Local Homeowner To Face Animal Cruelty Charges

By Ralph Iannotti

VALLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A woman is facing animal cruelty charges in Armstrong County.

Humane Officer Penny Dewoehrel said feces and urine were everywhere when she accompanied State police to a home on Yockey Road in Valley Township.

Nine Great Danes were found roaming in the house and one was chained to a wall. Three more were found dead outside. They apparently starved to death.

State police were first called to the home after a 911 hang-up call from the house over the weekend. After several days of unsuccessfully trying to reach homeowner, they got a search warrant to go inside.

Humane officer says there was electricity running in the house, but no water or food for the dogs. The humane officer said the woman wasn’t overly concerned about the dogs’ conditions when she was contacted.

The dogs are now under the care of a veterinarian until they can be adopted.

Animal cruelty charges will be filed against the homeowner on Thursday.

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  • M. Bonetti

    How can we adopt one of the Great Danes?

    • city of sadness

      This is so sad, I work for the city of Pittsburgh and we have found numerous dog fighting rings, dead dogs and ones that have been obviously mistreated worse than these have, the problem is every time we go to court the charges are thrown out or they are found not guilty! There is nothing to stop this so everyone might as well give up..I have!

      • Irish

        To give up is letting them win,as an Animal Advocate myself had I and the rest of my group for stopcrush.org threw the towel in then the Bill 5566 would not have passed and been made a law so please DO NOT GIVE UP helping our animals,just saying!

      • Carrie W

        City of Sadness – we CANNOT give up !!!! I understand it is frustrating but the more attn these stories get the closer we come to getting people involved. We need to fight for tougher animal abuse laws. Stay Strong

    • penny

      The danes are under my care and are in foster homes and not available for adoption til after the court case is resolved. we will put your name and number on our list and contact people when they are ready for homes. thankyou

      • Paula Z

        What is AAPI?

    • penny

      These dogs are NOT with Great Dane rescue but are with AAPI and will remain with AAPI until the hearing is resolved. All donation go to AAPI PO BOX 72, PARKER,PA. 16049 and NOT to the great dane rescue.. This is AAPI Humane Officer. thank you!

  • Bill

    That is so unfair for the K9’s. The featured one looks emaciated and sad.

  • Mary Crossley

    I live in DuBois or I would adopt one of these dogs! Breaks my heart!

  • William Kerr

    Publish the woman’s name! She deserves public humiliation and worse!

    • Irish

      Aye William,I concur!

  • Hank Devigne

    and all she could say was, “Why are you taking my dogs?” Oh, that’s real class for an addict. She deserves a swift, …never mind.

  • Carolyn

    This brought tears to my eyes. I am so against animal cruelty. I hope there are people who can give them all real love like they deserve.

    • Martin Healey

      you can go to: http://www.pennsylvania-dane-rescue.org, which is the organization that is taking responsibility to rescue, care for, and foster the dogs until they are well enough to be adopted into new homes… we can always use help… please go to out website to check in on the dogs as well as donate to help with their care….

      • Dana Molinaro-Nulph

        Rembier Farms, a small rescue in Kittanning, also assisted with this rescue.

  • Carrie W

    This woman BEST not get just a slap on the wrist and a small fine. Someone so evil and heartless deserves to do jail time.
    I’m hoping with the help of the media and animal lovers, this gets the attention of our law makers – we MUST fight for harder penalties for animal abuse.

  • Penny

    maybe its cat lady, you know the one that had tiger ranch

  • Terry Boots

    I’m willing to lock the owner in my basement without food until she looks like that poor dog.

  • John

    What a pig of a woman. The punishment that people get for this crime is obviously not working. People just aren’t getting the message that this is not acceptable. It’s time to change how these people are punished!

  • Gretchen

    That hurts my heart to read yet another story where animals suffer and die. We have a responsibility to care for our family, friends and pets. The laws need to be more harsh in animal cruelty cases. The people who are responsible for such inhumane and horrid acts needs to be punished. I pray the dogs that did survive will find loving homes.

