.

Gov. Corbett recommended a budget of $27.3 billion, which is three percent less than last year.

The proposed cuts to education include a 10 percent cut in basic education (K-12), which is a loss of $550 million across the state.

Gov. Corbett proposed a cut of 50 percent in state aid to the 14 state owned schools, which totals $625 million.

In addition, Gov. Corbett called for an end to state grants for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

He also said he would reduce state jobs by 1,500 positions, which would bring the total number of state jobs to just under 80,000.

Gov. Corbett said education can no longer be exempt from budget cuts and he called on teachers and administrators to take a one-year pay freeze.

“Education cannot be the only industry exempt from recession. Our public schools do important work and part of that work must include setting an example,” Gov. Corbett said.

“I’m calling on the employees of our public schools, administrators, teachers, support workers, everyone to hold the line. If it means a pay freeze, trust me you’ll have plenty of company out there to keep them warm.”

Rose and Paul with the KDKA Afternoon News on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA spoke with John Tarka from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers about the proposed education cuts.

He says they will not support a wage freeze.

“We have a collective bargaining agreement in place and our people work hard for the money as many others do and we want that contract to be adhered to,” Tarka said.

He says the proposed school voucher program would hurt more children than it would help.

“When you take away funding from public schools and provide taxpayer dollars for tuition to private and parochial schools, which will still very much continue to have the ability to pick which students they want to choose, they’re going to leave children behind,” Tarka added.

Ted Kirsch, president of the Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers, also had harsh words for Corbett’s proposed cuts in a statement.

“Any budget is a statement of priorities—Gov. Corbett’s budget is a portrait of a bleak future for Pennsylvania. It is a picture in which our children are short-changed.”

PA Federation Of Teachers: Statement On Corbett’s Budget
Governor Tom Corbett

  • A.Bunker

    These budget cuts sound like a good start, but are only a fraction of what really needs to be done. Congratulations Governor and keep up the good work.

    • Zoeyzotron

      FINALLY, a governor who will address the real problems!! GO CORBETT!!
      DAVID – He is not taking it from our children, he is taking it from a grossly bloated wage and benefits package that the teachers have. WELCOME TO THE RECESSION DAVID, the rest of us have been here for 3 years.

      • Shoulda voted DEM

        Hey, you could’ve been a teacher too…of course you need a high school diploma to be one though.

      • True Patriot

        Once public sector jobs lose collective bargaining rights, which brought all of us a 40 hour week, overtime pay, health insurance, and job safety regulations among so many other good things…benefits that union workers fought and died for, then ithey will be lost for private sector unions, police and firemen,(notice they are standing with the teachers in Wisconsin), then non union employees will also lose out…longer hours, reduced pay, pay freezes, loss of benefits and on and on. EVERYBODY LOSES!! If you are anti union, and work for a living, you may want to rethink your position. Also, by cutting funding to public schools, how do you think that money is going to be made up….INCREASED PROPERTY TAXES. Corbett may be a one term Governor.

    • ken ritter

      what about the ships? good work governer

      • David

        Words can’t express how stupid and unintelligent you both sound. As a leader he would rather build jails then fund education. Brilliant

      • Nick

        Fund education? In Indiana PA students are bussed for free from the Philadelphia area here and also attend for free at IUP. If that’s the kind of funding you’re talking about, then you are an idiot!

    • True Patriot

      But he made sure to give 833 million dollars in corporate tax breaks. This radical de-emphasizing of public education is another step backwards toward third world status… expect increased property taxes to offset the cuts to public school systems… State College tuitions should also become out of reach for many …and 41,000 working poor cut off from Adult Basic will have no health insurance…

      • True Patriot

        Bob, your lack of knowledge of the history of the American Labor Movement is revealing. If possible, find a book called Out of this Furnace, read it, and enlighten yourself about the sacrifices of the men who yes, fought and died, so that the American worker would have a voice in their wages, benefits, and working conditions. It is a very important component of the fabric of this area. Try thinking about working 12 hour days, 7 days a week with one Sunday off after working a double (24 hour ) shift… for an average of $1.65 A DAY!. I’m not saying we will return to those days, but you and every one who works for someone else will slowly see your pay, benefits, and working conditions slowly erode as long as this GOP war on working class people progresses. Also, what does this have to do with the sacrifices of our fallen servicemen and women?

