Film Tax Credit Saved In Deep Budget Cuts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One item that was left untouched by Gov. Tom Corbett’s deep budget cuts is Pennsylvania’s film tax credit.

The governor says there was never even a thought to cut it, and that’s good news for more than just local star-gazers.

“We were getting calls five seconds after it was mentioned that ‘Hey, I hear that it’s back in and everything is ok.’ So, I think that everyone was kind of waiting to hear, and I think everybody starts talking; so I think it’s a good message everything’s the same,” said Jessica Conner, the assistant director at the Pittsburgh Film Office.

Over the past three years, Pennsylvania’s movie tax credit recipients generated $768 million in direct spending and $1.2 billion in economic activity, including materials used to build movie sets.

“It’s nice to have business, and over the last couple of years, that was the business we had,” said Dave Meyers, of Paul Lumber & Supply in Lawrenceville.

Paul Lumber, located at the foot of the Bloomfield Bridge, has been in business for decades. So, it’s hard to imagine what might have happened if not for the movie tax credit.

“Since they started the film tax credit and more movies have been coming to town, there’s been more action,” said Meyers. “But after the economy tanked three years ago, over the last two years, it was nice to have business at a time when there wasn’t a whole lot of business.”

And leaving the tax credit in place was received with open arms at Paul Lumber.

“Some companies will say they have a lot of work right now coming up, and other companies will say they still don’t have work,” said Meyers. “So, it’s a slow process for everything to get back on its feet. To now know that you might have three or four or five projects coming to town is a good thing for a lot of people.”

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One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, this will really help when my kid doesnt have a pen or pencil to write with. Maybe they can take public transportation…wait that was cut too! But movie tax cuts, wow thats great for everyone in the middle of all these cuts! Who makes these decisions? lets give people who make millions from movies a cut so they make millions more while we all suffer from cut…crazy….out of touch

    1. dan says:

      your an idiot and selfish for not thinking of other people. PA gets no movies if tax credit is gone. With the tax credit , your son can get a labor job without knowing how to write…..and can afford a car with the wages they pay…..and you can have lower taxes in the end because of all the money the movies put into community that you live and more people with jobs (each movie brings in 1000+ jobs). the majority of these tax cuts provide extra money to pay people and businesses in the area the movies shoot……..think outside your bubble

      1. Dan says:

        A lobor job for a week while they film a movie….wooooooow !

    2. foodcritic says:

      The tax revenue recieved from the extra business generated by the movies being here (sales tax, state income tax, hotel tax, etc) far exceeds the movie tax credits. Its a net positive to the PA state Treasury coffers. If they stripped the credit, there would be even more cuts. BTW, why would you expect the state to buy your kid a pencil or pen? Stop looking to the taxpayers to take care of your parental responsibilities.

  2. Janet DeApollo says:

    Wow the movie tax was saved, ill sleep good now in my house thats being reaccessed!

    1. dan says:

      get a better job and manage your finances better and you wouldn’t have that issue.

      1. really? says:

        dan, this is completely stupid….we dont need movie cuts we need less cuts

      2. DUH says:

        DAN there are no better jobs, they were all lost in cuts to fund the movie credit program

  3. FART on ART says:

    they dont make jobs, they pay lousy actors too much for movies that are terrible. It lasts a month topps…

    1. CUT says:

      your right some actor makes millions, and the result is a movie that stinks..thats makes these budget cuts seem better

    2. Teacher says:

      EDUCATION is being cut, but who cares people are making movies

    3. MOVIES SUCK says:

      ALL the new movies suck, take your bus load of movie making hippie trash somewhere else…we dont want you here!

    4. DUH says:

      movie people are sooooooo stupid they think they make hotel jobs. got news for ya, The cleaning lady gets paid the same no matter how many rooms she cleans

  4. dan says:

    working for the movies is a better job….but that doesn’t exist wihout the tax cut ……. then your taxing $0 income for the 0 movies that show up and you are in the same place you were with all the other job cuts……read my response to the comment above you to get some insite.

    PS millions of jobs out there that can pay living wage….your just lazy and not motivated to make a comfort level sacrifice.

    1. Movie bs says:

      if there is then we dont need cuts for movies to bring jobs here then…right? you said it….

  5. dan says:

    and more than 80% of those jobs are for PA residence

    1. MOVIEGUY says:

      BS ! 80% of actors dont live here, they live in Hollywood stupid

    2. duh dan says:

      80 percent get minimum wage jobs while some jerk actor from out of town makes millions…great plan!

  6. state worker says:

    yeah I’m upset because there was a tax cut in my lazy state job where i sit on my butt and do 20% of actual work and i have nol skills but get paid full time to do my job with benefits. Now these hard working movie people get more work for the movies that are brought in from the movie tax cut and my job was cut. Im going to complain because now I have to go through the hard work of finding a good job that I might have to work hard to keep and make good money and i can’t feed off the tax payers anymore.

    1. southpark says:

      movie people are free loading hippies that dont do anything…i wish eric cartman was real so he would come here and get rid of all them

      1. partyboi says:

        When a movie crew comes to town they spend lots of money to party and buy cocaine…I love to party..lets make a movie! Wow cocaine….enough for all the kids!

    2. PATROOPER says:

      Ok I’m a state worker, and you have offended me. I work my butt off and hope that a budget is passed so i get paid every year. It sickens me to hear some little movie jerk badmouth me when I work hard. I wont watch your movies anymore and I will send my kids to the mall instead of the movies…whoever said it above was right all the new movies suck anyway so I wont miss anything!

      1. rock on says:

        give em all tickets!

  7. DD says:

    When a movie crew films in a city, they spend tons of money on catering, hotels, supplies (like lumber, see the story above), not to mention in restaurants & bars – the crews have to eat and like to party. Plus, they provide jobs to local people for the duration of filming….yes, they are temporary jobs, but the alternative is no jobs. Take away the tax credit, and Hollywood isn’t going to stop making movies, they are just going to make them in another city and spend money there instead of here. This is a good thing for Pittsburgh & PA.

    1. HMMMM says:

      catering, hotels and a lot of what you mentioned already existed here before movies what jobs did they create????????

  8. stupidhippiedie says:

    they are not temporary games, they happen every year stupid

  9. ATA says:

    Education shouldnt take a back seat to some movie…Your ridiculous!

  10. MOVIES SUCK says:

    MOVIE people are all idiots!

  11. burn says:

    DUH DUH DUH I use marty griffins name because it is sooooooo original…

  12. Drew says:

    This must be Obama’s (yes we can) idea of job creation. “Creating” a low paying job for 2 weeks isn’t job creation. The Gov’t can’t create jobs and whoever thinks they can is sitting at home waiting for a job to be handed to them which will never happen.

    1. Brittany says:

      I worked as an extra for over 3 months, so nice try. And where did I spend that money? Right here in PA.

  13. Brittany says:

    I actually got two jobs this summer, being an extra. So yes, it does create jobs. AND, it pumps more money into these companies. The catering company is BANKING off of the movie industry. This is money that they wouldn’t have had before. Movies spend A LOT of money here, which goes into our local economy. Do you know how many people work on a movie set? 100’s! Where do they come from? Some of them from Hollywood (Actors, Directors, etc) but a lot of the random guys (like lighting, makeup, hair, sound, production assistants, extras, etc) come from here in PA!

  14. Neha Anand says:

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

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