VALLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police say a dozen dogs were starved inside a home in Armstrong County.

The dogs were left in a shell of a house on Yockey Road in Valley Township littered with feces and saturated with urine. There was no heat or plumbing and no food or water for the animals.

Three of the dogs were found dead. Nine others were in need of care.

The owner of the property, 51-year-old Barbara Grey, owns a beauty salon in Rural Valley.

The surviving dogs were taken to Kittanning Veterinary Hospital. A few of the dogs were in relatively good shape, but others were emaciated.

“With loving, care and some food, these guys will do good,” the vet said.

Marty Healey with Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue is taking custody of the seven females and two males.

“I don’t know what was in the mind of the person who owned them, but this is one of those tragedies that we try to jump in and with our resources,” he said.

For Eddie, Lance, Lily, Lucy, Monster, Nim, Angie, Savannah and Gabby, it’s the beginning of a new life.

Meantime, Grey’s attorney disputes the conditions those dogs were living in and any allegations that her client was cruel to the animals.

Local Homeowner To Face Animal Cruelty Charges

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