      • runnergirl

        Hey Bob, have you ever heard of the Homestead Strike? It’s a pretty important part of our local history, so maybe you should get off of your military high horse and do a little research before making absurd comments that don’t really seem relevant to what people are even discussing here…

      • Bob

        …….”benefits that union workers fought and died for”. Give me a break. What a slap in the face to the U.S. military. Try making that case to all of the soldiers who have become casualties, injured, or a P.O.W. You have no idea with your warped sense of reality.

      • Big Tom

        Union workers have fought and have died to further thier cause. Thats an undeniable fact, and should be common knowledge for anyone living in this area. If you disagre with that, do yourself a favor and do a google search. How does pointing out a fact like this diminish in any way the sacrifices made by our military? While you are at it, google “comparing apples and oranges”.

    • Realist

      It is funny that these govt officals never say, “Hey, I will lead by example and freeze my own pay and pay more for my benefits–or give up living in my gov. mansion that has a staff of 6 to take care of me.” *%^& off Corbet!!!!!

  • JP

    I am glad Governor Corbett is standing up to the educators. You are no better than the rest of us and are not recession proof. Welcome to the real world!! Thank you Governor Corbett.

    • sad day

      JP – that’s right – you ARE as worthy as a teacher and you deserve a living wage, health care and a decent pension. We all do. We shouldn’t be cutting down the unions – we should get organized and get what they have.
      Here we are squabbling over the crumbs while the gas companies, banks and business interests make off with billions in corporate welfare through tax breaks.
      Divide and conquer – works every time…..

      • Zoeyzotron

        SAD DAY- Where do you propose that the $$$ comes from??? That might be an intrigral part of your short sided plan. NO ONE should have a pension unless it is self sufficiant and NOT TAXPAYER FUNDED.

      • Nick

        Right on the money Zoey

    • I love my free private jet

      There was also a shortage because of too many Pennsylvanians being out of work, not paying taxes and collecting benefits.

      Then the the reTHUGlican said:

      He also said he would reduce state jobs by 1,500 positions, which would bring the total number of state jobs to just under 80,000.

      Did you notice that Corbett still permits the new Attorneyy General to keep the state owned PRIVATE AIRPLANE for the Attorney General?

      HA HA HA! Pennsylvanians got suckered!!

      • Zoeyzotron

        I LOVE- You are a moron Mr. Union Man.

      • Slick Eddy is GONE!

        Sounds like you should go back and take some “edjumacation” from the teachers you are defending. Maybe it is just that you “stuttttter” naturally.

        IE: “Then the the reTHUGlican said:….”

        The teachers in the schools are overpaid period!

    • True Patriot

      Laws for the liberal education of the youth, especially of the lower class of the people, are so extremely wise and useful, that, to a humane and generous mind, no expense for this purpose would be thought extravagant.

      John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776

    • True Patriot

      “Now let us see what the present primary schools cost us, on the supposition that all the children of 10. 11. & 12. years old are, as they ought to be, at school: and, if they are not, so much the work is the system; for they will be untaught, and their ignorance & vices will, in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences, than it would have done, in their correction, by a good education.”

      Thomas Jefferson – 1812

    • Bea

      The problem with your agreement here is that he isn’t the one dealing with the educators. It is your local school board and communities, who will raise your school taxes to deal with what needs supplemented in the budget. Here in Washington County, they have already said they planned to raise them if the budgets were cut. So, Corbett only passed the dirty work on to others, & if you own your home, you’re the loser in all this.

  • Matthias

    Tough times call for tough decisions, and if we don’t like those decisions, well… that’s tough.

    • dr. michael

      This is the most intelligent thing you have ever said.

  • Dana

    Interesting. I wonder if Gov. Corbett feels obligate to set an example by assuming a pay cut/freeze instead of asking 5 year olds to do so by decreasing/eliminating their educational opportunities.

    • Eric

      I agree with you Dana. It is not fair for our children that he is making cuts in education. I understand what you said because I currently have a son who receives state aid to go to preschool and will be starting kindergarden next year. So shame on you Tom Corbett.

