Pens Head Coach Dan Bylsma Talks Contract Extension, Crosby

Dan Bylsma joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to discuss his recently signed three-year contract extension and the play of the team so far this year.

The Penguins have had to deal with a number of injuries this year and Dan talked about how the team has overcome those injuries and been able to stay in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Bylsma took a lot of criticism for his handling of Marc-Andre Fleury earlier this year and he talked about how he handled it while continuing to do what was right for Fleury, which in the end has shown to have worked given how well he has played.

It seems as though a lot of Pittsburgh teams like to play with a chip on their shoulder and Bylsma talks about the criticism the team has taken and how they have rallied together despite everything they have had to overcome.

We wrap things up with Dan asking him if Pens fans can expect to see Sidney Crosby again this season, and Dan said he doesn’t have a definitive answer right now, but admits that time isn’t on Sid’s side.

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One Comment

  1. poop on luke says:

    Crosby refuses to play again until LUKE RAVENSTAL and MIKE HUSS apologize to the workers of public safety and the the people of the city he has betrayed a taken advantage of!

    1. Brad says:

      Yes all the people he betrayed.. All of them .. Everyone .. So how was he re elected? Hmmm he must be doing something right .

      1. Mayor Stupidstal says:

        if gettin PITT cheerleaders pregnant while your wife is at home is wrong I dont want to be right!

    2. Hot Carl says:

      That’s quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I read the internets all day, so good job it’s quite an accomplishment.

  2. jsmith says:

    very simple, you people live in the mostDemocratic city in the United States. it does not matter how bad you are at your job, as long as you have ‘D’ next to your name you can be re-elected in this city over and over. that is why the city is in debt, the stupid 200 million dollar tunnel was built, 3 police officers are on leave because they did their job, and there has not been a balanced budget for the city in years. the only people you have to blame are the citizens of Pittsburgh for voting in these morons just because they have a ‘D’ next to their name. I am not even against having a Democrat run the city, well actually I am, but if he was not such a moron the city could be at least without these problems.

    1. Hot Carl says:

      Looks like someone has never been out of Pittsburgh. I would vote Republican, except it’s embarassing to vote someone in who’ll eventually get caught giving BJ’s at the airport.

  3. jsmith makes up facts says:

    most liberal cities… where is pittsburgh jsmith?

    Top 25 Most Liberal Cities:

    1 Detroit Michigan

    2 Gary Indiana

    3 Berkeley California

    4 Washington, D.C. Dist. of Columbia

    5 Oakland California

    6 Inglewood California

    7 Newark New Jersey

    8 Cambridge Massachusetts

    9 San Francisco California

    10 Flint Michigan

    11 Cleveland Ohio

    12 Hartford Connecticut

    13 Paterson New Jersey

    14 Baltimore Maryland

    15 New Haven Connecticut

    16 Seattle Washington

    17 Chicago Illinois

    18 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

    19 Birmingham Alabama

    20 St. Louis Missouri

    21 New York New York

    22 Providence Rhode Island

    23 Minneapolis Minnesota

    24 Boston Massachusetts

    25 Buffalo New York

  4. TKM says:

    Just where did jsmith mention the word ‘liberal’? Is it just synonymous with ‘Democrat’ now?

    1. Hot Carl says:

      Yes. Yes it is.

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