Group Caring For Great Danes Found In Valley Township

VALLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police say a dozen dogs were starved inside a home in Armstrong County.

The dogs were left in a shell of a house on Yockey Road in Valley Township littered with feces and saturated with urine. There was no heat or plumbing and no food or water for the animals.

Three of the dogs were found dead. Nine others were in need of care.

The owner of the property, 51-year-old Barbara Grey, owns a beauty salon in Rural Valley.

The surviving dogs were taken to Kittanning Veterinary Hospital. A few of the dogs were in relatively good shape, but others were emaciated.

“With loving, care and some food, these guys will do good,” the vet said.

Marty Healey with Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue is taking custody of the seven females and two males.

“I don’t know what was in the mind of the person who owned them, but this is one of those tragedies that we try to jump in and with our resources,” he said.

For Eddie, Lance, Lily, Lucy, Monster, Nim, Angie, Savannah and Gabby, it’s the beginning of a new life.

Meantime, Grey’s attorney disputes the conditions those dogs were living in and any allegations that her client was cruel to the animals.

Local Homeowner To Face Animal Cruelty Charges

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One Comment

  1. Annie says:

    With this sever case of negligence, there are NO excuses. Take time to gather your receipts for food etc, but obviously it wasn’t enough. Just remember karma….what comes around goes around. When you’re in need of help, I hope those that end up caring for you are more compassionate than you Mrs Grey.

  2. Dave says:

    The statement by the attorney claiming his client wasn’t “cruel to the animals” shows his ugly hand. He’s going to claim “she never beat them…so she wasn’t cruel.” Hopefully the jury sees through it (assuming/hoping it makes it to a jury) and realizes that she most certainly was cruel! It sickens me that people can do this to a defenseless animal. I hope she gets hers….

  3. Jen says:

    Are they taking any type of donations?

    1. Bren L says:

      Yes we are please send all donations to the Pa Great Dane threw paypal or send checks to the address of the president on our site the Danes greatly thank-you

    2. Penelope Miller says:

      Also the Gentle Ben’s Breed Rescue in Zelienople is caring for 3 of the dogs, who will be up for adoption when they are well enough. The females need spayed and the dogs will be offered for adoption with a free training session thrown in from a wonderful dog trainer. Please consider helping Gentle Ben’s which is run by a couple who both work full time jobs in order to care for unwanted and abused large breed dogs. I got my beautiful Saint Bernard from them; they are lovely, dedicated people who do so much for large breed dogs. You can look up Gentle Ben’s on the web or send an email:

  4. Annie says:

    This is the group that is taking care of these animals.

    1. Bren L says:

      Yes we are & the Danes will take any donations any one will give them go to our site PA Great Dane the Danes greatly thank-you

  5. Ashley Cranmer says:

    there was absolutely NO reason for them to have been neglected, abused, and ignored that way, and there’s absolutely NO excuse for it. I am so happy that the dogs have been rescued. I am so happy that all of them are adoptable & will be given a second chance to have a wonderful new home that will give them the care they need & all the love they could ever ask for. my respect goes out to the person who called 911, the person/people who saved the dogs, the vets who are meeting their current needs, & the new owners of the beautiful dogs

  6. Love Animials says:

    Wow! that guy looks just like Stephen Zappala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, people who abuse animals should receive harsher punishments for their crimes!!!! It is heartbreaking and disgusting to even think about!!!!

  7. MARK D says:

    This piece of S**T needs to left in a home with the same conditions and how dare her Attorney say its not bad or she did no wrong.They found DEAD dogs in that home.She needs to face severe criminal penalties. Dogs can not defend them selves against such cruelty and abuse.I wish for this lady to rot in HELL

    1. russ says:

      Way to go Mark, You are so right regarding defenseless animals and to dispute what dogs lived in when some of the dogs were dead and others had no food or water the woman and her Lawyer should both be ashamed and the lady needs to go to jail or what I like to call it ‘The Gray Bar Hotel”

  8. Hoss says:

    To the attorney defending Gray: go visit the site where these dogs were left to die. Then try to look a person in the eye and say how the deplorable conditions did not exist. Go ahead. I challenge you. If you have any compassion in your soul, you will distance yourself from this case.

  9. Peggy says:

    There should be severe jail time for people who abuse animals.. Maybe people like this Barbara Grey, would think twice before doing it……As it is now, these people dont worry about the animals, they will only get a slap on the hand. At LEAST a year in jail might make some of these other sickos THINK before they get animals!!

  10. Seeking balance says:

    FINES would get their attention a lot more than jail time (on our dime). Plus larger fines could also help with the care of the animals and fund the local shelters/humane agents so that they can do more about this. If they don’t have the $$ for larger fines, then definitely throw them in jail! I am VERY glad SOMEONE finally placed that call, however, can’t help but wonder WHY it took THAT long… Again, if you see Animal Abuse or Neglect, REPORT IT and be a witness!! If you THINK it’s abuse/neglect, call and have someone check it out – it’s what they do!

    1. Claudette says:

      This woman is a business owner here in my area. I am hoping for a total boycott of her business starting yesterday!

  11. Animal Lover says:

    Words cannot begin to express how completely terrible this is! Some people just simply cannot have a heart…and this woman is one of them! There is NO DOUBT that these dogs were severely abused! Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that! Which leads me to wonder how much of a brain her lawyer must have!? Does her lawyer own any pets, and is this how they look and are treated? Or deep down does she too feel that its wrong but she is out to make a quick dollar?! Either way i must question her morals and ethics! This woman needs to be punished severely! Since she and her lawyer seem to think that no crime has been commited here and that the conditions in the trailer were not “deplorable”, maybe they would like to go spend a few weeks there! No water or food, no heat, no companionship….NOTHING! maybe they should take their famillies too, let everyone have a good time in the enviroment that is being defended as livable! I am completely appauled, disgusted, repulsed, and horrified by this situation and by this woman! She will get her punishment someday…it may not be in the courtroom, where punishment for crimes like these too often go unnoticed, but someday, she will pay….and i hope she feels all the pain, and then some, that these poor defenseless animals had to endure!

  12. Danielle says:

    Unfortunately the state of Pennsylvania does not have strict animal cruelty laws. It is very different in Maryland. This was accomplished by many petitions and a lot of support of the residents of the state of Maryland. It did not happen overnight. I do not know the processes in Pennsylvania, but if it can be accomplished else where it can be accomplished here. Look at how Pennsylvania has stricter laws and regulations for puppy mills now. We can do this. We just need knowledgeable people to get us started.

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