      • not eric's stepping stone

        Eric, Don’t expect us to pay for your child to go to preschool. Here’s a thought, don’t have children you cannot support,

      • Eric

        To the immature idiot who replyed to my comment: you can stick it you know where.

    • Matthias


      By the governor’s budget, how are 5-year olds having their educational opportunities decreased or eliminated?

      • Poplicola

        @ Matthias

        In addition, Gov. Corbett called for an end to state grants for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

        So if the state ends grants for pre-kindergarten, then I would say that that limits (if not entirely diminishes) the educational opportunities of 5 year olds.

        I agree with you Dana. I did not watch Corbett’s speech, but why (instead of asking teachers to take a salary freeze) doesn’t he demand that the politicians of PA take a salary/benefit freeze? The average assemblymen/senator makes $80,000+, while the Governor/Lt. Governor make $170,000+. We could save alot if they are required to forfiet their salaries/benefits.

        Or, instead of having to make such “deep cuts” perhaps Corbett should come to his senses and issue a reasonable tax for the shale companies to pay that want to extract natural gas from PA. This would work for 2 reasons, 1. PA has the reserve of natural gas and if the companies want it, they should be expected to pay for it and 2. all other states that extract gas have a tax on extraction.

    • Zoeyzotron

      DANA – so you are saying that you will do a worse job because of this. Where do you teach, you should be fired. Just another example of issues Unions cause.

      • Tommy Jefferson

        Zoey, you must have been one of those mean, bully girls that spent too much time in the Principal’s office, and not enough time in the classroom to have cultivated such a hatred of teachers.

      • Dana

        Zoeyzotron, if you had read what I posted you would see that I am not a teacher.

    • Dana

      Awfully presumptuous of you to assume you know my profession. I am, in fact, not a teacher. Also, how narrow minded to think that only teachers care for the education of children. Perhaps your hatred of teachers is stronger than your concern for a balanced budget. Good luck with that.

    • Dana

      Seriously. I’m waiting for yet another brilliant, insightful response. Anything? I thought so.

      • dana needs a hug too

        seriously. have a cup of tea. smoke a fatty. go for a jog.

    • Bye Bye Rendell

      i’m with the dana sucks dude

    • Realist

      Absolutely!!!!! It is funny that these govt officals never say, “Hey, I will lead by example and freeze my own pay and pay more for my benefits–or give up living in my gov. mansion that has a staff of 6 to take care of me.” *%^& off Corbet!!!!!

  • frank

    Welcome to the real world! ha real world of monthly vehicle payments of average 400 dollars, gas, insurance, and vehicle maintinence. that your precious corbett ran on that promise to get rid of state employees free vehicles. but only the elite have those privledges including all the extras such as meals and hotels also. its a joke hes a joke start with the top and work your way down and this state would be fine.

    • Corbett kicks puppy dogs

      Did you notice that Corbett still permits the new Attorney General to keep the state owned PRIVATE AIRPLANE for the Attorney General?

      • Do your research

        And that he and all the other government reps will continue to pay NOTHING for their full benefit packages. Teacher haters may as well pile on those who have even sweeter deals. And no, I’m not a teacher, but I do have them in my family and know many more.

  • td

    REALLY??? JP your about as dumb as they get. These are the people that help your kids learn and mold them to young adults.

    • Proud Parent of An Honor Roll Student

      and they are doing such a great learnin and moldin our dumb kids now? I think the teachers could do just as poor a job for less money.
      I like the performance-based pay for teachers. Way too many teachers are coasting through the day using lesson plans from their rookie year.
      College faculty are very well compensated. Freeze their pay for 10 years.

  • Gail

    Just remember those children that are being cut out from being educated will be the ones running Pennslyvania when you get old. I’m sure they will remember you as they cut all your pensions, SSI’s, Medicare, and Medicaid, etc. etc. What goes around comes around. As you said time for the real world. Also remember your get what you pay for.Ask Mr Corbett where his families children go. Bet it isn’t public school

  • sn

    Hey Gov…thank God you gave those gas companies a break with no severance tax. PA..the only state in the union without a severance tax for natural gas drilling. Yeah..much better to wack some jobs and cut education. You sicken me as much as Rendell did.

