Corbett Defends Budget Proposals With KDKA’s Griffin

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  1. db says:

    What is the fascination for free free free free health care. Be happy that you have the opportunity have Health Care offered from your employer. I work for a major hospital in Pgh. I have to pay 230 a month. The E.R. Docs that save lives have to pay that too. I challenge any teacher or politician to tell me why you feel you deserve FREE health care or pay as little as 20 per month.

    1. Hwright says:

      good for you. If I was you I would fight. I am sorry it costs 100 a tylenol in the hospital, 80 for a pair of slippers and wow if you wanna watch some tv look out. Do you see a problem with this. Oh dont worry your INSURANCE IS COVERING IT???????/ Maybe you should ask your employer to pass your health care cost on to his or her insurance plan

      1. db says:

        OK HWright, Im just a republican looking to beat up on unions right?!!? Well i think you are a dirty liberal just trying to bleed the taxpayer again, thats the problem with all liberals, everything you know is WRONG!!!!!! I got a bright idea, lets tax everybody 75% and we can all get free healthcare, pensions and raises without warrant for that raise. I pay $2700 in school taxes just for my house, and i can tell you right where it goes…….teacher’s raises, tenure, healthcare and pensions!!!!! it sure doesnt go to the benefit of our kids! Tell me this why do private/catholic schools do better!!??!!! they dont get fat tax deposits into pensions or healthcare, they are there because they want to be there and their heart is there!!!!! Not looking for a free ride or working 9 monhs out of the year and 7 hours a day………tell me why the catholic/private schools do so much better than public!!!!!!!

    2. tina says:

      db: ER doctors also make A LOT more than a teacher. 230 to a doctor making 6 figures or higher of salary is just pocket change to them. Teachers always had healthcare “benefits” to make up for the low paying salary. Teachers do not get paid for overtime work and they are not able to make bonuses or commission on anything.

      1. fa says:

        Let see, my uncle is a general surgeon. He probably makes anywhere from 200,00 to 250,000. a year. He needs to by mapractice insurance every year at the cost of 85,000 dollars a year. He is called out all hours of the night. He is salaried by the way. He is committed to his profession because he cares about people. He doesn’t watch the clock until the bell rings to go home. He has to tell families that their love ones are dying. He or she might not make it. You are a typical brainless yuppie book smart and stupid.

      2. db says:

        Low paying salary. What, are you nuts. 35,000 to start is low. Live within your means dumb S#$T.

    3. tina says:

      I am sure your taxes do not just go to teacher’s salaries. Check out Most district operating budget is several millions of dollars a year. Teachers are not professional athletes, they are not making that much money every year….or even in one lifetime. Check your facts before you speak wrong information again.

    4. hwright says:

      the teachers dont only work 7 hrs a day. They take hours of work home with them everday to complete at home! The reason private and Catholic do so well? the rich who can afford to pay for such schooling, take thier kids out of public schools! That leaves the rest in public schools who do you think that leaves???????????
      This state has been raising the bar in schools for the kids that have the worst parents out there. Just trying to make the public schools FAIL. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? Remember that well guess what DUMB idea schools have been forced to let kids move on to a higher grade. Teachers are forced to make tests easier for kids that have a problem. back in my day there was a room for that called sped ed. Today they keep them in the rooms funding isnt there to support the less smart. How do think this effects the smarter ones? Do you see what your state has done to education? Trying desperately to make them fail and kill the UNION! Republicans are brainwashing you! do you really respect the actions of Scot Walker in Wisconsin??? It was pretty illegal! the publics rights and the Democrats rights were taking away! by a provision

    5. Dan Stepnick says:

      Marty, I don’t always agree with you, but today you hit the nail on the head. I voted for the Governor, belong to the same Church, but now I am sorry I did.
      vote for him. It looks like he is going to be worse then Rendell. Also I have written to our Senators and State Represenative about Obamma promising Egept to forgive one billion debt, and the promises them another Billion. Why are we letting the USA fall apart, and cut services and entitlements, while giving everyone overseas billions. Lets take care of ourselves FIRST. Never got a reply back about this, but I did get a form letter on what a good job Altmire is doing.
      Let us stop giving money to Billionares, and overseas countries, and take care of our selves. Keep on the replacement Rendell