  • Yup

    I swear I have never seen so much animal cruelty anywhere like I see it in Western PA. These people are disgusting. As someone mentioned earlier – most accusations get thrown out? Why even have “animal cruelty” charges then? If someone is this cruel to an innocent animal, think what they could (or have done to) a child? An elderly parent? Something is not right with these people, they are either sick with a need for power over something because they are usually not considered a “leader” in their every day endevours and this makes them feel in control, or they just have no compassion. A sociopath maybe? No feelings of remorse or guilt? These types of people need locked up and treated.

  • Anon

    I agree with William Kerr and Terry Boots. The dogs in our family are treated with the love and respect they deserve. This woman should be made to suffer the same mistreatment as her dogs did.

  • Andrea

    I live in Armstrong County and our paper lists the person as Barbara Grey. Her name should be published. When is someone going to take and punish these type of people to such an extent that they would never consider owning an animal again nor should they be allowed. I think she should be chained up and starved to death. I believe in “an eye for an eye” whether it be human or animal.

  • Seeking balance

    The really sad thing is people probably knew she had these dogs, and someone saw things….which FINALLY led up to the hang up call to 911, but WHY let it go on this long??? Also, if you SEE animal cruelty, AGREE TO BE A WITNESS. The fines are a JOKE, but sometimes (depending on the judge) they can add up if multiple charges (neglect, abuse/abandonment). This is happening more and more often during these trying times, but if you can’t afford to feed them TAKE THEM TO A SHELTER. Euthanasia is MUCH more humane than starving a dog to death!!!

  • Great Dane Owner

    This is absolutly HEART breaking, I have a 16 MOnth old Blue Great Dane and she is the most lovable thing… It SICKENS me that there are people in this world that do this kind of stuff to a living animal.

    Put a collar on her and leave her with no food and water and see how she likes it!!!!!

  • doglover131

    You people amaze me, quit yelling about how awful this is on a KDKA website. Im sure a senator will be sitting at home in HARRISBURG mind you wondering whats happening Armstrong County, or better yet on KDKA. I am a strong supporter of making this woman starve to death as punishment for what she did to thesedogs, however, as city of sadness wrote this case will either get plead down or thrown out in court. If you want to make a true difference protest in front of the court house on her court date, call cnn, and humiliate our law makers. Hell the only reason they cracked down on puppy mills here was do to the fact that Opera did a story about it on her show, and specifically named PA. Crying on here will not fix these horrific events from happening, be proactive about it. Also remember Gov. Corbett is cutting state funding and the budget as well. He’s cut education, whats to stop him from sending funds to Human Agents that go out daily to put an end to something like this. Think about it, this will only get worse before it gets better!

    • carol


    • Irish

      Protesting is good but also public humiliation as well!

  • FedUp

    Publish the owner’s name . . .and give me five minutes with her.

  • Mommy

    I hope the love & respect you all are showing towards these animals will be extended to the treatment of children, especially the unborn. It is awful to see how these dogs have been abused, yet some of the biggest animal rights proponets are also huge supporters of abortion on demand.

    Please realize that every living creature is a creation of God’s and therefore deserves our love, care, and respect

  • carol



    SICK SICK! My heart is just broken..First of all i have 6 horses 3 dogs 5 cows and 5 barn cats! AND They all get feed before I do!!!!! and there is ALWAYS FOOD IN FRONT OF THEM!!! Just sick ! and she said she didnt see a problem!!! HELLO>>>>>>STARVE HER!!!

  • CJ

    We have a beautiful purebred female Dane at home, and we love her to pieces. I cannot fathom someone treating these beautiful, noble animals in such a manner. Please let me know if it’s possible for someone out of state to adopt one of these dogs.

  • An animal lover

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    – Saint Francis of Assisi



  • chris

    put her on a street corner with a placard,saying:i abuse animals.public humiliation works well too.i hope she never has a animal for a pet again,not even a hamster.

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