    • Economics Lesson


      Try and listen to his speech at least. Corbett explains why taxing the hand that feeds us is what got us into this mess in the first place. People have forgotten how to wait. People want your money up front are penny wise and pound foolish. Try a a little patience and you will reap so much more long term.

  • KD

    cant say I agree with Mr Corbet. CHildren are our future… They will be our next leaders a generation from now… Maybe pay raises are fair, but cuts in education… not so.. I Igree with Frank.. startt the top and work your way down. As a RN I have to pay for my own insurance, car payment.. Please tell me again why state employees get this done? Have any of them ever actually saved a life? We need good teachers to mold our futures along with good resposible Parenting. And for Mr. Corbett to be the one to set the primary example by staring with cuts from the top on down

    • rdl


      KD only agree with some of your points start at the top harrisburg is over paid. because they are over paid is all the more reason they should buy their own car and insurance. ” please dont clasify all state workers in the same category” I am a state worker that pays my own insurance and health care.”
      Im not a cop but Im sure the state troopers save lives every day. Penn dot potentially saves live every snow storm. What im saying is every one is going to have an argument on why their pay shouldnt be cut. The only solution is freeze it all across the board. as a state worker freeze my pay. We all have to stop being greedy and take a step back an re group. Put stronger limitations on welfare. I see it time and time again people buying cartons of cigarettes pay cash large bills an using food stamps driving cars ten years newer than mine. Tax the shale companies they maake 900,00- 5 mil a day yes a day. a lot more revenue could be made instead depriving our children of a brain. Better build 10 more jails.

      • KD

        good points SDL as a health care worker I cannot see a pendot worker making critical life saving decisions however, salting the roads so medical care can transport maybe… OK also maybe using life saving AED’s… which is a life saving procedure, but doesn’t really require critical thinking….
        How are single Moms or single Dads going to pay for their children to go to college? any ideas?

  • JP

    @TD…First of all, the way you speak shows your level of intelligence, so I don’t need to comment on that. Secondly, these are the people who think they should get better pay raises and benefits than everyone else. They should teach the children the same way regardless of their pay raise or benefits. I didn’t realize that if you didn’t get a raise or had to pay more for benefits you could slack off on the job. Oh wait, I’m not in a union, so I don’t think that way.

    • Td

      Your right. I should have used spell check.

      • Jan

        The use of “your” is a common mistake, You should have wrote “you are” or you’re”. Please do not criticize me for pointing this out…….I am not a teacher!

    • Pauline K

      JP – I agree with you. I watch the teachers at the elementary school in my district arrive at school in their BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes at 8:40 am for a 9am start and they are all out the door in their luxury vehicles within 5 minutes after the closing bell leaving their student teachers to make sure that their children get on the right bus. They refuse to have curriculum night or parent/teacher conferences in the evenings because it’s not in their contract, they work at most 10 months a year and leave for their Florida homes during winter and spring break. Once they’ve worked 10 years their salaries are between $80-$100k and they cannot be asked to help with lunchroom duty or other activities because it’s not in their contract. I don’t see a problem with a 1 year pay freeze and should think that they would gladly consider it when faced with the other option which is less teachers and larger classrooms which may mean – perish the thought – more work. Many of use in the non-union work force have been living under a pay freeze for a few years now.

      • Tommy Jefferson

        Name the school district. This is nothing but a bunch of invented fantasy. If your teachers are driving BMWs and Mercedes it’s probably because they are married to a spouse that is an executive or employee of some large corporation. This is nothing but a bunch of silly lies. Even the highest compensted school district teachers do not insist on such outrageous demands. By the way if you live in a school district that pays its teachers to where they can drive those kinds of vehicles and have two homes, ,d 100k salaries, that district must have one hell of a tax base. How is the view out the window of your Bentley? Again, name the school district.

  • Fast Eddie

    I’d be surprised to see one districts employees to agree to a wage freeze. Sounds good to the public’s ears, but the reality is no school districts’ employees are going to agree to it if they have a contract right now. The governor shifted the burden of paying for things such as public education and higher education, onto the backs of school boards who will do some cuts but ultimately raise the taxes to their taxpayers and to the colleges who will only pass the burden on in the form of higher tuition. It all sounds good, but in the end we are all still going to pay, it will be a different “piper”, that’s all.