  2. HWright says:

    Wow a lot of studdering by Tom! good luck your just another Republican looking to undermine the Union and middle class. We are the people that voted you in we will be the ones that vote you OUT! Take you cuts directly to the your staff. I do not know any Aides that make 93,000 a year and know very few Teachers that make 93,000 a year and if they do, they have been teaching for 30 plus years. Your wifes aide has been on your staff how long? not 30 years. Whats happen to the casino’s? Fall off the face of there earth? Many school district signed up for help from the profits of the Pa casino’s. Where does it go? your pocket.
    Wanting to pass a law to allow teachers to be layed off do to economic reasons?? Why doesnt your staff get layed off for economic reasons. Allow people to move kids from schools that are stuggling only because their budgets get cut 2 to 3 fold over a Rich schools? Come on. Does that sound fair? Support corporate funded schools to slam the public schools because you do not want to fund them?

    1. dave says:

      Teachers should be layed off for economic reasons, I was so why are they special? Yes, lay off the staff that makes our government run! You ridiculous. If you don’t know many teachers making $93,000, look outsside the city and into the suburbs and you will see.

  3. William Braun-Washington, PA says:

    I think that it is a disgrace that our Governor is sending the message that education is no longer important to Pa. I voted for him, but will not support him in the future. His stand on school choice is ridiculous!! I never has worked, in fact it results in downgrading education since there is no real accountability. I do however, support the furloughing of teachers for economic reasons. We can no longer support the continuing escalation of property taxes in PA. It seem like every time we have a budget cut, it is dumped on local UNPAID SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS. to raise taxes. Cut some of the unaccountable expenses at the state level!!

  4. Cnik says:

    Throwing money at the schools and teachers doesn’t fix the problem!
    Discipline doesn’t cost a thing…

    1. Rj says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. Look at the discipline in Asian school children vs. American school children….
      ’nuff said.

      1. hwright says:

        You need to also look at their parents!!!!!
        Enough Said……

  5. Bob Mooney says:

    Teachers don’t train as long as doctors. Teachers don’t work as hard as doctors. Only the brightest and hardest working college students even have a chance to become doctorsrs. The work that teachers do is not as exhausting or as stressful or as intellectually challenging as the work that doctors do.

    Our culture rewards intelligence, hard work and the willingness and the ability to perform difficult taskes that NOT EVERYONE IS EQUIPPED TO PERFORM!

    That is why doctors earn more than teachers do.

    1. tina says:

      bob: how did the doctors become who they are? hmm…maybe they were taught by lets say… educator???? Teachers help create every profession. By the way, I never said anything in regards to doctors not working hard. I simply put up the argument about their salaries being high and being able to afford health insurance that is 230 a month when they make 6 figures. It was a money issue. However, most people still like to disrespect educators and say they are worthless. No wonder a lot of children are being bullied and hurt, it all starts when they are a baby being raised by families that lack social skills and respect for others.

    2. hwright says:

      250,000 – 350,000 yr to base salary of “MOST” schools 30,000 to a max after 25 years experience 80,000. and again MOST school not your rich schools. how can that compare??????? How many american doctors do you know????? Education in america has been undermined for years where will it stop? Let me see you be a Teacher then you would understand.

  6. Pfenster says:

    While it is true Penn State’s tuition did go up you have to look at what their budget request was. The fact of the matter is that they were under funded all those years. Besides raising tuition they allso tighten their belts in many areas. The mentallity of taxing less is destroying this country’s infrastruture. Bridges collaspe, gas mains break. Now this governor is propsing to destroy education from k-college. Revenue must start to increase at all levels of government to provide necessary services or this country and this state will be critical condition in the years to come. .

  7. Debbie says:

    iIt is really amazing how the school teachers in public schools continue to get nice raises every year, while the majority of the rest of us do not get raises or suffer pay cuts due to the poor economy? Of course, the teachers will not have to worry. Just threaten to strike and inevitably the property owners will have to pick up the bill again with higher taxes. The School Board members are caught in the middle, they are trying to appease the already over burdened property owners and also do what is right for the school district. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and curtail the free ride that these school districts have had all these years. Notice that the Universities are planning to make some drastic changes in their organizations due to the funding cuts – however, they are largely supported by the students who attend and have a choice as to where they will go. The taxpayers, on the other hand are forced to pay for
    the greedy school districts and their teachers. I am sick of being taxed for these overpaid babysitters. Don’t worry though, I am sure they will raise taxes
    to help cover the deficits!