  • Fast Eddie

    The governor could have really shown strength and guts had he proposed cutting his benefits and the legislatures, their perks, and the size of the legislature. That would have shown everybody he is serious about cuts instead of passing the tax increase burden onto local and regional governments.

  • Denise

    Education is NOT a business. These children are the future of our country that you’re cutting, Gov. Corbett. I think it’s about time the rich pay their fair share.

    • Zoeyzotron

      DENISE – I have news for you… THE TEACHERS ARE THE RICH. Compensation is defined as WAGE+BENEFITS, which inclueds PENSIONS that can be worth Millions. So if you are refering to Union teachers as the “rich” then I am all for it. WAKE UP and join the real world…

      • Joe

        Teachers are underpaid as compared to workers with the equivalent education and skill level.
        Your post is just idiotic.

      • Horace Greeley

        If you think teachers are rich, then maybe you should have worked a little harder in school so that you might have been able to rise above that mimimum wage job you obviously have. Have you any idea what the truly rich in this country, the top 2% who received the Bush tax cuts earn? Hell, it meant 6 million in tax SAVINGS for Rush Limbaugh. I also would assume (and hope) that you home school your ownchildren…if not maybe you should give it a try.

      • hwright

        And you define rich by making 40 – 60 thousand a year??? really are you that stupid. or just jealous you have no education?

    • One small voice

      Money is not the issue, bilions have been poured into the schools and the kids keep getting dummer. Any Einstein have an idea where the problem might be ??

      • Tommy Jefferson

        Yes…it’s called DNA, as in not enough Einsteins in the PA gene pool.

      • hwright

        bilions???? try billions maybe you should have attended a public school????

    • Denise the commie

      Easy there, Michael Moore.

    • hwright

      Amen to that!

  • Money is not the Answer

    Money alone is not a solution to any problems which education may face. Compare what Pittsburgh Public spends per student with what any school in the suburbs spends, and you will see that money spent and student performance are not proportional. There is little reason that teachers can’t take a pay freeze for one year. Not layoffs, not a pay cut. Just a freeze. Not too much to ask when you look at the private sector’s wage growth over that last ten years. One more thing, if I may. Anyone talking about education, please spell words correctly. Use proper grammar and syntax. You do your public education little credit by showing off your poor English.

    • Matthias

      I agree with you.

      Uncaring parents and “broken homes” are to blame.

    • Mrs Traynor

      Since you started with the English lesson know that nobody here is “talking” about education, nor can they. They are, however, writing about it. Have a nice day. BURN!

      • Mrs Trayor

        I missed a comma? Where?

      • Since you are off the subject

        Mrs Traynor: You missed a comma. and as far as” talking,” here is a definition from Webster:

        b : to convey information or communicate in any way

        Burn your teacher’s contract. You are embarassing.

  • Vito

    Corbett for President! Finally someone for the taxpayer over greed!!

    • Vito don't do math

      Can’t wait to see your school taxes Vito…

    • Tony Soprano

      These cuts will be passed onto the local school districts.

      You are such a FOOL, Vito.

      • Vito the Fool

        A budget with so many cuts merely transfers the tax burden to the local level.

        School districts, they’ve said, will have to raise property taxes to compensate for state funding losses.

  • Linda

    Anyone who expresses enthusiasm over the cuts to education spending needs to remember one thing: you will not see any of this money. Why? Because your local school districts, after being faced with these drastic cuts in state subsidies, will simply raise your property taxes to fill the gap. The money has to come from somewhere, people. I agree that ALL programs need to make sacrifies, including education. But if you honestly think that your taxes are going anywhere but up, you are delusional.

    • linda is right

      i agree with you in part, linda. since money is power, this represents a transfer of power from harrisburg to the citizens in each school distriict.

  • Bye Bye Rendell

    All for well educated teachers teaching our youth…AND MY KIDS…but they make more, work less (with summer off)…so no need to pay less than Joe Taxpayer in health benefits. Pay your fair share. Thanks Corbett!!!

    • Amy

      Work less? I sit here at home every night doing research, lesson plans and grading papers from 5 until 8 pm in addition to my hours at work. Many of my teacher friends and I spend many weeks during the summer planning for the next year and attending trainings. Just because the calendar says we are off does not mean that we are not working.

      I have been teaching for 16 years and take the disrespect of people like you. I can barely make ends meet with my salary with the education I had to pay for to get my job. Not all teachers get paid a huge salary.

  • Tirade

    To those crying over education cuts: most of that tax money goes to pay the bloated salaries of unnecessary administrators that do absolutely nothing to contribute to the student’s education. There’s a ton of waste in the system that was propped up by Rendell for years and it needs to go. Good for you Corbett.

    • re: Tirade

      I usually do not respond to people’s comments but I have to respond to yours. Although I believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion, you should maybe do some research before you make a comment that it so ridiculous. Without administrators, there would not be a foundation that was built for students to learn. We all, as administrators, contribute to the student’s education. We support those who are in positions which make this University run. I cost the tax payers less money working for a University than if I were to be a lazy bum and collect welfare, get free health insurance and live in section 8 housing.

      • Tirade

        turds poop turds and poop where is you you is where la la la

  • No welfare

    Increase welfare and cut higher education, that way we can have even more lazy people to take care of in the future. Maybe all the college students should quit and have babies so welfare can take care of them too….

  • kt

    I live in a school district where teachers offered to take a pay freeze and avert a strike…the school board declined their offer and a strike ensued. 90% of the school teachers in this district have master degrees, spend money from their own pockets to for special projects for their “kids”, act as confrontation mediators, teach special needs children when they do not have the training to do so and much more that requires giving of their own time. In addition they hold food drives, sponsor fund raisings for needy causes, and have even rehabed homes for the needy members of the community. How may workers in the private sector provide these services?Wake up, it is your children that will feel the effects of funding cuts to the education system. I personally would live with a tax increase if it was to go to the education of our children but instead my taxes will be spent to repair the damage done by natural gas drilling that will not be required to be paid by the drilling companies.

    • I agree

      I agree kt! Instead the gas industry is given a free ride on my nickle to poison the water, damage the land, and diminish home and property values.

      • The Geno

        just hope if something bad does happen, that Corbett doesn’t respond like Oblunder did in the Gulf with his BP buddies. I doubt Corbett will wait months do start cleaning up.

    • One small voice

      Teachers with a Masters and PhD’s don’t improve the education of the students, its a proven fact, only costs the taxpayers more money.

      • Larry Zygote

        Proven fact? All these dumb kids being churned out by our schools is all the proof I need.

      • Joe

        No, it is not a proven fact. It is based on a study with very faulty research methods.

      • dr. michael

        Your comment is so true, the advanced degrees feed the ego of the person, not the students they are trying to mold into the future for our city.

  • Pennsylvanians are fools

    Corbett’ budget proposes to increase welfare funding by $607.7 million and health funding by $61.5 million. Military and Veterans Affairs, meanwhile, gets a $19.6 million boost, while state police get a $10 million increase and the Department of Revenue gets $8 million more.

  • November 2010

    Results of the shallacking in November. Taxpayers simply sick of all the handouts from Rendell and Democratic…that will hurt today’s youth in the future. Today’s youth were dug a hole under Rendell…and Corbett gives them all hope towards the future. Thank you, Corbett!!!

  • Squeezed

    Be happy. At least Corbett balanced the budget by cutting spending. Rendell balanced the budget by taking in more money in form of increasing fees, sin tax hikes, loans, Federal grant money which is just loans from China, selling assets, taxing small businesses, fining mom&pops with poker machines, renaming tax hikes as fee increases, legalizing casinos, building prisons, closing state parks, and shaking kids upside down for lunch money.

  • ven

    I am all for the propose budget cuts but only if our legislators and judges would also make some sort of sacrifices. I guess the “let them eat cake” mentality exists with Corbett as well.

  • yankee

    get r done Tommyboy. thats why ur in there… Nice to see someone in there with some balls…. We are paying for Spendell’s mistakes…

    • Joe

      Not all Republicans are undereducated, but most undereducated types are Republicans.

      • Joe the Plumber

        Yeah. What she said. Which is it that gets us more jobs?

      • whattaya know joe?

        most guys named joe are democrats. idiot. contribute something or shut up.

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