    1. Big J says:

      Overpaid babysitters? How about you take what you would pay for a babysitter and multiply that by 30 kids. Then, multiply it by 182 school days and that should be the teachers salary. I would like to see some of you people step into a classroom for that many days.

      1. Debbie says:

        for your information, I have worked in both positions – as I teacher in a local college and as a nurse. I have Master’s degrees in both professions. I taught for 10 years and was really sick of teaching BASIC math skills to high school graduates who supposedly graduated with credit for Algebra I. In other words, I am doing your job after the fact. The funny thing is that if the students I was responsible for teaching did not do medication calculations correctly, they could very easily give an overdose and kill a patient. By the way, as a post-secondary faculty, I worked 12 months out of the year. Maybe we need to increase the school year to 12 months, so that we can improved the education of those graduating from high-school and maybe the tax payers would get more of what they are paying for.

      2. hwright says:

        They are afraid to to do that! THats why they make cowardly remarks

  8. PittPantherParent says:

    Similar to Pitt, Penn State only receives less than 10 percent of its funding from the state. At least some portion of this funding allows for in-state students to have their tuition reduced as compared to out of state students. This is true for all state colleges. The governor says “how dare Penn State scare students and parents.” Is he saying his new proposal will guarantee that the in-state tuition will continue to exist near where it is today? I’m scared without Penn State saying anything. If you reduce funding by 50% are you effectively reducing the in-state tuition difference by 50%? If so, you’re imposing an immediate $20000 tax on every Penn State and Pitt student over the next 4 years. Families with multiple children in college are going to be walloped. Other in-state PA college students and families could be hit with similar problems. Is the governor saying this won’t happen and any new or existing state law says it can’t happen? The governor is reaching by talking about a huge number that you need to divide over ten years. Sure the number looks big when you’re multiplying out by 10 to 11 years. However, funding to the universities hasn’t really increased much recently. Today’s budget for Penn State is near what it was in 2007-2008. Even Governor Rendell was trying to reduce college budgets. Let’s hear some real facts to reduce real fear both at the local school level and for higher education.

  9. RL says:

    Just an extremely sad time for the children of the Commonwealth! I am ashamed that I voted for Tom! He simply doesn’t get it! To every teacher that has taught my children, I applaud you and I want you to know that not everyone in the Commonwealth is ignorant! Teachers: Stand up for our children and make sure that the programs are not cut! I am changing my Republican status and will lead the way for others too…Just can be associated with the sadness for children!

    1. hwright says:

      Amen to That !!! America is starting to wake up!!!!

  10. Richard says:

    Corbett made a GREAT first effort by cutting the state educational subsidy to public schools as well as state funded colleges/universities. Further changes needed as follows:

    Reduce the size of the Pennsylvania legislature.
    Make it illegal for teachers to strike (only nine states do allow it)
    Require a referendum vote to raise property taxes above the inflation rate
    Put an end to collective bargaining (as was done in Wisconsin)
    Increase public employee contributions to health care
    Replace the public pension plans with employee funded 401k plans

    Not just teachers, ALL public employees!

    1. HWRIGHT says:


      1. Richard says:

        Not all, just the ones sucking the private sector taxpayers dry, like you my friend.

  11. KatyD says:

    The one thing that definitely bothers me about some of the talk is the attack on teachers. I can’t understand the lack of respect for the profession nowadays. I love my job, I adore the kids, and I am okay with not being able to strike (who wants to not get paid) but I know that the cuts made to education will hurt the children. Me? I can deal with it, but I truly worry about those who will slip through the cracks and truly not be given a chance because of the drastic cuts.

    As for the economic furlough discussion, the concerns are that teachers will be laid off before any consideration is made to consider other cost cutting matters.

    Also, the discussion of no collective bargaining? Why? I would like to hear the reasons behind that.

    Our kids have ONE chance to receive the best education. And yes, there are bad teachers. There are bad people in every profession. How does that get resolved? Not sure…maybe administrators do more with following through on performance plans.

    Merit pay? Don’t know that can even be implemented with teaching. I honestly don’t know how it would work.

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